How to Decorate With a Black Bean Bag

20 October 2020

black bean bag

Decorating your home on a budget can be a nightmare. Especially when you only have a limited amount of space available. You may be loath to invest in a new sofa, lounger, armchair or ottoman. Not just because you’re budget is finite, but because you don’t want to fill your space to the point of clutter. You want the empty space in your home to breathe. You want furnishings that are versatile, affordable, practical and space-saving. Oh, and if you can move them around the flat without giving yourself a major back injury or having to rely on obliging neighbours and friends, so much the better! Sounds like too much to ask, right? Wrong! In your home decor, as in wardrobe, all you need is a reliable little black number. In this case, it’s a black bean bag chair.

Surely a Black Bean Bag can’t be that versatile?

You’d better believe it is. First of all, it’s black, meaning that it can blend seamlessly with pretty much any home decor aesthetic. Secondly, the humble Black Bean Bag is an extraordinarily versatile bit of kit. It’s available in a range of sizes, shapes and fabrics. It’s easy to clean and practically zero-maintenance. Whether you’re looking for something that’s hard-wearing and durable or soft and luxurious (or something that has a little bit of everything) there’s a Black Bean bag for you. They look great anywhere, offer extraordinary comfort and support, and because they’re low in profile, they do a great job of accentuating your vertical space, making your space look roomier and opening it up. And if you feel like changing things up, you can move it far more quickly or easily than you could a conventional armchair, stool, sofa or ottoman. Whatever your logistical needs are lots of different ways in which you can decorate with a Black Bean Bag. For instance...

Kick back on a Black Bean Bag Chair

A decent armchair is a heavy, costly and potentially uncomfortable proposition. And if you only have a limited amount of space available in your living room, bedroom or home office, you may find that even a small armchair dominates the space and limits your decor options. Opting for a Black Bean Bag Chair like the Cuba Denim, the Big Boppa or the ever-popular Coco can provide a lighter, more versatile, lower-profile and above all more comfortable alternative to a conventional armchair. What’s more, because it allows you to distribute your weight more evenly and contours to your body’s shape it can also be better for your back and help to mitigate the health risks that come with spending all your day sitting.

Eschew the sofa with a Black Bean Bag Lounger

We expect every living room to have a sofa. But unless you have the right sofa for your needs and tastes, it can actually prove more of an impediment to your home decor than a benefit. It can eat up your space, accrue all kinds of unpleasant stains and even cause you back pain. Fortunately, you can eschew the traditional sofa and opt for a Black Bean Bag Lounger like the Media Lounge, the distinctive Bermuda Triangle or the Brooklyn Modular Bean Bag Couch. Okay, so that last one is more of a charcoal grey than black. But it still looks pretty great! Any of these Black Bean Bag alternatives can help you to maximise your space while also maximising your comfort. And even helping to reduce those nagging back pains.

Put your feet up in style!

You deserve to put your feet up after a hard day. But a conventional ottoman isn’t always viable for your space. Because of its unwieldy size and positioning it can dominate a smaller living space. Fortunately, the conventional ottoman can be replaced with… yes, you guessed it, an obliging and well-trained St. Bernard. Nah, just kidding. You can replace a conventional ottoman with a Black Bean Bag (which will take up less space than an ottoman or a St. Bernard). This Round Outdoor Ottoman, for instance, can take anything the elements can throw at it. But there’s also nothing to stop you from bringing it inside and using it to park your feet after a hard day’s work.

Give your pet a place to relax while also complimenting your home’s aesthetic

Your favourite four-legged friend deserves to be able to relax in style, too. But let’s face it. The kinds of dog beds that are typically sold in pet stores are designed to look cute and fuzzy… not to fit in with your carefully balanced interior aesthetic. But that’s okay. We offer a wide range of Black Bean Bag Dog Beds that are able to comfortably accommodate all breeds of dog. Except, perhaps, a St. Bernard. From the circular Noah to the rectangular Raffa as well as our Ultimate Dog Bed and Large Ultimate Dog Bed, we’ve got your pet’s needs covered.

Chill on a Black Bean Bag outdoors

A good Black Bean Bag combines comfort and support with rugged durability. Which is why you’ll find that many of the Black Bean Bag Chairs in our range are also great for outdoor use. Whether you’re looking for a place to recline on your balcony, somewhere you can relax in the garden, a place to kick back by the pool (or even in the pool), there’s a Bean bag for you. Just take a look at our exceptional outdoor range.

Want to know more about our range? Get in touch today!

Whatever your space or aesthetic preferences, we believe that the humble Black Bean Bag could be just what your home needs. If you’d like to know more about any of the products in our range or how we ship them to you (spoiler alert— we send them to you empty to save on postage costs), please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 1800 888 911. A member of our team will be more than happy to discuss your home decor needs.

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