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  • how to clean dog urine from couch cushions

    How To Clean Dog Urine From Couch Cushions

    At some point in your life as a pet owner, the time will inevitably come when you have to clean dog urine off couch cushions. Pooches are generally okay with their bathroom habits, but they’re not perfect. And so when pee strikes, you need to be ready.  The same is true for people who host guests who bring their dogs with them. You need to be ready to clean up if your pet has a little ac...
    July 1 2021
  • outdoor furniture cushions

    How to Care for Outdoor Furniture Cushions

      There's nothing quite as relaxing as lounging around in beautiful weather on comfortable outdoor furniture. Quality outdoor furniture brings all the comfort of home while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. But unlike other types of furniture, outdoor furniture doesn't just need to be comfortable and look nice. It needs to be able to stand up against rainsto...
    November 26 2019
  • what is an ottoman

    Considering a New Ottoman? Try the Bean Bag Version

    Households in Australia are growing from 8,196.6 thousand in 2017 to 9,160.3 thousand by the year 2020. And it's the residential sector generating most of the demand for furniture products within Australia. Ottomans have been in use as an essential part of home decor since the late 18th century. But what is an ottoman? Some people refrain from buying one because they're unsure of how to ...
    August 19 2019
  • best outdoor cushions

    What to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Cushions

    Half of Australia's homeowners use their outdoor space for entertaining. That is the highest amount out of the thirteen countries surveyed during the 2017 Houzz landscaping study. It's no wonder that 63% of Aussie homeowners plan to do renovations or make improvements to their backyards this year. If you are considering updating your patio furniture, read on. We will walk you through ever...
    December 4 2018