Pool Bean Bags

  • Can you put a bean bag in the pool?

    Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Put a Bean Bag in the Pool

    In this article, we will explore the feasibility of using a bean bag in the pool and its benefits, considerations, and safety precautions.

    November 20 2023
  • 10 Reasons Why A Bean Bag Is The Ultimate Pool Float

    10 Reasons Why A Bean Bag Is The Ultimate Pool Float

    Are you in the market for swimming pools and accessories? If so, a pool float should be at the top of your agenda. The thought of lazing around in the sun on a large pool float is what you envisioned when you first decided to install a backyard swimming pool. While several fantastic pool loungers can bring that vision to life, a pool bean bag could be the perfect solution for your family.
    August 18 2023
  • do bean bags float

    How to Choose the Best Pool Bean Bags

    More and more people are choosing bean bags over inflatables when it comes to relaxing by the pool. If it’s an investment you’re looking to make too, you’re probably looking for answers to your most pressing questions. From ‘do bean bags float?’ to ‘are these bean bags waterproof?’, or are bean bags safe? We’re going to answer the most important questions you might have in the guide below. ...
    December 12 2022
  • commercial pool loungers

    What to Look For in Commercial Pool Loungers

    There’s truly nothing better than relaxing in a pool. Imagine the glorious sunlight bouncing off ripples and the sound of water lapping at the edges. One thing that can put a dampener on your experience is an uncomfortable pool lounger. Plastic inflatables stick to your skin, wobble at any hint of movement and lose air in a matter of hours. Plastic inflatables are not the best place for a lit...
    September 7 2020
  • Amalfi non inflatable pool float

    Where to Find the Best Non Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults

    When it comes to sunny weather, enjoying your garden, and relaxing in the pool, one thing that is often on people’s minds is where they can find the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults.  Options are abundant across the web for inflatables for children. However, adults deserve and desire relaxation in their pool too. Floating around in your pool is one of the best ways to relax while...
    July 26 2020
  • Costa Pool Lounger

    Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Loungers. One's a Bean Bag!

    Are you thinking about investing in some fun summer toys for the pool? Swimming pool loungers provide the ultimate fun and reclining comfort for the entire family. Whether you plan to spend your summer days at the pool, head to the beach, or travel away from home on a fun family vacation, few things say summer fun more than swimming pool loungers or outdoor pool bean bags. You'll love...
    August 12 2019
  • Portsea Premium Pool Float

    Lounge and Float: The Bean Bag as One of the Top 10 Best Pool Floats

    One of the best ways to relax is lounging on a pool float under the warm sun with a cool drink in your hand. The key to all of this, however, is finding the perfect pool float for your day on the water. Once you have that settled, you're golden. If this day in the sun interests you, keep reading. Below are the best pool floats, including a bean bag chair. 1. Poolmaster Swimming Pool Hammoc...
    July 22 2019
  • pool bean bags

    Why You Should Consider a Pool Bean Bag

      What's Australia's favourite sport? Swimming, that's what! After all, six million Aussies wouldn't swim on a regular or occasional basis if they didn't like the water. We all know that swimming is terrific for the mind, but did you know that being in the water also does wonders to one's body, mind, and overall well-being? Being near it alone is already relaxing, soothing, and calm...
    July 24 2018
  • charcoal beanbag pool float

    How To Relax In The Pool Without Getting Wet

    Spending a day at the pool can be a fun and relaxing experience. But it typically means having to spend all day in the water, which can be rough on the skin and hair, and even a bit tiring. For this reason, many people choose to sit poolside in a lounge chair and watch the action. While this can be relaxing, it is nowhere near as exciting as actually being in the water all day. Not All Pool ...
    May 22 2017
  • What is Solution Dyed Acrylic & Why is it So Good?

    What is Solution Dyed Acrylic & Why is it So Good?

    The elements can take a considerable toll on outdoor fabrics. High temperatures, ultraviolet light exposure and moisture, can cause many materials to fade or even disintegrate. Upholstered patio furniture, awnings and even pool floats are at risk. Fortunately, there’s a fabric that’s made to endure anything Mother Nature throws its way. It’s called solution-dyed acrylic, and it has a starring...
    October 14 2016
  • Portsea Premium Pool Floats

    Are You Ready to Make a Splash? Discover the Best Pool Floats

    Warm weather makes almost everyone want to spend more time poolside! But have you ever floated on a pool bean bag chair? The fresh water and warm sun are the perfect combinations for a relaxing and enjoyable day with friends and family. A day poolside means bringing the essentials - food, drinks, and floats for relaxing in the water. If the rafts are inflatable, that means dragging along a...
    March 14 2013