What To Look For In An Environmentally Friendly Bean Bag Chair

3 April 2023

environmentally friendly bean bag chair Bean bag chairs are becoming more popular as more research is done into the benefits they can provide their user. But often, when looking for bean bag chairs, it becomes clear that they aren't the most sustainable product. Good news: it is possible to find an environmentally friendly bean bag chair if you know what to look for. You don't want to miss out on the benefits of these chairs, but cutting down on unsustainable products is important. So, when looking for a bean bag chair, make sure to focus on these factors to make sure you are making an environmentally friendly decision.

What Factors Do I Need To Look For In An Environmentally Friendly Bean Bag?

Type of Filling Much of the benefits of bean bag chairs come from the unique filling to them. The filling of bean bag chairs is what provides them with the comfort levels and ergonomic shape that can't be found anywhere else. Yet, the most common filling for bean bag chairs is expanded polystyrene. Expanded polystyrene is a manmade plastic, similar to the more commonly known polystyrene. Despite being the most frequent fill of bean bag chairs, expanded polystyrene is not biodegradable. Thankfully, expanded polystyrene isn't your only option when choosing fillings for bean bag chairs. The most eco-friendly way to fill your bean bag chair is with natural materials. Typically, natural materials to fill bean bags will be:

  • Dried beans
  • Buckwheat husk
  • Dried rice
  • Dried corn

Interestingly, this is actually where beanbags got their name - because, originally, bean bags were full of dried beans. When considering which filling to use, think about how quickly filling will need to be replaced, and whether it will provide the stability and comfort you desire. The great thing about choosing your own ecologically friendly filling is that you can pick the filling that suits you and your needs best.

Easy Refills

In conjunction with finding eco-friendly filling or organic bean bag filler for your bean bag chair, it is essential to make sure your bean bag chair is refillable. In refilling your bean bag chair, you are making one product last much longer. If you have to replace your whole bean bag chair every time you find it going a little flat, it may become unsustainable. With easy refills, all you need to buy is the filling now and then. This is both cost-effective and reduces the need for the repurchase of any unavoidable non-eco-friendly parts.

Material Of The Bean Bag Sack

The sacks of bean bag chairs are typically made of polyester. Polyester is a synthetic material made from oil. Oil, as a non-renewable fossil fuel, is intensely non-eco-friendly. Some alternatives have been leather, corduroy, fake fur and suede - all materials that have negative ecological impacts too. Luckily, with a growing awareness of ecologically friendly materials, there are other options now. A popular eco-friendly material for bean bag sacks is linen. Linen is soft to the touch (perfect for a comfortable bean bag), and its production is mostly eco-friendly. As with most production processes, it isn't easy to get linen to be perfectly eco-friendly, but its production comes a lot closer than the usual materials. The plant that linen comes from (flax) doesn't require much energy or water to produce, and so doesn't have too much impact on the environment. Plus, it lasts for up to twenty years, meaning your bean bag will be of high quality. Alternatively, some bean bags are made of cotton. It is important to make sure your bean bag is made from organic cotton, not just cotton. Regular cotton can be filled with pesticides, which harm the environment. Organic cotton, however, is made naturally clean. With this material, you should find it easy to obtain an environmentally friendly bean bag chair. Choosing the right material can be difficult but will make a key impact on the environment.

Quality Of The Bean Bag Sack

Making sure the material you choose for your bean bag sack is of high quality is important for finding an environmentally friendly bean bag chair. If your material easily rips or breaks, or is worn down, it will need replacing. With each new sack bought, the new production will have to be made, contributing pollution and adverse ecological effects. Choose your material wisely. You want one that will last for a long time and is easy to upkeep.

Safe & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Considering you are aiming to have the same bean bag chair, which you replace the interior beans for now and again, there will be a level of cleaning necessary. Cleaning products are some of the biggest contributors to ecological damage right now. Chemicals from cleaning products add to water pollution, killing eco-systems with their harmful effects. Choosing eco-friendly cleaning products that are both safe for your bean bag and the environment can make a real difference.

Sustainable companies

If you are buying a whole beanbag from one company - or just the beans or sack - it is important to make sure they are a sustainable company. Any move towards eco-friendly living is a good move, but sometimes you can cancel out the good you are doing if you are paying money to a corporation that destroys the planet. Being mindful of where you shop can really help the planet. A quick way to work out if a corporation is eco-friendly is to do a little research. How does the corporation spend their money? What kind of other products do they sell? Sometimes the smartest way to shop is to shop small. Small businesses, by their very nature of being small, are often more ecologically minded, because they have more control over the whole enterprise.

So You've Found The Perfect Environmentally Friendly Bean Bag Chair: What Now?

Your bean bag chair is great for the environment - it's sustainable, reusable and vegan. But you still want it to be a good bean bag chair. Otherwise, what's the point? Making sure you're environmentally friendly bean bag chair also serves well as a bean bag chair will ensure you use it frequently. You want something practical as well as sustainable. So here's what to look for in your bean bag chair, alongside the environmental factors.


It sounds obvious, but a bean bag chair should be comfortable. The fabric of your bean bag sack will readily determine whether or not you feel drawn to sit on it, so make sure it is soft and attractive to you. Whether you are reading, watching TV or just chatting to people, you want to feel comfortable. Make sure you choose with this in mind.


Research shows bean bag chairs are excellent for improving and maintaining good posture. The ability of bean bag chairs to mould to the shape of the person sitting on it means your back shouldn't be forced into uncomfortable positions. On top of this, the firm-soft balance of the filling provides support for your back, allowing for the perfect seat for improving posture. Bean bag chairs will provide relief for your back, neck and legs. Making sure you have chosen stuffing well for both ecological reasons and support will make a winning combination for the health of both you and the planet.


Choosing the right sized bean bag chair can depend on several factors. How big is the room you are hoping to put it in? Are you particularly tall or short? This factor ties nicely with the last. You want your bean bag chair to suit you, so making sure it is a good size to fit your lifestyle is important.


You want your bean bag chair to be lightweight. This is one of the great strengths of bean bag chairs: that they can be picked up and moved around. The ability to move your bean bag chair means it can be used in any room of the house, depending on your needs. An environmentally friendly bean bag chair can easily be taken to your friends' houses to try, convincing them into a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


You may want to think about the colour you want. Choosing eco-friendly fabrics can often limit the available colours, but usefully the colours usually used (white, light brown, dark brown, grey) are nice neutral colours that will fit into most decorating styles.

Environmentally Friendly Bean Bag Chairs Are The Way Forward

Understanding how to pick out an environmentally friendly bean bag chair can help you to make more conscious decisions for your purchasing. If you are interested in getting a bean bag chair for your own health, it makes sense to also think of the health of the planet. Whether you make a few small changes or try to make the whole bean bag chair environmentally friendly, finding the right issues to change can be made easier with this list. Remember: even a small change can make a big impact. Hopefully, when you choose your bean bag, you will find it makes a big effect on your life for the better. Thanks to your actions, the planet should feel that way too.

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