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back health

5 Ways Bean Bag Chairs Support Better Back Health

Are you concerned about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle? Did you know that almost half of Australians have preventable medical conditions? The Institute of Health and Welfare studied Australian’s back health….

What is the most comfortable bean bag chair?

What is the most comfortable bean bag chair?

When it comes to seating, everything is secondary to comfort. It doesn’t matter how stylish a chair looks: if it isn’t pleasant to sit on it, it has reneged on…

best extra large bean bag chairs

Where to Find the Best Extra Large Bean Bag Chairs

There are many reasons why you might be looking to purchase an extra-large bean bag. And the very best extra large bean bag chairs available on the market today offer…

bean bag chair for teenagers

What is the Best Bean Bag Chair for Teenagers?

Are you looking to buy a bean bag chair for your teenage son or daughter? Perhaps they have asked you for one for their bedroom, or maybe it’s a surprise…

best chairs for all day sitting

What are the Best Chairs For Sitting All Day?

No matter what your lifestyle, chances are you spend a decent chunk of your day sitting down. Whether you’re studying, working, running a home or simply relaxing, you’ll probably spend…

why do cats pee on bean bag chairs

Why Do Cats Pee On Bean Bag Chairs?

Have you ever wondered why your cat keeps on peeing on your bean bag? Maybe your cat is choosing to pee on your bed or even your couch. Either way,…

how to dispose of a bean bag chair

How to Dispose of a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs came into style during the 1960s and 1970s, but today, they are more popular than ever. These trendy pieces of furniture are available in stores and online….

backyard movie theatre

How to Create a Cosy and Comfortable Backyard Movie Theatre

Back in 2000, a family of four could go to see a movie for less than $35. Movie tickets cost just $8.39 on average at the turn of the century. Today,…

large bean bag chairs

Large Bean Bag Chairs Every Hardworking Adult Needs for Total Relaxation

A lot of people view Aussies as laid-back, chilled out people who pass their time on knocking back beers on the beach. But recent surveys show this couldn’t be further…

best bean bag gaming chair

Nintendo Switch This: 2019’s Best Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

If you are serious about your gaming then you need to get serious about your posture. Whether you are going trophy and achievement hunting, streaming the hottest new games on…

giant bean bag cover

Comfy Sack Certified: 13 of the Best Bean Bag Covers

Architecture Art Design once said that bean bags were “iconic furnishings.”  Of course, they are What’s not to love about these diverse pieces of furniture? They look great in pretty…

bean bag chairs for adults

Economics and Leisure: Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

Once upon a time, most people thought that bean bag chairs were only for kids. They were most often found in kids’ bedrooms to provide them with a place to…