What to Look For in Commercial Pool Loungers

8 September 2020

Commercial Pool Loungers

There’s truly nothing better than relaxing in a pool. Imagine the glorious sunlight bouncing off ripples and the sound of water lapping at the edges. One thing that can put a dampener on your experience is an uncomfortable in pool lounger. Plastic inflatables stick to your skin, wobble at any hint of movement and lose air in a matter of hours. Plastic inflatables are not the best place for a little relaxation. Commercial pool loungers are a much better option. Buying the cheapest pool float will not be sufficient to achieve a luxury holiday feel. If left in the sun, colours can bleach. The material itself becomes too hot to touch. Luckily, you and your guests needn’t suffer through such discomfort. This guide can help you uncover the ins and outs of commercial pool loungers. It will also show you what to look for to make the perfect investment. If you want to find out more about how you can take your swimming pool sun session to a whole new level, read on.

Materials Matter

One essential feature of a commercial pool lounger is the materials used in the production process. The pool lounger may be used regularly in a holiday resort or villa; it needs to be strong enough to withstand years of exposure to weather. An unbranded thin plastic pool lounger might work well for a week’s trip. But it won’t survive the whole summer season. You need to find a sturdy and reliable material that can withstand the test of time. Especially for people of all shapes and sizes! It’s a good idea to try and consider every aspect that might affect your lounger. These considerations include UV and water resistance, durability, stain resistance and ease of cleaning. And you need to know what is the best thread for outdoor bean bags?


One material that’s perfect for commercial pool floats is olefin. Olefin is a super-strong polypropylene fibre that’s more affordable than you might expect. Olefin is known for being environmentally friendly. Why? Because the production process involves the use of a former waste material that is essentially upcycled and given a new life. Olefin is human-made, rather than grown so it has a low carbon footprint. Olefin can be recycled up to 10 times to form brand new products. You might think that all of this sounds great. But perhaps a little uncomfortable? Luckily you couldn’t be more wrong. Olefin won’t transmit any static charges, so ‘electric’ shocks are out of the question. And it maintains a soft and smooth surface texture that’s unlike any other material on the market. One drawback is that the fibre doesn’t bode well under extreme heat. It would help if you considered this when washing and drying the fabric. The thread in its pure form is sensitive to sunlight. But during the production process, UV inhibitors are added to the mixture to counteract this.


Another standard yet highly quality commercial pool lounger material is Sunbrella. Sunbrella is a solution-dyed acrylic-based fabric that’s widely known for its use in outdoor furnishings. Sunbrella is said to withstand up to 1500 hours of sun before the colour starts to show signs of fading. Its resistance to fading makes it ideal for commercial use. The material will not feel hot to touch when left out in the sun either. So this is another important selling factor. Although Sunbrella is not entirely waterproof, it does resist moisture fairly well and avoids mildew as a result. Sunbrella is one of the most common when it comes to luxury outdoor furniture. However, it does have some disadvantages. Sunbrella is potentially the most expensive of all fabrics. Meaning the furniture made from the material often has a higher price tag.


Polyester is probably the most affordable of all outdoor materials. Appearing regularly on the market in many different forms and thicknesses. In its most common, lightest form, the material is too thin for commercial use and can be notoriously difficult to clean. Some companies utilise the lowest grade of polyester to create pool loungers. Cheap polyester pool loungers can last for as little as a week. Heavy-duty polyester can work well in pool lounge covers. Polyester fibres, strand by strand, are wholly waterproof. When woven tightly together, they create a moisture repellent barrier - making it unlikely to absorb water. This characteristic makes polyester ideal for an outdoor pool lounger. The thicker the polyester, the more water-resistant the material will be. Each time you add another layer of woven fibre, you create a more durable and long-lasting fabric. That can stand firm against the test of time. Polyester outdoor furniture can be PU or PVC coated. These coatings make sure it can stay strong against the elements.

