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19 October 2022

organic bean bag filler

Bean bags were originally filled with, you guessed it, actual dried beans. Nowadays it can be a little more challenging to find organic bean bag filler for your favourite comfy chair. The most commonly used bean bag filler is probably polystyrene or styrofoam beads. Fortunately, many brands have started producing bean bag chairs with organic fillers, as well as recycled and biodegradable bean bag fillers. You can even DIY your own organic bean bag filler, or use recycled materials you can find at home. If not, you can buy these materials online. The best organic bean bag filler also depends on the type of bean bag you have.

Types of organic bean bag filler

There are several types of organic bean bag filler. You can find most of these online. There are also plenty of eco-friendly options and bean bags filled with sustainable materials. If you opt for these as well, it’s better for the environment. Natural bean bag fillers are also an economical choice and many of them are just as durable and comfortable as polystyrene beads and their other synthetic counterparts.

Biofoam organic bean bag filler

Biofoam bean bag beads are entirely organic. The process of making these is by deriving a natural biopolymer from plants. This natural material is totally compostable and is similar to styrofoam beads, but much better for the environment. Biofoam beads also retain their shape and are very lightweight and durable. This makes them an ideal organic bean bag filler. Biofoam is also perfectly safe for children and pets as it’s non-toxic, CO2 neutral, and very hygienic. The main seller of biofoam bean bag filler is the brand The Big Beanbag Company and you can buy their products from their website. The great thing is you can choose between a range of sustainable bean bags or just simply buy the filler. You can get a bag of refill biofoam organic beans and use it to fill your own DIY bean bag or an old one that’s a little deflated. The bean bags for sale are also made from almost all recycled materials such as plastic bottles and repurposed stools and cushions. Biofoam organic bean bag filler is also vegan and you can buy it in a recycled big bag of 60 liters, for example. It’s completely plastic-free and there is no unnecessary packaging. If you’re looking for an organic bean bag refill it’s very affordable. Their bean bag chair selection might not be the cheapest but this is because the company always strives to use recycled sustainable materials. They are durable quality bean bags, however, so if you want to invest in something better for the environment, opt for biofoam.

Natural latex

Natural latex is another popular organic bean bag filler and you can also find it in mattresses and other furniture. Itis also biodegradable, so it’s a great choice. The material itself comes from rubber tree sap or serum. It then undergoes a process involving whipping it into a foam and molding it into shape. They then bake it to produce natural latex. Many people don’t realize that latex is actually a natural material because it has so many applications and is incredibly durable and versatile. As an organic bean bag filler natural latex is ideal because it’s lightweight and won’t lose its shape. Often you can use recycled natural latex from a mattress to fill a bean bag. There are also brands online where you can buy natural latex bean bag filler. These are often mattress companies that recycle leftover latex. Rather than wasting this natural latex from the manufacturing process and it ending up in a landfill, companies sell this material online. Natural latex bean bag filler is not only an organic and biodegradable option, you’ll also be doing your bit to reduce waste overall. Check if the natural latex you’re buying is GOLS-certified organic and you’ll be able to tell it’s good quality, and completely organic materials. Natural latex is also a non-toxic hygienic option for bean bag filler and it’s very comfortable. It’s from the inside of mattresses after all.

Beans and rice

Different types of beans and rice are other organic alternative bean bag fillers. Going back to the past, many consumers are now opting for these over polystyrene or styrofoam beans. If you want to fill your own bean bag with these it’s best to look for a store where you can buy them in bulk, as obviously, you will need quite a few. You can look for the cheapest option. Many types of beans will work, even coffee beans. The most important thing is that they’re dry and clean. If you want to use this type of natural material to fill your bean bag then you need to be careful as they are untreated. You may need to refill your bean bag more often. They aren’t as lightweight as other organic bean bag filler options but still have a similar feel to synthetic beans.


Cotton is an organic and environmentally friendly bean bag chair option, especially if it’s recycled. It’s soft, so will make a comfy bean bag, but the only problem is that it will eventually lose its shape over time.


Wool, similarly, is another option for a natural bean bag filler, that perhaps isn’t a permanent solution. Having said that, if you can get hold of old cotton or wool and recycle to make a bean bag filler they’re both sustainable options. 

Cedar shavings, Wood Chips or Sawdust

For something a little different, you could buy cedar shavings, sawdust, or other wood shavings as an organic bean bag filler. Cedar shavings are one of the better choices because they are decay-resistant, so your bean bag filling could last for decades. You can find leftover cedar shavings online from landscaping businesses that want to reduce waste. If you’re trying to follow a zero-waste lifestyle then this is a good option for you.

Buckwheat hulls

Buckwheat hulls are not only an organic bean bag filler option but people also use them for pillows and meditation cushions, and many other types of craft and DIY. Many brands also offer buckwheat bean bags and you can find these easily online. Alternatively, you can buy your own buckwheat hull bean bag and pillow fillers on sites such as Amazon and fill your own bean bag. They are not as lightweight as other options like biofoam or latex but they are 100% organic and completely safe to use. Compared to certain other natural fillers such as beans and rice, they are lighter, however. 

DIY bean bag filler

Though not all of these options are organic, you can still find sustainable options for bean bag fillers by recycling many different materials. You could try using the stuffing from old furniture and toys, for example. This will be very soft and depending on the amount you use will retain its shape. After a while, it might get a little flat, however. You can also fill your bean bags with old clothes and fabrics. If you want to get creative, a trick is to mix the filling and bulk it out with things like old shopping bags. You can then create your own DIY filling.

Where to buy organic bean bag filler

Although putting together your own alternative bean bag filling might sound like a fun project there are plenty of brands that have perfected this technique. You can choose to buy your own sustainable bean bag or specially made organic bean fillers. The best places to look for organic bean bag fillers are mattress or cushion brands that have an eco-friendly or zero waste focus. You can then buy leftover and recycled materials that have already been prepared for this purpose. If you want to buy organic bean bag filler to refill a bean Amazon has plenty of options. You could also try stores where you can buy in bulk. Look for somewhere near you that offers discounts when you buy materials in large quantities. For the best zero waste option, get in touch with local businesses that might have leftover sawdust, wood shavings, or other materials. For the best organic bean bag filler, you should probably get it from a brand that specializes in sustainable products. Materials such as biofoam and natural latex are the ideal types of natural bean bag filler because they are comfortable, durable, and lightweight. Certain brands have designed these originally to fill pillows and mattresses so they’re ideal. It’s up to you, however, which organic bean bag filler you opt for, depending on your own unique style and budget. At Boss Bean Bags, we have a wide range of the top bean bag brands. We only sell high-quality bean bags that use the best materials. You can find a range of types and sizes for both indoors and outdoors, and children and adults alike. If you would like more information about the best organic bean bag filler, or other useful bean bag tips, check out our blog.

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