11 Creative Kids Room Decorating Ideas Your Child Will Love

22 March 2023
kids room decoraating ides

A basketball hoop for a headboard, a swing by the window, and every color under the sun-splattered across the walls. If you let your children have full creative liberties when it comes to their room design, you may regret the offer as soon as you extend it. Thankfully, there are plenty of kids room decorating ideas that are as colorful, fun, and creative as your brood -- and still look fantastic without breaking the bank. Today, we're discussing 11 ways you can transform their special space into a haven that everyone can enjoy. Ready to learn more? Read on!

1. Framed Handmade Drawings

You love their sketches of robots, unicorns, and the family, but they aren't exactly living room decor, right? Instead of tossing them or storing them in a binder that no one will see for years, why not frame them and hang them in their room instead? Pick a neutral frame and mat so the colors of the drawings can shine and arrange them in a fun gallery on the wall.

2. Wall Stencils

Love the look of geometric designs on the wall but lack the dexterity or patience to draw them yourself? Now, you don't have to! You can buy inexpensive wall stencils online, then choose your paint color and let your imagination go from there! From simple triangle patterns to more ornate ones, how elaborate you go is up to you.

3. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

No, this isn't the wallpaper you saw your parents painstakingly put up in the eighties, only to sponge down and remove about 15 years later. Rather, today's peel-and-stick wallpaper is a breeze to put up and comes in both trendy and timeless designs. If your little ones change their mind down the road and decide that oversized pink flowers aren't what they'd prefer to adorn their walls, just peel it off! You can also reposition or reuse it as needed. Not ready to take the leap and wallpaper an entire room? Try an accent wall. You can also apply the paper to the fronts of dresser drawers or behind bookshelves for an unexpected pop of pattern.

4. Baby Clothes as Furniture

Just because they've outgrown that precious handmade onesie or that special little league t-shirt doesn't mean you have to store them away forever. Why not turn them into furniture or accessories for their bedroom? From headboards to comforters, there is a range of items you can make from repurposed clothes. Embrace your crafty side and sew up a fun weekend project!

5. Bean Bags

What kid doesn't dream of coming home from a hard day at school and lounging on an oversized bean bag? Perfectly cushioned and available in a range of styles, colors, prints, and designs, our kid's bean bag chairs make an ideal accessory to any children's room. An added bonus? They make ideal footrests for weary mamas, as well!

6. Song Lyric Decals

Does your child have a particular song, lullaby, or fairy tale that's always held a special place in their heart? Now, you can commemorate those words with stick-on wall decals. You can choose from premade options or custom design your own. Either way, your child will love looking at those gentle reminders every day.

7. Clouds on the Ceiling

Especially for those children who are just moving into a big-kid room of their own, going to sleep alone can be a little overwhelming. Painting a small scene of clouds on the ceiling can be a soothing distraction as they drift off to dreamland. Want to earn major cool points with them? Paint the clouds with glow-in-the-dark paint and attach solar-powered star lights to transform their nighttime oasis into a galactic adventure.

8. Space for Books

Sure, you can buy a generic bookcase at the store, prop it up in a corner of the room and call it a day. Yet, to really encourage your children to turn reading into a daily hobby, it's important to make their reading area as comfortable as possible. Place a few oversized, soft pillows on the floor and a few of their favorite books in a woven basket within arm's reach. You might also add a small table lamp here, but be sure your children are old enough to know how to operate it properly. If there are any questions, stick with overhead lighting that you can control.

9. Chalkboard Walls

They've been scribbling on your walls since before they could walk. Now, this activity can be mom-approved! Try painting one or all of your kids' bedroom walls in chalkboard paint, then supplying them with plenty of artistic tools to encourage their creativity. Hint, hint: This is also a great way for you to leave them messages of encouragement before a big test, reminders to clean their room, and notes on important calendar dates coming up!

10. Oversized Maps

Do you have a pint-sized explorer on your hands? Turning one wall into an oversized world map can help encourage a love of travel and learning! Every time your family visits a locale, add a little red pushpin to that spot if your kids are old enough. This gives them a tangible idea of where you went and helps them look forward to the next trip you'll take together.

11. Monogrammed Headboards

As your little ones grow, they'll appreciate the custom look that a monogram affords. While you don't have to deck out everything in their moniker, a sweet monogrammed headboard adds a preppy and classic touch to any bedroom. For the best results, go with contrasting colors for the headboard and font. A pale pink headboard might have a dark navy monogram for instance or vice versa!

Kids Room Decorating Ideas That Work

Ultimately, your children should be able to retreat to their bedroom and feel safe, at peace, and motivated. This is where intentional and thoughtful design comes in. The best kids room decorating ideas are those that involve a little input from the tiny dwellers themselves! Talk it over with them and see what they have in mind before beginning any major project. Want to up the comfort factor and give them a chill-out spot they'll return to again and again? Check out our selection of bean bags for kids today!

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