Spilling the Beans: Are Bean Bags Safe For Kids?

17 January 2023

Are Bean Bags Safe

The bean bag industry in the United States is quite large. There are around 100 bean bag brands from which you can choose. Comfort and style are the two primary considerations when buying bean bags. But, you may be wondering how safe all of these brands are. So are bean bags safe for your children and pets? Or are bean bags dangerous? Continue reading to discover the benefits of using beanbags. Along with safety information for kids and animals.

1. Comfy and Cozy Spot in the House

If you are looking to create a comfortable spot in your home or office, a bean bag is a perfect addition. They are perfect for reading, studying, writing, and just relaxing. Don't be surprised if you doze off and take a nap while you are sitting. The beads that are used in the soft fabric help balance your weight and put you in the most comfortable spot possible. If the sun is shining where you placed your bag, you can quickly move it in the shade or more comfort. Don't fill your house up with hard and uncomfortable seating that quickly becomes redundant.

2. Affordable Seating

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still get a decent beanbag that is cozy and stylish. Because there are so many companies that create them, the market is competitive. This competition is perfect for the buyer because they can select the best brand without worrying as much about prices. Although bean bags may not look as sturdy and won't last forever, they are a perfect solution for when you want cheap, quality seating. Another reason bean bags are so cheap is that you can easily replace the materials to make one bean bag look different. Even when you go to redecorate your home or bedroom, your bean bag will be easy to update.

3. Can Be Placed Wherever You Want

One of the reasons that bean bags are still so popular is because of their convenience. Bean bags are typically light and don't take up a lot of space. These factors make it easy to move them around multiple times a day. Bean bags are portable; many of ours are suitable for outside. There aren't many restrictions for people who choose to get a bean bag. Whether you are constantly rearranging, having guests over, or want to read in the sun, our bean bags can support you. Another positive aspect of bean bags is that they won't damage your floor, as wooden chairs would! You should pay attention to where you place your bag, though. Setting it outside will expose it to grass, dirt, and maybe even water. Before bringing it back inside the house, you should wipe it down and vacuum if needed.

4. They Can Be Unique to You

Bean bags are a fun way to show off your personality while also serving a great purpose. They can be found in nearly any color or pattern. You can also get different sizes and shapes of bean bags to match your needs. The round bean bags are standard, but there are other options too. Some bean bags have a backing to them. Kids also have the choice of couch shaped bean bags as well! The material of your bean bag can also give a unique and personalized touch to your seating. Don't be afraid to browse through all of our options before committing to one. You may be surprised at just how many catch your eye.

5. They Are Therapeutic

Therapy isn't just for your feelings and thoughts, but also your body. Bean bags are therapeutic to the body and can help prevent aches and pains on the body. All ages deal with discomfort. With bean bags, you don't have to worry about your arm or leg going numb from sleeping on it. Bean bags help balance out pressure and relieve tension in the body. The more filling that is inside of your bag, the more support you will receive. If you find yourself or children, touching the ground when they sit, more beads may be needed. These bags can also offer sensory and pressure input for children with autism or other sensory disorders.

Are Bean Bags Safe for Toddlers and Babies?

Bean bags are fun and exciting for any child but can be a concern for parents. If you are asking, "are bean bags safe for my young children?" you can now get an answer. Typically you don't want to put your baby on a soft surface for sleeping. Hard surfaces can help prevent suffocation, especially in large bean bags. If you still want to get a bean bag for your baby, you could go with our cushion options that are much flatter. Although they are not ideal spots for the baby to stay and sleep on, they can be a comfortable place to rest and play. Because bean bags are so comfortable, you mustn't purchase one that could cut off the air for your child. Falling asleep while hanging out on a bag frequently happens, so make sure your child is big enough. It is recommended that you keep your child sleeping flat on their back, on a firm surface, until their 1st birthday. Even if your child is 1, you should still avoid putting them on bean bags unless they have a firm structure that won't suffocate your child. Most newer options have updated safety features that are safe for any age. The linings of bean bags have also evolved and are much stronger. This helps prevent beads from leaking. The beans that are used today are also a safer version than products in the '90s.

Are Bean Bags Safe for Dogs?

When buying a bean bag, you don't only have to think about your children, but also your pets. As long as your dog is trained and won't chew through the fabric, a bean bag could be an excellent bed for them. Our dog bean bags give enough support for your dog to keep them comfortable and free of pain. If your dog has aches and pains from sleeping on hard surfaces, a bean bag may be just what they need. It is important to note that dog bean bags typically come in a stronger material, like cotton and canvas. Our dog beds can be put outside or left in the house, especially due to them being water- repellent. Bean bags for dogs are perfect for fido and are easy to clean with their removable cover. Always be sure that there are no holes. Eating the bean pellets could be dangerous for your dog if they are exposed. Although the beads are small and safer options used in the past, they can still harm if ingested.

Cleaning Your Bag

After a certain amount of time, you may be wondering how you are supposed to clean your bean bag. Cleaning your bean bag is quite simple, especially with our brand of products. Depending on the material of your bean bag, you may have to clean it differently. The most common bean bags for children are made with a plush material. You can clean it off with a damp rag and vacuum. Some people also recommend using a brush to help maintain the material. It is important to clean bean bags frequently. Although they may look clean, they accumulate and hold dust easily. Leather bean bags should be cleaned with a damp cloth. You can lightly rub it against the leather; a leather cleaner may also be useful. Be sure to condition leather bean bags 2-4 times a year.

Cozy Comes in a Bag

Bean bags are a fun way to decorate your home while also providing comfortable seating. But are bean bags safe? Depending on the age of your child, you may want to hold off. But once they are big enough, they can begin benefiting from bean bags. The firmer your bean bag is, the safer it is for your baby to rest on it. Dogs can also benefit from using bean bags that comprise of cotton and canvas. Bean bags have evolved and can now be found in a variety of materials. Don't forget to clean your bean bag properly. Most require a warm washcloth and vacuum. With the updated safety features in our bean bags, you can find any comfortable seating and customize it to your likes. Always use caution when letting a child use a bean bag. They are a fun and convenient seating choice that is easy to nap in. Be sure to take a look at all of our stylish kid's bean bags that will be the perfect addition for any room!

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