Top 10 Reasons You Need a Bean Bag In Your School Library

28 November 2022

bean bags for school library

Bean bags for a school library are a must-have feature. Because let’s face it: the school library isn’t most people’s favourite place to go. Adding beanbags is a great way to motivate students and transform the overall atmosphere.

  • Cool, comfortable and calming
  • Brightens up any room
  • An excellent space for students to chill out

The library is a location many kids associate with exams and times of high stress. This is why installing some comfy bean bags is one of the best ways to create a better working environment; a safe space for students to work in and flourish. So, here are the top ten reasons why beanbags in your school library will be a game-changer.

Spices up the interior design.

Now, this one sounds a little bit more superficial than it is. An aesthetically pleasing library is one that provides a better overall experience. Naturally, the library interior isn’t the most colourful place. People are much more likely to stay somewhere that appeals to the senses. Having some trendy beanbags dotted around the area will add a splash of colour and fun. Trying to concentrate in an environment that’s dull and depressing is no help to anyone. Generally, people work better and are happier when the external environment is more agreeable. The fun and retro appearance of beanbags add a bit of character and colour to its surroundings. A cooler-looking interior will undeniably motivate students to spend more time there.

They encourage a well-needed study break.

Having beanbags in the school library has the added bonus of creating a more welcoming, chilled out environment. When school gets tough, everyone needs a little break here and there. Having study breaks is also one of the best ways to enhance learning with research finding that working solidly without breaks is counter-productive for recalling information. Taking some time out helps to re-energize the mind. Sometimes, a quick break with some friends is the best way to get spirits back up. Students remember to take these all-important breaks when they see beanbags around, and these breaks help to consolidate what they’ve learned. When finals are coming up, students understandably get stressed. Many will go to the library for a heavy study session, sometimes lasting many hours. These last-minute sessions may be anxiety-inducing, but reminding students that their comfort is a priority will help them to take some time for themselves too. If the beanbags are there, students will be much more likely to go and sit down and take the break that they need.

They’re Affordable

Knowing how to make the right financial choices for your school can be difficult. One of the best things about selecting beanbags for the school library is that they are affordable. Not only do they look cool and create a more pleasant looking environment, but help to get more out of your students. Creating the perfect ‘chill-out’ zone for the library, beanbags are an excellent form of motivation. In this way, they are both a purchase and an investment. Also, replacing beanbags is easy when they become damaged. Purchase here at bean bags for the school library.

Beanbags For School Library Are Easy To Fill

With many students taking advantage of these comfortable bean bags, they will need to be updated. With continuous use of sitting, bean bags will eventually lose their plump fill and look deflated. Easily bring back the bean bags to life with bean bag beans. Each pack of beans is enormous enough to fill more than one. Make it easy on yourself by pouring the bag of beans straight into the bean bag. Kids will enjoy them over and over again as if you just bought them. The great thing is filling bean bags can be a job for one or two people. And you can do it in minutes! Keep the library busy with students sitting on plump bean bags every time. Also, bean bags are supposed to be bulky, not flat. Keep the presentation of the library looking nice with up to date bean bags.

Quick Maintenance

There are two ways you can clean bean bags for school libraries. The first way is a thorough clean. Suppose you want to give the whole bean bag a good clean, empty all the beans out. You don’t want the beans to dissolve and damage the washer. When all the beans are out, toss the bean bag fabric itself into the washer. Once the bean bag is clean and dry, fill it back up and place it back into the library. It’s that easy! Do your bean bags not have an opening to release the beans or simply want a faster way? Tackle the stain on the bean bags directly. Use a cleaner to spray the fabric. Follow the directions on your choice of cleaner. Let it set and cloth on the stain. The bean bags will look clean as they did before. Then, you can continue to use them.

Change of Setting

With bean bags in a school library, students will have a change in the area. Rather than sitting on an ordinary chair, students can have a change in scenery. With a bean bag, students will sit lower and view their surroundings differently like a new experience. In other words, students can only find this change at the school library. Also, students will feel snug and comfortable, almost like a security blanket. Changing the environment is a great opportunity for students. Students cannot find bean bags in many lounging areas. Encourage them to read a book in the comfort of a bean bag. Their whole body will be in comfort, giving them a rested mind to enjoy the books in the library. With a different type of seating area, students will be racing to a bean bag of their own. The colours and location play a huge role just as much as the bean bag itself. Looking around, students will be lower than they usually are and elevated. Nowadays, there is no place to elevate your body on school grounds.

Good for Posture

Beanbags are a good health choice for the students using the library. The beans within the beanbag allow for easy movement of the bag to fit the shape of a child, whilst also providing excellent support. Considering that most children will spend all day in hard, plastic chairs in their lessons, giving their backs a chance at relief is a great idea. In the library, the availability of beanbags will rest children’s backs, and in doing so, improve their posture. This age is an increasingly important time for children to get into good habits with their posture and bodies, so encouraging this through beanbags can cause a real change. Ergonomic Shape Increases Concentration Following on from the last benefit, let’s consider the benefits of the health aspects of beanbags. Over the years, increasing research into students’ concentration suggests that students concentrate much better when comfortable. The library should be a place of study and reading - two things that require high concentration - especially if you want a nice quiet library! WIth better concentrating students, you are much more likely to see a more peaceful, studious space in your library.

Beanbags For School Library Can Easily Be Moved

Beanbags are lightweight, and so can easily be moved. Depending on the size of your library, this benefit may be more or less useful to you. Children’s brains benefit from variety, so the ability to come to the library every day, and find the beanbags in a different place will be not only exciting but also promote better learning. The ability to move them also means you can set up different clusters each day. Students often come to work in libraries in friendship groups, so one day setting up a group of three, then the next a sole pair, you should be able to make sure the same students aren’t hogging the beanbags. Making sure all students have access to this resource is essential. You can quickly solve this issue due to the lightweight nature of beanbags.

Summer vs Winter

In association with the previous point, you can also use the lightweight nature of beanbags to benefit the library no matter the season. In the winter, the library often sees a higher population, due to the cold temperatures outside. Using beanbags for a school library can offer more places to sit for the increased number of students. However, in the summer, beanbags’ lightweight nature means there is the possibility of taking them outside. If your library is nearby green space or a courtyard, carrying your beanbags out can both increase your area within the library and encourage students to use the library. What could be more appealing than reading on a beanbag in the sun?

Bean bags For School Library: A Great Idea

So, following these ten reasons for having a beanbag in your school library, it seems clear that they are an excellent investment. Bringing joy and concentration to your students: What could be better? Be sure to invest in one soon; to start the new year with a beanbag!

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