The Best Bean Bag Chairs That Kids Are Raving About

10 June 2019

best bean bag chairs

If you have kids, you know they are powerful. So much so that advertisers worldwide will spend 4.2 billion dollars on advertising to them in 2019. Whether its clothes, toys or bean bag chairs they will have their way. Kids love bean bag chairs. Find out the most popular bean bag chairs for children. Read on to learn about the best bean bag chairs that kids are raving about now.

Why Do Kids Love Bean Bag Chairs?

When you see a kid dive into a bean bag, you can have no doubt they love them. You've never seen a kid do this with a conventional chair. The beauty of bean bag chairs for kids is that there are no hard elements to the chair. The structure does not include a wooden or metal frame. Everything about it is soft and gentle. A kid can play rough with a bean bag chair, and neither the chair nor the kid will get hurt or ruined. Kids love rough and tumble games, especially if they don't get hurt playing them. Having a bean bag chair is like having a small soft play area at home. Kids love playing outdoors, and a bean bag chair can be part of that fun too. They're so easy to move, when you want a chair outside, the bean bag chair can go right along with the kids. Pick them up and bring them in or store them outside. Kids love the feel of a bean bag chair. The movement of the beads inside the bag is intriguing, and kids love to explore how moving their body changes the shape. Bean bags are also available in some very tactile covers including faux fur that feels cozy and unusual. Bean bag chairs feel so different from regular boring adult furniture. Kids love having their exclusive world to explore. With animal shapes, unusual colours and kid-sized chairs, it's uniquely child-friendly furniture.

Why Do Parents Love Bean Bag Chairs Too?

When it comes to their children, safety is always the priority of any parent. You can choose covers made from natural materials such as cotton to avoid skin irritation. Childproof zippers and Australian and USA safety standards assure a worry-free purchase. Parents love bean bag chairs because they are a fun way of combining play and learning. Research into children's play shows that experiencing different textures is an integral part of child development. It helps them learn how to express their feelings. Parents and kids can play with bean bag chairs together. They can be part of a fantasy play, a place for storytelling or somewhere to sit while eating. They can even be a place to sit and chat. Children can make a mess; food and drinks get spilt - not to mention other messy accidents. Most bean bag chairs are effortless to clean. The covers come off and are either hand or machine washed. Bean bags are easy to store. If you have several bags, they can be stacked in a corner or put away in cupboards or under beds. They squash into the most awkward shaped storage spaces. A bean bag chair is a versatile piece of furniture for play, study, meal times, watching TV and gaming. You can use them to make a play fort, hide under them or use them as a doorstop. Kids can be destructive. Repeated pounding or rough treatment would damage most types of furniture, but bean bag chairs can take it. They are robust, resilient and bounce back looking good and still comfortable. Best of all, parents love value for money. Kids can be expensive. A bean bag chair is inexpensive and lasts for ages.

Pool Bean Bags

Kids love to play in the water. The pool is a magnet for them, and there's nothing like the sound of kids having fun, splashing, and swimming. A pool bean bag chair can be part of the fun. Pool bean bag chairs float in water. Kids can lie on them and stay out of the water or climb on and off them. Unlike inflatable pool floats, they don't need to be inflated and are more robust. Your kids won't want to play with it and find that it's going flat overnight. Because they are fabric, they aren't slippery either. There are many sizes, shapes, and colours from which you can choose. The Cabo Pool Float is for use in a pool. Always remember to keep kids under active supervision when in a pool. It's made from solution-dyed acrylic fabric making it durable for outdoor use and exposure to water. These pool bean bags stay bright and colourful for much longer than the vat-dyed alternatives. The pool float has been designed to drain easily and dry quickly too. The cover can be hand or machine washed. It needs 200 litres of beans to fill the 105cm x 135cm x 25cm cover and comes with a one-year warranty.

Coco Cotton

Your child's first bean bag chair has to be the cute Coco Cotton 60cm. It's a pure cotton canvas teardrop-shaped bundle of fun that's perfect for little ones aged 2 to 5. It's comfortable and attractive too. It comes in red or aqua and features pretty white polka dots. They look great on their own but even better in pairs or trios — more fun for rolling around and for playtime with friends. There comes a time when the little ones may want to graduate to a bigger bean bag. It's a shame to leave the gorgeous little Coco Cotton 60cm behind so why not add the Coco Cotton 80cm to the collection. It has the same colour scheme and pattern, but it's a bit bigger. The Coco Cotton bean bag chair cover is made from natural materials, so if your kids are sensitive to human-made materials, then this is a safe bet. It uses a long zipper for easy removal of the inner lining. This portable seat can be moved easily by children and repositioned for solo seating, family nights or picnics outside. The 80cm version requires 200 litres of filling, and the 60cm version requires just half that. Both have removable inners and are hand or machine washable. A one-year warranty gives peace of mind.

Coco Kids Chair

Pretending to do things their parents do is fun for kids. Most kids like to play, shopping, fixing things or cooking like mum and dad. Sitting in mum or dad's chair is fun, but it's too big. The Coco Kids Chair is like an armchair but kids sized. It features arms and back support. There's no wooden or metal frame, so it's soft and cozy but supportive too. The aqua and red colour options both have fashionable polka dots. The cover, made with pure cotton canvas and the liner is removable for hand or machine washing. It's attractive and practical too. This chair is shaped and sized for little ones aged 2 to 5 years of age. It's an excellent chair for resting, listening to a story or having a chat with friends. Fill it with 100 litres of filling and this 52cm x 40cm x 52cm chair will feel supportive and comfortable. It also has a one-year warranty.

Kids Snow White

Combine luxury and fairy tales, and you have the Snow White Junior. This bean bag chair is so inviting; the kids won't only use it. The faux fur cover is comfortable and practical at the same time. The chair works as a seat in your child's bedroom, or as an occasional extra seat for family TV viewing. It's suitable for everyday use even though its elegant appearance suggests it won't be robust. Fill it with 200 litres of filling, and it will stand sitting, rolling about and even a little child-friendly rough and tumble. The furry cover is soft and warm on cool evenings but cool enough for all year use. The colour suits any room decoration and is especially attractive as an addition to a child's bedroom. It's dry cleanable and has a one-year warranty.

Best Bean Bag Chairs for Your Kid

The best bean bag chairs for your kid may change over time. They may graduate from a small, cute and straightforward design to something bigger and more stylish. They will always combine comfort with practicality. Learn more from the bean bag experts here. We also have bean bags for adults!

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