Large Bean Bags

  • health benefits of large bean bag chairs

    How a Large Bean Bag Chair Can Increase Your Mobility

    Did you know that on average, Australians sit for about 10 hours a day? That means about 152 days out of the year, will take place in some chair. Since you spend almost half a year sitting down, you should find ways to maximise your sitting experience. Having a large bean bag chair is a great way...

    30 April 2019
  • bean bags improve posture

    How to Achieve Better Posture Using Bean Bags: A Step-by-Step Guide

    If you are like many of the people in Australia, you probably consider large bean bags and other similar furniture as nostalgic throwbacks to a past era. Today, these versatile products are making a comeback and are tagged as the furniture of the future because of their several potential health...

    31 January 2014
  • giant bean bag

    What are the Top Three Uses For A Giant Bean Bag?

    One of the best things about giant bean bag furniture is that you can use it in many creative ways that family members will love. This versatility makes it a very beneficial addition to any room in the home. Creative uses range from a fun couch for play areas and family rooms, to unique and...

    22 December 2013
  • beanbags reduce back pain

    Can Bean Bags Really Reduce Back Pain?

    Back pain affects many adults at some point in their life. There are many causes, and an even more significant amount of treatments, which can make treating it somewhat difficult for some The most important thing that adults can do is to evaluate their pain and lifestyle and make changes where...

    7 November 2013
  • bean bag chair for teenagers

    Top Three Ways To Use Large Bean Bags In Your Home

    . Do you have large bean bags in your home but aren't exactly sure what to do with them? Have you been considering buying a few but don't know how useful they will be or if anyone will use them? There are many options when using these comfortable beanbags in your home. These include making a...

    24 March 2013