Shapes & Sizes

There’s a wide range of different shapes and sizes that are available on the commercial pool lounger market today. Each of which boasts its unique advantages and disadvantages. The type of holiday resort or villa you run will influence the kind of pool loungers in which you invest. As the total potential number of guests, the possibility of children and the weather all impact upon your choice. If you are a large resort that accommodates a high number of guests, you need to find a shape that meets the criteria for a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. You are likely to host a whole range of guests, from the elderly to children, non-disabled individuals and those with disabilities and impairments. In this case, opting for the largest, most comfortable pool lounger will be the best option. Every guest must be able to utilise this facility, and the bigger the pool lounger is, the easier it will be for you and your guests to climb on and begin relaxing. If you are in a different scenario, potentially operating on a smaller scale with more intimate venues, investing in a range of shapes and sizes will work better for your guests’ needs. Having the option to choose between a few shapes and sizes to find the best fit will provide your guests with more personal experience, and the smaller scale of your operations means that price is unlikely to be affected throughout the buying process. Commercial pool loungers in their most basic of forms are in simple circles or squares. Or they can come with an elevated head and armrests for an extra boost of comfort and style.

The Total Cost

The total cost of your commercial pool lounger order is such an important part of your purchase, as you may only have a set budget to spend on your new furnishings. A small budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to settle with the worst option, as many affordable package deals can allow you to gain the best value for money. Automatically opting for the most affordable option will mean that you have to shell out again in a matter of weeks for a whole new set thanks to the low-quality material and production, so there’s no point in wasting your money on the bottom tier. Spending an arm and a leg doesn’t always mean that you will be receiving the best possible quality and service for the money that you pay. A product can have a high price tag and still fall short of your expectations, so always be vigilant and take your time to make the right choice for your business. Shopping around can help you to uncover the best price for certain branded pool loungers. Still, many of the best providers operate exclusively though their websites to cut out the middleman and provide their clients with the best service. A significant commercial pool lounger can last for more than two seasons at your resort or villa, so bear this factor in mind when you view the price of a potential investment. Think about the value for money that you will be receiving if the product does, in fact, last for longer than two years, as this may make it seem more worthwhile.

Styles & Aesthetics

The style and aesthetic of your commercial pool lounger is crucial when searching for the perfect fit. You need to find a design that fits your resort or villa, matching with the vibe or atmosphere that you are trying to create. If you have a minimalistic getaway that utilises block colours and simplistic design, a quick look at the white Portsea premium pool lounger might help you to find the right match for your specific needs. It’s far from necessary, but the sleek design can work well in a stylish minimalist setting that dictates a lack of patterns and colours. On the other hand, a family-focused resort that welcomes hundreds of excited guests is going to be better suited to a more fun and eye-catching design, as children and young people will be more interested in utilising the pool loungers. The Amalfi floating pool lounger has a raised back and a headrest to match, with a bright and attractive turquoise tone that looks beautiful against the backdrop of the sunny blue sky. Many pool loungers can even come with added extras, such as drinks holders that make sipping cocktails in the summer sun even more comfortable, as well as raised footstools that take relaxation to a whole new level. As there are so many different styles available, we recommend you take some time to search through each option to ensure that you are purchasing the best product for your commercial needs. Compare two styles against one another to identify their strengths and weaknesses. One may have an attractive colour palette; another may be more comfortable. If you cannot decide between two different products, there may even be a way to fuse them both to maintain the positive aspects of each.

Commercial pool loungers

Commercial pool loungers can be colourful or simple, filled with added extras or just a basic square design. Materials vary from sturdy, long-lasting fibres to thin and flimsy fabrics, totally waterproof technology to those that can’t resist mildew and mould. Cutting through the wide range of options to find the best choice for your resort or villa can transform your accommodation. Providing your guests with ultimate holiday satisfaction for years to come. The information above can help you to identify which style, shape and price work best for your organisation’s needs! A pool is nothing but a hole in the ground. Especially if you don’t have the right accessories and equipment. It's important that your guests have a great experience. So it’s vital that you identify the best commercial pool loungers. Choose products that offer the opportunity for relaxation. Gone are the days of having to float uncomfortably on a plastic ring that tips over at the mere sight of another guest entering the pool, as you can utilise your summer in the sun with a luxurious lounger that fulfils your every desire for a pampered pool session! Take the advice above on board and begin your quest to uncover the ideal commercial pool lounger that both you and your guests will love for years to come.

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