What is Solution Dyed Acrylic & Why is it So Good?

The elements can take a huge toll on outdoor fabrics. High temperatures, ultraviolet light exposure and moisture can cause many materials to fade or even disintegrate. Upholstered patio furniture, awnings and even pool floats are at risk.

acrylic fabric
Fortunately, there’s a fabric that’s made to endure anything Mother Nature throws its way. It’s called solution-dyed acrylic, and it has a starring role in our 2017 range of large pool bean bags.

What Is Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabric?

Acrylic fabrics are durable, high-performance synthetic fabrics made from acrylic fibers. They have a number of advantages including lower specific gravity, mildew-resistant properties and an ability to manage moisture. Even without added color, they’re a great choice. However, nobody wants to be limited to a boring, white fabric. When you add color to acrylic, it comes to life. The method that you use to add the color has a great impact on how long it will stay true. Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics keep their color longer because of the specific process that’s used to dye the fibers.

Piece-Dyed vs. Solution-Dyed Fabrics

Acrylic fibers start out as a liquid acrylic polymer solution. The chemical fluid is forced through a device called a spinneret, which has many tiny holes. Long acrylic fibers are extruded during this process. Without any added dye, they come out of the spinneret sporting a generic white color. When piece-dyed or “stock” fabrics are made, the extruded fibers are dipped into a vat of dye. Only the outer surface of the fibers are penetrated by the dye color; their interior remains white. The method produces a bright color, and it allows manufacturers to create smaller batches of fabric using less dye. Most synthetic fibers used for fabrics and carpets are dyed in this manner.

Solution-dyed fibers are colored in an entirely different way. When they’re being made, the dye is added to the chemical solution before it goes into the spinneret. The fibers that are extruded during this process have dye thoroughly mixed into them. The color doesn’t just sit on the surface; it goes all the way through the fiber.

It’s easier to understand the difference between solution-dyed fabrics and piece-dyed ones if you compare them to carrots and radishes. If you cut open a radish, you’ll see that the inside is white despite the outer peel’s bright red hue. However, when you cut a carrot, it’s orange all the way to its core. Solution-dyed fabrics are like carrots. The acrylic threads and yarns created with solution-dyed fibers eventually become fabrics which share the same thoroughly permeated color qualities.

How Is Solution-Dyed Fabric Different From Other Fabrics?

The benefits of solution-dying fibers isn’t immediately apparent. If fact, you might not notice any difference between them and their vat-dyed peers unless you look under a microscope. However, in practical use, their value becomes clear. Because the color saturates each entire fiber and thread, it’s almost impossible to fade or bleach it away. In fact, solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are some of the most colorfast in the textile industry. They’re ideal for healthcare and food service applications because they can be cleaned with harsh, germ-killing substances like diluted chlorine bleach without losing their vibrancy. They’re also perfectly suited for outdoor use in both residential and commercial settings.

Piece-dyed fabrics start to fade almost immediately after sun or water exposure, but solution-dyed fabrics stay bright and cheery through every season. In the past, solution-dyed fabrics were typically not as bright as yarn-dyed ones, but they’ve come a long way. Today’s solution-dyed fabrics are rich and vibrant enough to easily rival the brightest surface-colored alternatives.

Why Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabric Is the Ideal Choice for Our Outdoor Pool Bean Bags

To carry the name of King Kong, a product needs to be tough. We chose solution-dyed acrylic fabric for our 2017 range of King Kong pool bean bags because it has everything needed to stand up to the natural elements and handle heavy use and abuse. Here are its great benefits when used in a pool setting.

  • It’s durable and long-lasting even when frequently used in direct sunlight.
  • It dries quickly after use, which reduces the chances of mildew or mold growth.
  • It’s tough yet comfortable.
  • It’s attractive and colorful, and it’ll stay that way for many years.

If you’re looking for the perfect poolside solution, think big. Our King Kong bean bag loungers will maintain their color and keep you floating in cloud-like bliss with solution-dyed beauty and our highest standards of quality craftsmanship.

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