Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Loungers. One's a Bean Bag!

12 August 2019

Costa Pool Lounger

Are you thinking about investing in some fun summer toys for the pool? Swimming pool loungers provide the ultimate fun and reclining comfort for the entire family. Whether you plan to spend your summer days at the pool, head to the beach, or travel away from home on a fun family vacation, few things say summer fun more than swimming pool loungers or outdoor pool bean bags. You'll love relaxing or splashing in them on the water. But with so many bean bag lounger designs to choose from, it can be difficult to know which brands are best. Here are the best swimming pool loungers of the season.

The 10 Best Swimming Pool Loungers for Endless Summer Fun

These swimming pool loungers are the most popular of the season. Lounge in them with a beverage, splash around or just stretch out and enjoy the sun and the water.

1. The Cabo Pool Float by Bean Bags R Us

Swimming pools draw kids and families to play in the water. They love to splash around, play Marco Polo, do cannonballs off the diving board and go down water-filled slides. And when it's time to have a splash with their besties or the kids, a pool bean bag chair can add to the fun. What's great about pool bean bag chairs is they float in the pool. Kids can climb aboard for some fun, or you can lie back with a cool drink and take a break.

They're Already Inflated

What makes them easy for moms and dads is they don't need to be inflated. These pool bean bags from Beanbagsrus are built strong. They never go flat overnight like other pool chairs and loungers. They come in different colours, prints, shapes, and sizes, and their fabric isn't slippery. The Cabo Pool Float comes in four colours and is designed specifically for the pool. The durable solution-dyed acrylic fabric gives you months or years and lasts longer than vat-dyed pool floats. It is constructed to hold up to chlorine and pool chemicals. You just need to fill it with beans. There's also a one-year warranty.

2. Intex Floating Recliner Lounge Floater

I bet you've never heard of a reclining armchair that floats in the water,  but the company Intex gets innovative in their design. This pool furniture comes with armrests, a backrest, and two cupholders. Talk about the height of summer relaxation! Made from 18-gauge vinyl, this pool lounger provides stability and isn't susceptible to leaks. If the floater ever develops a hole, it can be repaired with an included patch kit that's easy to repair. It's a great option for the ultimate in summer pool relaxation or fun--or bring it to the beach.

3. Texas Recreation Swimming Pool Floating Mattress

Keep it out by the pool or bring it to the lake or beach. This luxurious floating mattress comes with a comfortable loop headrest. Made with high-quality foam, it won't lose air or burst. This float is made with a closed-cell construction that offers maximum durability. The easy-care vinyl coating is strong, attractive and UV resistant. The colourfast coating prevents the Texas Recreation Swimming Pool Floating Mattress from fading from the sun. And when you're enjoying the beach, it's so much more comfortable than lying on a towel or blanket. Take a nap in comfort. Just don't forget to apply sunscreen. This floating mattress has so many uses. You can even take it camping and use it as a mat.

4. Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Lounger

This inflatable lounge is for real. You'll definitely be rocking by the water in this rockin' inflatable lounger from Intex. Crafted with a contoured design for extra cushioning, this lounger provides you with the ultimate in relaxation by the pool--or wherever you take it to float. Bring along something to drink and sip a beverage with its built-in cup holder. It's a good way to keep you hydrated in the hot sun while you're still on the floating oasis. Intex Rockin' inflatable lounger includes a repair patch, so you don't have to stop your summer fun for more than a minute if it gets a hole.

5. Swimline Suntan Tub

Far beyond a flotation device, this swimming pool lounger made from Swimline lets you sun yourself in luxury. You'll be comfortable in this boat-inspired float as you sun yourself in high style. Made from strong vinyl, it features a larger-than-life design complete with armrests--and even a backrest. Lie in a sun-soaked pool or enjoy a novel for a beach read by the shore or relax in the pool and keep an eye on the kids as they play pool games. The super thing about his tub is it doesn't fill up with water, so you won't get wet. You'll be surprised when your floater keeps you totally dry. But on really afternoons, you can fill it up with water to cool yourself off. The water won't leak out. Just fill it up and stay cool.

6. Kelsyus Floating Water Hammock

What says vacation more than a hammock? The floating Water Hammock is designed with an outer flotation ring for security that's covered with fabric. The soft mesh bed is ultra-comfy and allows you to float easily just below the water's surface. A great way to stay cool. If you're heading to the lake, you can take this water hammock with you. The lounger comes with built-in side clips that let you tether it to a dock or a boat. A great way to float in the water while you take in the sun. This helps you avoid floating away from dry land and keeps you close to the shore.

7.  King Kool Inflatable Lounger

The King Kool Inflatable Lounger from Intex features a rainbow-striped colourful design that makes a statement in the pool. Its I-beam construction provides comfort as you float in and around the pool. Equipped with a built-in drink holder to keep you hydrated, it also comes with armrests and a backrest. How's that for maximum floating comfort! Hang your feet in the water with a special space to dip your toes while the rest of your body stays afloat and is kept completely dry. If you don't want to get your feet wet, no worries. Place your feet on the lounger's floating rim at the end of the cut-out hole and you'll be dry from head to toe.

8. SwimWays Spring Float Recliner XL

The SwimWays Spring Float Recliner XL features an extra-roomy and extended seat to accommodate comfort at any size. This fabric-covered floating recliner is larger than life and extra stable. And it always stays upright in the pool. Stay extra cool with the lounger's soft mesh seat that suspends your lower body under the water's surface keeping you cool on those hot days. Enjoy a libation or a cold beverage in the built-in cup holder while you lean back on the headrest and backrest. This pool floating lounger gives you added comfort while you recline.

9. Amalfi Bean Bag Pool Lounger

The Amalfi Bean Bag Pool Lounger is one of the lastest designs in popular bean bag pool chair float. It was designed for pool lovers who prefer to sit in an upright position while relaxing by the pool rather than lying flat. The Amalfi makes it simple to read a book, sip your favourite beverage and take in the scenery, or watch your children play in the pool or keep an eye on them when they're nearby. The Amalfi is available in eighteen colours to suit your decor.. The attractive white-piping design gives the lounger something nice to look at. The Amalfi is specially designed and built to be used in swimming pools. Its construction was made for mesh that lets 40% of water come out after you use it. The mesh also allows for rapid drying, as the air travels throughout the bag. This decreases the possibility of any mould entering the filling.

10. Poolmaster Water Hammock Lounger

This water hammock lounger from Poolmaster is another one of the best swimming pool loungers on the market. Crafted with strong vinyl, the manufacturer made it last for years. To offer you additional comfort, the hammock pool lounger slightly suspends your body below the water to keep you cool while you're in the water. What's unusual about this lounger is it comes with a footrest in addition to a built-in headrest that lifts your head above the water while you relax and float. This lounger's simple roll-up design makes it easy to pack and store when you're done enjoying the water or want to put it away at the end of the summer season.

The Floataway on Swimming Pool Loungers

Now you know about the best swimming pool loungers available for the summer season. Put them in the pool and recline, take them to the beach, or relax in them anywhere you like. Buy one or buy some for the entire family. Before you commit, make sure you read this important safety warning about air loungers. Our company, Beanbagsrus makes bean bag chairs and loungers for work and play. Explore our website to check out some great products for kids, adults, and even pets.

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