Where To Find The Best Waterproof Bean Bags For Boats

21 November 2022

waterproof bean bags for boats

Suppose you are an avid sailor or just someone who likes the occasional meander with your boat. In that case, you will know that finding comfortable seating for you and your passengers can dramatically enhance your journey's enjoyment. If you enjoy time on the open water and you want a flexible seating solution that is both comfortable and practical, then you should consider waterproof bean bags for boats.

Why Choose A Waterproof Beanbag Over Other Boat Seating

If you are looking for comfort and luxury, then you do not want to stick with the standard seating that comes with a boat. A beanbag is comfortable, fun, and flexible. But do bean bags float? The advantages of a waterproof beanbag do not just stop there. Any yacht owner will tell you that space is always at a premium. Beanbags are great because they can be easily stored and take up less space than other seating options. Beanbags are also incredibly flexible and lightweight. If you want to change your seating configuration, then beanbags will be able to fit almost anywhere on your boat. You can quickly add more beanbags for additional guests or change your seating direction to get the best view or exposure to the sun. More rigid seating options do not give you this flexibility. Alternative seating options for boats made from wood or metal may look attractive but are very cumbersome and difficult to maintain. Salty seawater can rust metal incredibly quickly, and wood would need to be regularly treated to prevent rot. This constant need for maintenance can result in a lot of work, mostly if you sail regularly. Unlike beanbags, these seats are a lot less flexible and more difficult to store when your boat is in the harbour over the winter months. Alongside this, beanbag chairs can be quickly stored inside a cabin, so you can guarantee they are warm and dry whenever you come to use them. Metal, wood, and even plastic resin chairs can get cold and wet when left on deck. Another drawback is that these seats often can be hard and uncomfortable during longer sails. Beanbags mould around you to maximize your comfort during any sailing trip. Beanbag seating is more adaptable than its counterparts. If you use your boat for many different activities such as fishing, sunbathing, or enjoying a BBQ with friends, beanbags are the best option. You can change their configuration to suit whatever activity you are undertaking at the time.

How To Select The Best Waterproof Bean Bag For Your Boat

The quality of the beanbag you select should be dictated by functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.


Waterproof bean bags can endure the extremities of any weather condition. The mixture of polyester and acrylic will prevent their colour from becoming bleached by the sun. If they are drenched by falling overboard or a particularly stormy night, then they can be left on the deck and will quickly dry in the sun. Extreme temperature and humidity will not cause any deterioration in the product, especially those made with polyester or acrylic fabric. Waterproof bean bags are wipeable and easy to clean. Wipeability is essential on a boat as you may not have the same access to cleaning solutions like a washing machine that you would have at home. You do not want a seat to be rendered unusable because it has become stained or sticky from food spillages. A waterproof beanbag is easy to wipe clean with a little soapy water and a cloth. On top of all of this, waterproof bean bags are durable. They will maintain their integrity for an incredibly long time with little need for maintenance.


You may set out for a leisurely sojourn, but a calm sea can rapidly become rough and choppy if the weather turns. You do not want to be sitting on a chair that is likely to tumble. Similarly, you do not want to be in uncomfortable seating during stormy waves, as this can lead you to tense your muscles for an extended time, increasing the likelihood of muscular strain or injury. A bean bag chair is advantageous for quickly adapting to a turn in the weather. The chairs have a low centre of gravity, making them less likely to topple as the boat rocks in the waves. Their extra padding also acts as a shock absorber, allowing you to keep your muscles relaxed throughout the journey. In better weather, beanbags offer comfort as they will adapt to your seating position. Bean bags are well cushioned and supportive.


Every sailor will have their unique tastes and will want their vessel to reflect this. Bean bags now come in a wide variety of patterns and colours to suit every aesthetic. Suppose you are looking for the fun of a Copacabana party, then bright, zesty colours will make a bold statement. If you want a more traditional nautical theme, then choose pastel colours and stripes. Style and elegance can be found in more muted whites and greys, with highlighted seams or piping. Your taste can be catered for, and a bean bag will not look out of place on any luxury yacht.

What Are The Different Styles of Waterproof Bean Bags For Boats

There is a vast range of waterproof bean bags available. Each style comes with its benefits, and the choice will be down to your preference. It would be best to consider what you would most commonly use your beanbag for whenever you are making a selection. However, bear in mind that bean bags are adaptable and can accommodate multiple different uses on a boat. The main types of beanbag to consider are:

  • The Traditional Bean Bag - These usually come in a standard shape and are very flexible. The bean bag can be moulded to accommodate the shape of the yacht. The Hayman is a traditional rectangular beanbag, very full and supportive. The Bermuda Triangle is triangular and tapers at the top. This bean bag is great for fitting into corners and reclining.
  • The Bean Bag Chair - A chair offers more structure than a traditional beanbag and supports the back and head. The Merlin gives you a lot of neck support but allows you the flexibility of The Bermuda Triangle, fitting neatly into any nook or cranny of your yacht. Big Bob is a large comfortable chair with excellent stability. It has the added advantage of armrests and extra structure to support the back.
  • The Bean Bag Chair and Ottoman - If luxury is your main objective, then adding an ottoman to a reclining chair can give you the support of the chair with the option of putting your feet up and relaxing. The Copacabana set is so comfortable that it will make you feel floating when relaxing on your deck.
  • The Bean Bag Lounger - Sun lovers will adore a beanbag lounger. It will allow you to lie back and soak in the rays. You can lie face up, face down, or on your side, and the beans will mould around your body to create a comfortable, supportive texture. As the sun shifts, the lounger can be moved easily to ensure you get the most exposure to the rays. The stylish Malibu Lounger would go great with a chilled cocktail and a great book. The Costa is a more oversized lounger and can accommodate two sunseekers at once.
  • The Miniature Bean Bag - You do not need to exclude any junior sailors from the joy of a bean bag. Traditional bean bags, lounges, and chairs are also available for children.

How To Maintain Your Waterproof Bean Bag

Choose a bean bag made from durable materials and a high-quality zip to ensure your bean bag can withstand any sailing condition. Do not use any solvent-based cleaning products if your bean bag gets marked. They can damage the integrity of the material and reduce the durability of your bean bag. A mild household detergent or soapy water should get rid of all marks and stains sufficiently. Rinsing a bean bag with clean water after exposure to salty sea water will ensure your beanbag maintains its excellent condition for years to come. A waterproof bean bag for a boat is an investment in luxury that will provide you with many hours of relaxation and comfort on the open sea. Whatever size of boat you may have, a waterproof bean bag is an option that will allow you flexibility without compromising on comfortability. They are an appealing option for those who wish to enjoy their yacht with friends, family, and other guests. They are the next level of luxury that every boat needs to ensure that every voyager can enjoy the journey in plush perfection. Whether you want to sit up and watch for whales or lie back and let the rolling waves rock you to sleep, a waterproof bean bag is an excellent option for every boating occasion.

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