Bean Bag Chairs

  • environmentally friendly bean bag chair

    What To Look For In An Environmentally Friendly Bean Bag Chair

    Bean bag chairs are becoming more popular as more research is done into the benefits they can provide their user. But often, when looking for bean bag chairs, it becomes clear that they aren't the most sustainable product. Good news: it is possible to find an environmentally friendly bean bag chair if you know what to look for. You don't want to miss out on the benefits of these chairs, ...
    April 2 2023
  • leather bean bag

    A Guide to Buying Leather Bean Bags Online

    If you’re looking to buy a new leather bean bag, it makes sense to browse the options online. These days, there’s no shortage of ways to buy these bean bags online. And it’s hassle-free as long as you choose the right retailer. But before you go ahead and make a purchase, there are some things that you’ll need to know and understand. This guide will cover all of the information you’ll wa...
    March 30 2023
  • gifts for lake house owners

    How to Find Perfect Gifts for Lake House Owners

    Summer is just around the corner, and your favorite lake house owners will be getting ready to enjoy the sun with their friends and families. Living in a lake house represents the ultimate in luxury, and it can be difficult to find unique gifts that suit the waterfront lifestyle. Bean bag chairs, lounges, and floats are perfect gifts for lake house owners who have everything. Here are a few...
    March 14 2023
  • sitting area ideas

    9 Sitting Area Ideas for Bean Bag Lovers

    Here's the deal: bean bag chairs are expected to be a $120 million industry by 2024. Not only that, but America tops the charts for the highest bean bag chair sales in the world, cornering about 67% of the global market in 2017. That means that the demand for bean bag chair decor is truly hotter than ever. Are you someone who's obsessed with bean bag living room ideas? Then, you've come to ...
    February 28 2023
  • movie night at home

    How to Host a Cozy Movie Night at Home

    Are you tired of going out just to see a movie? Visiting your local theater for a date night can add up to $50 (or more). Let's not forget the kids. You have to pack a bag and load the strollers in a car. Maybe it's a rainy day, and you'd just prefer not to go out. Whether you're staying in to cuddle with your significant other, having a night with the kids, or inviting friends over, a movi...
    February 7 2023
  • bean bag furniture

    How Bean Bag Furniture Improves Staff Productivity

    Most of us have encountered bean bag furniture at some point in our lives, but these encounters almost always occur in private, residential settings. You may see small bean bags in the corner of a child’s room, oversized bean bags in a home study room or weatherproof bean bags outside on a patio or near a swimming pool. However, bean bags are now becoming prevalent in the most unlikely of p...
    January 24 2023
  • bean bag for backache

    Finding The Right Bean Bag To Alleviate Backache

    Backache is a problem faced by people of all ages and is a tricky one to navigate. There are several options out there to treat backache, but some can be costly and time-consuming. Depending on the severity of your back problems, purchasing a bean bag for backache might be the best-hidden solution you never thought of before. Even if you don’t currently struggle with backache, investing ...
    January 3 2023
  • pros and cons of bean bags

    What Are the Pros and Cons of Beanbags?

    Bean bags have been around since they were one of the most popular 1970s furniture styles. They are a popular casual seating option that’s cheaper and more flexible than a sofa or couch.  As with everything in life that has a choice, using beanbags as seating comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Bean bags are a great option for many different needs. But they’re not always the most ...
    October 11 2022
  • how to clean beanbags

    How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

      Whether you bought a bean bag chair for your pup to sleep comfortably, for your kids to use in the playroom, or for yourself to relax and watch movies on the telly, it will take a lot of wear and need cleaning at some point. Do you know how to clean it properly? Worry not! I will spill the beans with this helpful guide on cleaning a bean bag chair. Spot the Little Stuff If you'r...
    October 4 2022
  • bean bag chairs for adults

    Which Bean Bag is Best for Adults?

    Once upon a time, most people thought that bean bag chairs were only for kids. They were most often found in kids' bedrooms to provide them with a place to sit while they played. But today, there are so many benefits that grown-ups can enjoy them too. Read on to find out why you should invest in bean bag chairs for adults. Bean bag chairs can help adults ease back pain and take the strain o...
    June 28 2022
  • back health

    5 Ways Bean Bag Chairs Support Better Back Health

    Are you concerned about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle? Did you know that almost half of Australians have preventable medical conditions? The Institute of Health and Welfare studied Australian’s back health. Their research found that about 4 million or 16 per cent of the population had back problems. They also estimated that 70 to 90 per cent of Australians would have low back pain...
    January 26 2021
  • What is the most comfortable bean bag chair?

    What is the most comfortable bean bag chair?

    When it comes to seating, everything is secondary to comfort. It doesn’t matter how stylish a chair looks: if it isn't pleasant to sit on it, it has reneged on its basic purpose. So what is the most comfortable bean bag chair? In general, luxury bean bags are among the comfiest seating options available, something that emerges from the way the filling interacts with the weight of your body. ...
    November 15 2020