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Bean Bags R Us are recognised as world leaders in personalised bean bags. Our exclusive range of branded bean bags is shipped worldwide for events, hotels, exhibitions and resorts. You’ll see some of the world’s most recognizable brands on our products. We also make custom bean bags.

Discover how your business can benefit from these amazing branded bean bags by reading some of the many articles found on our blog.

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Lay-On Logo: 10 Tips for Amazing Branded Bean Bags

There’s no denying the impact of branded and logo-bearing objects. They lurk in plain sight and keep businesses in the consumer mind. The magic of branding hasn’t missed any aspect…
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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Custom Bean Bags for Advertising

Think back to one of the most exciting moments of your life. We bet it was when you got a bean bag chair for your room. You sat in it…
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The Benefits of Custom Bean Bags for an Outdoor Event

The event doesn’t start for another 10 minutes, but you’re already squirming in your hard, uncomfortable, metal seat. Half an hour later, you’re looking at your watch, wondering how much…
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Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Branded Bean Bags

Advertising is essential for promoting your brand. And choosing the right promotional materials is vital for getting the best results. A memorable company logo, a catchy slogan or even just…
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Did you See our BeanBags at the Gold Coast Film Festival Twilight Cinema?

If you are a film buff, you may have had a recent close encounter with one of our magical Merlin outdoor beanbags. The Gold Coast Film Festival recently purchased twenty…
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How JBL Made Melbourne Music Week More Comfortable

. Melbourne Music Week kicked off its annual week of music-related events on November 11. And this spectacular gala of sound and performance has, so far, not disappointed. This year,…
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How to Find More Customers Using Corporate Bean Bags

If you own or manage a business, it’s impossible to underestimate the value of advertising; this is especially true if you have just started out or have only limited access…
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How to Add Colour To Any Corporate Promotion!

Advertising is one of the best ways to promote your brand or company. Which is why it is important to choose the best strategy for upcoming corporate promotion or campaign….