Where to Find the Best Non Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults

26 July 2020

Amalfi non inflatable pool float

When it comes to sunny weather, enjoying your garden, and relaxing in the pool, one thing that is often on people’s minds is where they can find the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults.  Options are abundant across the web for inflatables for children. However, adults deserve and desire relaxation in their pool too. Floating around in your pool is one of the best ways to relax while enjoying the sunshine. And when the sun is out, it is certainly hard to escape a weekend without seeing pictures on Instagram of people floating on some of the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults.  If you’re looking forward to spending a day poolside or hosting an ultimate pool party, you’ll need all the essentials; drinks, food, and fun bean bag non-inflatables for relaxing. 

What Are Best Non-Inflatable Pool Floats For Adults, And Should You Want One?

Non-inflatable pool floats are the perfect accessory and a fantastic alternative to standard pool floats. Often people ask, ‘do bean bags float’? One of the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults is Pool Bean Bags. Unlike their conventional counterparts, inflatable pool floats are much more robust, and you don’t need to fill them with air. Even though they are ideal for all the family, they’re perfect for adults as something extra special in your luxury garden. They won’t go flat overnight. And you won’t slip off mid-sunbathe.  There is a variety of different sizes, shapes and colours. So you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you down to the ground. Pool Bean Bags use a solution-dyed acrylic fabric. The fabric helps to make them durable for outdoor use and prolonged exposure to water. You can be sure that a Pool Bean Bag will remain colourful for much longer than the traditional vat-dyed alternatives. Pool bean bags dry quickly and drain easily. Pool bean bags are one of the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults. 

Top Reasons You Should Choose A Pool Bean Bag 

There are many reasons you should choose a pool bean bag as your adult pool chair float this year. Some of them are detailed below: 

No Need For Inflatable Furniture

If you have ever used inflatable furniture as your choice of pool accessory, you already know how tedious it can be to blow them up. That is valuable time that you are spending inflating pool accessories. Instead, you could be floating in the water. Not to mention that you need to deflate them after use. And they can be awkward to store without risking damage. You are wasting more time after you’ve enjoyed a day poolside or at the beach.  If you’d prefer to spend more time in the water and less time making a fuss over inflatables, then one of the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults has got to be the Pool Bean Bags. These impressive floats only need to be filled up once. And then they’re always ready for use. 

They’re A Focus Piece 

Trying to create the ultimate relaxation zone and adult space to enjoy the sunshine? Adding the best non-inflatable pool floats is a great finishing touch.  When you own a pool, it’s not a secret that it’s often a focal point in your home during the warmer months. Adding finishing touches like Pool Bean Bags will make your pool area a complete paradise. If you want to discover more unique decor ideas, read more here

Something That Whole Family Can Enjoy 

Ok, yes, this is all about the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults. However, you can’t deny that a Pool Bean Bag would be something the whole family can enjoy. Even if you want to hide them away and get them out during adult-only time, there’s plenty of room for mum, dad, kids, and even pets to use them. 

Where Can You Find The Best Non-Inflatable Pool Floats For Adults? 

Floating around your pool on a hot, sunny day is one of the most relaxing things you can do in warmer weather.  Bean Bags R Us offers a unique range of non-inflatable pool floats. Bean bags pool floats offer superior floatation, comfort and lifespan. Their bean bag pool floats will last up to 10 years if you look after them, unlike inflatable pool floats that often pop in their first use. Their range of commercial-quality bean bag pool floats is one of the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults. They create the ultimate fun on the water. Lay on them without getting wet! You don’t need to worry about them going flat or slipping on them. And they look fantastic in any garden.  You don’t need to worry about inflating. They dry quickly and are even big enough to fit two people, making them the perfect accessory for your pool.   Let’s have a look at some of the options that Bean Bags R Us have to offer: 

