Are Bean Bag Beans Recyclable?

14 February 2023

Are bean bag beans recyclable?

Beans bags are known to be a casual type of seat for lounging. They became popular in the 60s and 70s. Now, they have become a popular piece of furniture. They come in many shapes, colours and styles. Placed in a home, beans bags change the whole scene and bring comfort to every use! But, what do you do when its time to rid a bean bag that has been in your home for years now? Are bean bags recyclable? It's finally that time. Your bean bag no longer fits the newly designed room, or it's damaged to the point the beans just spill out like a waterfall. Either way, something needs to be done with the bean bag chair. Find it a new room in your home to take over. Give it more time to be sat on and comfort those in the household. Bean bags can last years with proper care. Are you sure it's time to move on from the bean bag? If it's damaged, then of course. But if it's not, what do you do now? Here are ways to recycle the beans and the fabric of the bean bag.

Bean Bag Beans: Are bean bags recyclable?

The beans of the bean bags most commonly come in the form of little styrofoam balls. Most styrofoam products are not recyclable, but they can be reused for a variety of tasks. If your bean bags are filled with actual beans, rice, or buckwheat husks, there are a variety of options to reuse these fillings. Bean bags are filled with natural products that can last years. A bean bag is meant to seat individuals for as long as they need to until it's time to upgrade to the next bean bag. It's why bean bags have remained popular for so long.

Styrofoam Filling

Styrofoam Beans can be used for a variety of reasons. Let's start with the packaging! Pack all your fragile items or give them that extra security by filling the box with styrofoam beans. Keep the items still an not moving side to side on their trip to the desired location. Go crazy with the amount of styrofoam filling to put into your packages. Anyways, opening a packing with filling is always fun for the receiver. The popping styrofoam beans give opening a package that extra excitement. Get crafty! Styrofoam beans are great for mimicking snow. Create a nice holiday decor for December with these white beans. Place them in a jar, spread them out in an area, or make it snow in your home! Be completely free with these styrofoam beans. After all, are bean bags recyclable?


It's most likely not a great idea to prep the beans for consumption. The dry beans have been sitting in the bean bag aging. Look for dark spots, moulding and a smell to discover the age of the beans. If they have any of these negative findings, it's best to toss them in the trash to not risk any sickness within your home. If they look to be fresh, go ahead and make beans for the family. Recycling the bean fillings would make it easier and make food sources more reliable. Also, take this time to create a few bean plants. Bean plants are a great starter plant to earn your green thumb. Not only will you be learning to care for plants, but you will also be giving yourself a reliable source of food. And, beans are a great side food to go with many main dishes.


If your beans bags are filled with rice, check for a smell and if they have a steady texture. Similar to beans, if they don't look edible it is best to toss them to avoid any flow of bacteria in your home. If the rice is good, go ahead and use them to your advantage like the beans. You can also give it a go-to grow your own rice! Provide yourself with a side to your main entry. Thanks to your bean bag, you have a free source of food from an item that decorated your home and provided you with comfort.

Buckwheat Husks

Some bean bags are filled with buckwheat husks because of their longlasting cushion. Go ahead and check every buckwheat husk. If they are crush and flat, it's best to toss them because they will not perform best. Overall, buckwheat husks last about seven to ten years. Buckwheat husks are great to place within your pillow for extra comfort. It's a natural filling that benefits the body. Buckwheat husks stimulate for a good sleep position, relieves the neck, and relaxes the shoulders. With pillows filled with this, they can be used for meditation pillows. Also, your pillow will be breathable and hygienic at the same time. Also, buckwheat husks will make a nice display anywhere in your home. Fill a mason jar with buckwheat husks and place them by the chimney or window to give a nice country home feeling. They can even be laid out on the table like confetti. Go ahead and get creative. Are bean bags recyclable? Look at what you've done with the bean bag filling!

Bean Bag Fabric: Are bean bags recyclable?

Now that the filling has been put to great use, the fabric part needs to be used as well. There are many creative ideas that can be done with the fabric part. Here are a few.

Create an Outfit

The cover piece of a bean bag is big enough to create a piece of clothing like a jacket, dress, etc. Many bean bags come in solid colours, but some come in interesting patterns. No matter the bean bag colour, create a piece of clothing, you'd be proud to wear. Release your creative side and show off your fashion to the world. Are bean bags recyclable? You're wearing your creative piece right now!

Cloth Piece

Create a blanket or use the piece to make a cover with other fabrics. A blanket has no specific size range. Make a small blanket or baby blanket. It can be for yourself or a gift for a child. Use your creative side to create a blanket out of a bean bag cover. Don't have use for a small blanket? Gather all your extra fabric materials and mend them together to create a unique blanket. Odds are you are the only one who has a blanket made up of special fabrics. If you want to try something different, cut the bean bag cover into pieces. They can be shapes and more. Add these pieces to existing clothing or use them as decorations. There are many creative ideas to put bean bag covers into use.


Sometimes, a bean bag cover will need to be thrown out because of its condition. Or, the creative side in you doesn't want to get to work. It's understandable why it's better to dispose of a bean bag chair. Here are ways to rid of your bean bag chair.

Giving it Away

Most of the time, other people will be glad to reuse your bean bag that you don't want anymore. Place the bean bag outside or politely give it to someone you know will want it. There's a good chance someone will pick it up from the sidewalk of your home when passing by. Also, many individuals would love a free lounge seat. It's effortless to give away a bean bag that others will tend to give extra care to.

Selling It

Maybe this is your time to make some profit. Post your bean bag on a selling app or website that others can view your item on. Set a price on it too! There's a good chance your bean bag will go to a good home, and you can have some extra cash in your pocket. Either way, a paying individual is willing to care for the pre-used bean bag. Anyways, the whole point is to see is, are bean bags recyclable?


All in all, it is your choice in what ways you want to recycle and reuse your bean bag. You may even find it best to just dispose of the bean bag. The point is, bean bags have remained trendy for years and are known to be extremely comfortable. There's a good chance you have used your bean bag for years now. Bean bags are affordable and can easily be maintained to keep its original shape. There are special filler bags you can buy to keep your bean bag looking plump. Your beans bags can also be cleaned easily. The cover and only the cover of the bean bag is machine washable. It's no wonder the bean bag is trendy because of its continuous shape and appearance to be easily fixed. Besides, bean bags consist of materials that can be recycled for other purposes. Bean bags are a great product that can go from a fashionable lounge seat to creative makings. And they are affordable!

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