How a Large Bean Bag Chair Can Increase Your Mobility

30 April 2019

health benefits of large bean bag chairs

Did you know that on average, Australians sit for about 10 hours a day? That means about 152 days out of the year, will take place in some chair. Since you spend almost half a year sitting down, you should find ways to maximise your sitting experience. Having a large bean bag chair is a great way to make sitting fun, while also providing numerous health benefits. That’s right; bean bag chairs aren’t just for kids, or college students. These fantastic bags of beans are also excellent for helping with autism, body awareness, and back health. Let’s face it, regular chairs are not only dull, but they’re also often uncomfortable and can cause back pain and stiffness. Regular chairs can cause back pain because regular chairs tend to place pressure on your vertebrae and muscles. Bean bags, on the other hand, provide your back with comfort and support. When you are supporting your body, instead of stressing it out, you'll have better flexibility, and mobility. Read on to find out why bean bag chairs are the best choice for any home or office.

The Benefits of a Large Bean Bag Chair

Let's start by looking at the physical benefits your large bean bag chair can provide. Here’s a short list of the different health benefits.

  • Improve Posture
  • Promote Body Awareness
  • Prevent Non-Accidental Injuries

There are two main reasons people start experiencing back pain. Sometimes the pain can begin as a result of an accident, or injury. Other times, the pain comes from a non-accidental injury. Non-accidental injuries are normal activities you do throughout the day. They usually occur as a result of improper posture, or not being aware of your body. They can also happen when an individuals daily routine includes a lot of repetitive motions. Activities like sitting, bending, and twisting, are perfectly safe when done the correct way. When you’re not aware of your body, usual activities can stress out your muscles. A nonaccidental injury that most people find themselves dealing with is back pain.

Large Bean Bags Chairs have Got Your Back

Did you know that back pain is the most common reason people have to call out of work or visit a doctor? It’s common for adults to have at least one experience with severe back pain in their lifetime.

Preventing Back Pain

Luckily, you don’t have to wait for back pain to come knocking at your door. There are preventative measures you can take to help keep yourself safe. One of the first places you can start is by supporting your spine when you’re sitting. The majority of chairs today, don’t properly support your spine. That means, no matter how you change your seating position, your back is still destined to ache at some point.

How Do You Sit?

One of the ways you can tell a chair isn’t supporting your spine is by paying attention to your lower back. The bottom of your chair should be pressing firmly against the bottom half of your spinal column. Sometimes, regular chairs provide the right kind of support, but we don't sit in them the proper way. Sitting on the edge of your seat, or being slouched down, won't protect your spine.

Ergonomically Friendly

Instead of leaving your lower back hanging, you need an ergonomically friendly chair. One of the reasons, bean bags are considered ergonomic is because they fully support your entire spinal column. You also don’t have to strain your muscles, by pushing your back up against the back of the chair when using a bean bag. Instead, your body can naturally align itself, as you adjust into the seating position.

Dangers of Bad Posture

We don’t want to scare you, but bad posture can seriously jeopardise your health and happiness. Not only can lousy posture cause back pain, but it can also affect your entire skeletal structure. Here’s a shortlist of the problems that can arise from having bad posture.

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Problems with digestion
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Throw off your balance
  • Increase your likeliness for injury

Having a bad posture can also cause a misalignment to occur in your musculoskeletal system. This system includes all 206 of your bones, all of your cartilages, ligaments, and connective tissues. Your Musculoskeletal system supports your body weight, and make it possible for you to make any movement.

Erase Headaches with a Large Bean Bag Chair

Do you find yourself frequently getting headaches throughout the day? It’s common for people to automatically assume the tension they’re feeling is a result of being hungry, or not having enough sleep. Many times, when you’re head is hurting, it’s your body crying because of chronic levels of tension in your muscles. Chronic stress means it’s happening over and over again and sometimes stays at a constant level of strain. When the tension is taking place in your neck, or shoulder muscles, it’s your head that pays the price. Instead of staying in an upright position, that standard chairs force you into, relax and sink into a bean bag chair. You’ll still have the posture you need to protect your spine, but your neck and shoulder muscles can take a break from doing all of the heavy liftings.

Promoting Proper Posture

“Stand up straight”, is a phrase almost every parent has had to tell their kids, at least once. It turns out that having a proper posture involves a lot more than just standing up straight.

Bean Bags Create Alignment

As we mentioned earlier, bean bag chairs, help support your spinal column. Supporting your spinal column doesn’t only prevent back pain; it also starts teaching your muscles and joints how to align correctly. When you have a “proper posture” you’re body is perfectly aligned. That means each body part, is lining up in their natural state so they can provide support.

Beanbag Chairs and Body Awareness

What are you doing with your body right now? Are you leaning forward, as you browse the online material? Are you sitting up straight, but have your feet tucked up under your chair? Many people are rarely aware of the things they are doing with their body. Having body awareness is one of the best ways to start improving your posture, and reducing, or preventing pain.

Postural Awareness

Studies show that patients who have postural awareness can reduce pain in their shoulders and spinal cord. The very design of the bean bag chair, promotes, being more aware of your body.

Moving in a Large Bean Bag Chair

Every time you move, or shift, you can feel the small beads, gently shifting too. As you experience getting in and out of the chair, you have to pay attention to the positions you're putting your body in. The more you practice being mindful of you’re body, the easier it’ll become for you to notice when you’re not correctly aligned.

Helping Autistic Children with Mobility

Many parents, and teachers, of autistic children, are finding bean bag chairs to be a beneficial seating option. There are several reasons why these chairs are finding their ways into classrooms and homes.

Helping with Hypotonia

One of the main reasons bean bag chairs help is by providing a supportive seating option for autistic children with poor muscle tones. Many autistic children have low muscles tone or hypotonia.

Calming Sensory Input

On top of providing them with the support they need for their muscles, bean bag chairs also can provide a soothing effect on their minds. Many children who have autism find a large denim bean bag chair to be incredibly comfortable. One of the reasons they prefer large bean bag chairs is because of their ability to provide a moderate amount of pressure. It’s not uncommon for these children to also enjoy sitting in a bean bag chair and then having a second one laid gently on their lap. The lightweight chair can provide a calming effect, and help the children process their feelings.

Finding Your Perfect Bean Bag

What type of large bean bag chair would suit your needs, and personality? Maybe you’ll decide to get a comfortable, casual denim chair, the perfect addition to any bedroom. Or, perhaps you’ll choose to get a smaller sized bag, in your favourite colour. When you’re choosing your bean bag, make sure you get a size that will meet your needs. If the chair is only going to be for you, you probably need a single-seater. If you had hoped to snuggle up next to someone you love, a two-seater, or sofa bean bag, would be the better option. Here at Bean Bags R Us, we love helping people find the perfect bean bag to match their lifestyle. It’s our mission to create the coolest and best quality bean bags in the entire world! Who wants to be normal, when you can be awesome? Instead of making traditional bean bag chairs, we enjoy offering our customers contemporary products. Are you ready to give yourself the gift of comfort, support, and quality? Go ahead, and register with us online, and start shopping for the large bean bag chairs of your dreams.

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