Cabo Pool Float

This intelligent little design replaced our favourite bean bag, the Montego pool float. It’s stylish, practical, fun, looks great by the pool and enables you to spend good quality time in the pool. Perfect for both resorts and homes and available in a range of attractive colours, the Cabo Float has been designed with style and is sure to compliment your outdoor lifestyle.  Available in light grey, charcoal grey, Tiffany turquoise and pacific blue, it’s easy to mix and match as they work well together to help add style to your garden.  It’s not just the style that makes Cabo a fantastic choice; it’s also the quality. The Cabo utilises the finest quality materials, including UV-treated, durable 100% olefin fabric and YKK zippers.  If you’re worried about storage, don’t be. It has a stainless steel eyelet for easy hanging and is simple to fill. It features an accessible filling chute allowing for the smooth transfer of beans. It’s easy to maintain. It can be spot cleaned, it dries rapidly, and it can be machine washed.  Regarding style, Bean Bags R Us has designed this Bean Bag Float to compliment other pieces in their lifestyle solution collections, including outdoor ottomans and other floats like the Portsea and Amalfi. 


Bean Bags R Us has delivered its new flagship portfolio range of Portsea pool floats. It’s the result of eleven years of research, which has paid off. Look no further if you are seeking the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults. The quality and comfort will blow you away. You can expect only the best standards with the fabric of this float; with the highest level of UV protection, you can be sure it’s not going to fade and will last for years. Just like the Cabo pool float, it is easy to store, set up, and will dry thoroughly. Bean Bags R Us prides itself on its fabric; you won’t find stock fabrics here.  The new range comes in new colours, which have matching pool floats, outdoor ottomans, outdoor chairs, and cushions that will make your poolside setting perfectly arranged. 

Amalfi Pool Lounger

The Amalfi is the latest addition to their world-famous range of pool loungers. The Amalfi floating swimmimg pool chair gives you the comfort and style that you can expect from a bean bag pool float, as well as the added benefit of being in the shape of a chair. If you prefer to sit upright, this is the one for you. The Amalfi is perfect for reading a book, knowing you won’t get wet. Imagine sipping a glass of wine or just sitting back and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.  Again there is a choice of colours, each featuring the added detail of white piping. Just what you need for that extra appealing look to match your garden design. Around forty per cent of the underside of the product is finished with mesh. The mesh allows the water to escape after use, allowing rapid drying and reducing any chance of spreading mould that you often find with standard inflatable chairs.  This perfectly cool pool lounger features our high standard of materials. It is tear-resistant and has the highest UV protection. Seven years of research ensures it won’t fail to deliver the quality you deserve when relaxing in your pool. 

Portsea Premium

The Portsea is the most significant bean bag float we offer. It’s big enough for anyone, even two people, if that’s what you want. The Portsea will be the perfect solution to add to your comfort and relaxation mode if you spend all your time in the pool during the warmer months.  A premium version of the Portsea Pool Bean Bags is made from a superior olefin fabric to make it even more enticing. The Portsea Premium is perfect for your backyard pool and is the preferred choice of many top-rated resorts. If quality is what you seek, this has certainly got to be one of if not the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults available on the market.  Whether you are looking for the vibe of a luxury hotel or want added comfort, the Portsea premium bag pool float is ideal for all occasions. It comes in various colours, so whatever your garden style is, you will find one to compliment. It has a funky yet, fresh design that will match any outdoor setting and add a touch of premium quality to your poolside lifestyle. It’s available in a bold solid colour or funky striped pattern. This pool float has got to be a contender as one of the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults because it can suit any stylish, modern lifestyle.  If you love spending time in the pool, this float is perfect. It provides you with the comfort to spend as much time as you want to enjoy the sun. At the same time, relax, and float away into your little piece of a garden paradise. 


Non-inflatable pool floats are the way to go when adding a relaxing, luxury, yet affordable accessory to your poolside lifestyle. As you can see above, many benefits and reassurances exist that these are so much better than old-school inflatables. If you’re looking for the best non-inflatable pool floats for adults, you should try some of the options above and start enjoying the sunnier months.

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