Bean Bag Couch Versus Sofa: Which One Should I Get?

30 years ago, good-quality couches were expected to last around 15 years. That number went down to 12 years in 1996 and is now around 7 years.

Clearly, good-quality furniture isn’t built to last in the same way it was decades ago. Yet, the prices continue to climb for many of these items!

Maybe instead of spending thousands on a sofa that won’t last the test of time, it’s better to choose a bean bag couch!

Read on to learn the pros and cons of bean bag couches and traditional sofas.

Advantages of Bean Bag Furniture

There are many pros to buying bean bad couches or sofas. For one thing, they are easily portable. Move them around your room or to another location without much effort.

Secondly, they come in fun and enjoyable colours that can add a pop to your space. Bean bag furniture is a bold and fun change from the traditional.

Speaking of fun, gigantic bean bags are just so much fun to lounge in. You can sit and lie in a variety of positions and be totally comfortable.

There are several ways you can clean bean bag chairs.

Often, bean bag chairs and couches have a machine washable cover that you can pop into the washing machine if you spill something on it. Then you zip it on and the chair looks as good as new.

Another excellent feature of bean bag couches is that you can determine the level of firmness.

The more stuffing you include in your bean bag, the more firm the couch becomes. More firmness equals more support. If you prefer extra support when you sit, you can add more filling to reach your optimal level of body support.

On the other hand, if you like to sink into your couch, you can use less stuffing to create your perfect, squishy, cosy couch for reading, watching movies or napping.

Disadvantages of Bean Bag Couch

Depending on the size you choose, you may not be able to fit as many people on your bean bag couch as you might on a traditional couch.

If you have pets, (especially cats) they could damage your bean bag couch. A cat might think its fun to make a hole and cause your bean bag stuffing to spill out. Certain bean bag fills are dangerous to your health.

Bead bean filling or polystyrene beads could pose a safety hazard, especially for young children who could swallow these beads. Some bean bags are made of vinyl bags, if yours is, choose a vinyl that is lead-free.

Over time, your bean bag may lose its firmness and you may need to add additional fill to get it to perk up again. This could add an extra cost to your bean bag couch.

Some people find bean bag chairs uncomfortable. However, it’s important to remember that all bean bags are not created equal.

Like with any item, low-quality bean bag chairs will not be as comfortable as a luxury, or top-quality items. Comfortable bean bag chairs do exist. Yet, you have to do a little research to make sure you are investing in one that is.

Advantages of a Sofa

A traditional sofa is a safe bet. Almost everyone has one in their home or apartment. These pieces of furniture are sturdy and can be used for sleeping if necessary.

They are widely available. Every furniture store will carry dozens of options. There is no shortage of styles from daybeds to sectionals and modular furniture.

Disadvantages of a Sofa

Traditional couches are often available in the same 4 boring shades (white, black, grey, and beige). Fun colours often cost a lot more money and are special orders.

The size of a sofa means that you will either have to pay for delivery or ask a friend with a pickup truck to do you a favour and go to the store to pick up the sofa.

Sofas also tend to be big, heavy and awkward. If you have a narrow space, it can be extremely difficult to navigate an unyielding sofa around corners into a room. Many people have to remove doors or windows to try to get sofas into the room.

You will likely need several friends to help you bring in this item if you didn’t pay for delivery service. You’ll likely need to touch up your wall paint once you’ve finally manoeuvred the sofa into the right position.

Another downside to a traditional sofa is that you don’t have many options for layout. A sofa usually is placed parallel to a wall. You don’t have many options for changing up your space with this big piece of furniture.

When you spill something (and you will inevitably spill something), you can’t always take off the cover and toss it into the laundry.

Some sofas have removable, washable covers but usually only for the couch cushions. If you spill something on the back of the sofa, you’re out of luck.

Over time, the firmness of your sofa will decrease. Cushions begin to sag, springs begin to poke up through the fabric and pretty soon, the expensive sofa is not as comfortable as it used to be.

With sofas, your only option is to buy a new one. There is no way you can re-stuff or re-fill a sofa to make it good as new again.

Bottom Line on Bean Bag Couch Versus Sofa

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this guide on the pros and cons of a bean bag couch versus a traditional sofa helpful.

Remember, bean bag furniture is adjustable to your preferences, easy to clean, easy to transport and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

You can’t go wrong with large bean bags in every room of your home. Next, read to understand the different types of bean bag chairs so you can make an informed choice.

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