Kids Bean Bags

  • sensory bean bags

    Unveiling the Hidden Benefits of Sensory Bean Bags

    When choosing the right sensory bean bag, it is crucial to consider factors such as size and shape, material and texture, safety and durability. 

    November 12 2023
  • kids room decorating ideas

    11 Creative Kids Room Decorating Ideas Your Child Will Love

    A basketball hoop for a headboard, a swing by the window, and every color under the sun-splattered across the walls. If you let your children have full creative liberties when it comes to their room design, you may regret the offer as soon as you extend it. Thankfully, there are plenty of kids room decorating ideas that are as colorful, fun, and creative as your brood -- and still look fant...
    March 21 2023
  • Are Bean Bags Safe

    Spilling the Beans: Are Bean Bags Safe For Kids?

    The bean bag industry in the United States is quite large. There are around 100 bean bag brands from which you can choose. Comfort and style are the two primary considerations when buying bean bags. But, you may be wondering how safe all of these brands are. So are bean bags safe for your children and pets? Or are bean bags dangerous? Continue reading to discover the benefits of using be...
    January 17 2023
  • teen bedroom furniture

    6 Essential Teen Bedroom Furniture Pieces

    Go to your room! It used to be a punishment but past the age of twelve or thirteen, it's hard to get teens to come out of their rooms. Whether it's raging hormones, piles of homework, or the corners of Netflix that beckon, it's normal for teens to spend most of their home time in their room, alone. So how can you show them you support their more introverted moods, even though you kind...
    December 19 2022
  • bean bags for school library

    Top 10 Reasons You Need a Bean Bag In Your School Library

    Bean bags for a school library are a must-have feature. Because let’s face it: the school library isn’t most people’s favourite place to go. Adding beanbags is a great way to motivate students and transform the overall atmosphere. Cool, comfortable and calming Brightens up any room An excellent space for students to chill out The library is a location many kids associate with ...
    November 28 2022
  • media room bean bags

    What is The Best Bean Bag Chair for Tweens

    When you’re looking for a new chair for your tween son or daughter, you should definitely consider a bean bag chair. There’s a reason why they’re rising in popularity and why so many tweens, teens and kids love them so much. They’re comfortable is the main reason, but there’s a whole host of other reasons why parents love them for their kids too. But which is the best bean bag chair for tweens...
    March 8 2020
  • tween bedroom ideas

    15 Tween Bedroom Ideas For Pleasing Your Stubborn Tween

    You could win parent of the year award by making over your tween's room. They are a pretty stubborn and particular species though, so you need to do it right. You don't want to do a makeover that they hate. Or one that they'll love now but quickly fall out of love with when the latest trend goes out of fashion. If you want to makeover your tween's bedroom decor as a surprise but don't kno...
    January 26 2020
  • toddler room ideas

    Toddler Room Ideas: Creating a Space Your Little One Will Love

    Your toddler's personality is growing, and it's time to switch from a nursery to a toddler room. Now that your little one is more aware of their surroundings, you can have more fun with picking the things that go into the bedroom. Exploring toddler room ideas helps spark your imagination and create a space that's just right for your little one. For toddlers, it's all about making the room vi...
    January 19 2020
  • gifts for teen girls

    Gifts for Teen Girls: 11 Presents She Won't Want to Hide or Return

    Holidays are all about spreading love and joy, but for many people, they're a huge source of stress. Whether you're shopping for Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion, there's a lot of pressure to find the perfect gifts for teen girls. If you try too hard to find a unique gift, you may end up giving someone something they'll never use or enjoy. If you try too hard to give them...
    December 15 2019
  • best bean bag chairs

    The Best Bean Bag Chairs That Kids Are Raving About

    If you have kids, you know they are powerful. So much so that advertisers worldwide will spend 4.2 billion dollars on advertising to them in 2019. Whether its clothes, toys or bean bag chairs they will have their way. Kids love bean bag chairs. Find out the most popular bean bag chairs for children. Read on to learn about the best bean bag chairs that kids are raving about now. Why Do K...
    June 10 2019
  • bean bags for schools

    Are Bean Bag Chairs OK for School Settings?

    Are you wondering if your students or children should be learning in bean bag chairs for kids? The answer might surprise you! The very first bean bag chair came out in 1969, and since then, they've become one of the most popular ways for kids to watch television, read comics, play video games, and more. These ultra-comfortable chairs are usually for relaxing and hanging out. However, the...
    November 20 2018
  • kids bean bags

    Ten Awesome BeanBag Chairs for Kids

    Most Americans aren't satisfied with their current homes. Less than one-third of Americans would move into the same size home that they already own, fluctuating whether or not they would want it to be bigger or smaller. Older Americans typically want to downsize their homes while younger Americans are looking for larger houses. Find a bean bag chair for kids now, they look even more refresh...
    July 10 2018