9 Sitting Area Ideas for Bean Bag Lovers

28 February 2023

sitting area ideas

Here's the deal: bean bag chairs are expected to be a $120 million industry by 2024. Not only that, but America tops the charts for the highest bean bag chair sales in the world, cornering about 67% of the global market in 2017. That means that the demand for bean bag chair decor is truly hotter than ever. Are you someone who's obsessed with bean bag living room ideas? Then, you've come to the right place. Here are nine sitting area ideas for bean bag lovers:

1. The Classic Look

Want to know the best part about bean bags? Their round shape gives them a lot of versatility for your sitting area. That means that bean bags are the perfect addition to your home, no matter what style you choose. Don't know where to start? Try choosing decorative bean bag chairs that have the same print. Some of the most trendy bean bag room ideas have prints like:

  • Woven cotton
  • Aged leather
  • Smooth velvet
  • Knitted fabric

You can always stick with a solid pattern. But if you want a more funky vibe, then you can't go wrong with a bean bag that has tiny geometric shapes. Rule of thumb: when it comes to styling the living room with bean bags, the simpler, the better. That's why the best bean bag chair for your den should have a classic look.

2. All White Everything

Looking to add a cool, calm, and collected look to your sitting area? Then you might want to add the "all white everything" color scheme to your list of bean bag ideas. How can you use this? Choose white fabrics for your bean bag chair cover. That way, your cushion will complement your white walls. Plus, you can pair white bean bags with:

  • White carpets (or rugs with a hint of grey)
  • Furniture made of glass
  • White tilework

Bonus points for matching your white bean bags with polished floorboards and a chic rug!

3. Country Chic

Are you someone who loves the shabby chic look? You should consider adding a country chic look to your home. And what better way to do that than with bean bags? You might be wondering: how can I possibly use bean bags to accent my rural style? The answer is simple. Make sure that your beanbags are made out of a natural material like:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Leather

Why? Because the natural color of your bean bag chair is a fantastic accent to a country-themed sitting area. As if that wasn't enough, it's also guaranteed to blend with your living room's color palette.

4. Scandinavian Design

What exactly is Scandinavian design, anyway? Essentially, there are a few key elements that define the Scandinavian style, such as:

  • All-white walls
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Contemporary furnishings

So, try to go for the polished IKEA look with your bean bag chair. Looking to achieve an ultra-modern, Scandivanian feel for your sitting area? You might want to mix up your room with different bean bag shapes. For example, some of the most popular bean bag shapes, besides the traditional round one, are:

  • Square bean bags
  • Long, boat-shaped bean bags
  • Bean bags with pointed edges

Want to know a great way to incorporate Scandinavian decor into your living space? Place four bean bags into the corners of a rectangular room. If that's not your style, then you can also place several bean bags chairs around a small table, or use one as a footstool.

5. Mix and Match

This is crazy: you can mix and match bean bags with sofas in your living room! That means that you can accent your sitting area with a miniature stuffed bean chair. It gets better. You can even add a bean bag footstool for a fun touch. Also, you could play around with mixing different types of beanbags like:

  • Bean bag chairs
  • Bean bag sofas
  • Bean bag cubes
  • Bean bag sofas

Still not convinced? That's why it's always a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of bean bags before you buy them.

6. Vintage Eclectic

Who knew that you could use bean bags chairs to create a vintage eclectic look? If you're new to fusion design, you could start by adding a bean-shaped nap bean bag chair to your sitting area. Pro tip? Choose a variety of colors to get the vintage eclectic feel. Stick to two different colors and make sure that they match the room's overall color palette. But here's the kicker: you can also nail this look by investing in a huge, overstuffed bean bag chair as a sofa replacement. Why? Because it's a super comfortable way to add a groovy vibe to your sitting room.

7. The Accent Piece

There's no better way to approach the bean bag chair trend than by buying a cushy accent piece for your living area. But how can you add a stylish and original bean bag chair to your space? It's simpler than you'd think. You can always choose a unique bean bag chair that has a:

  • Color that really pops
  • Interesting shape
  • Distinctive size

Run out of ideas? Try purchasing a corner bean bag chair, pillow bean bag chair, or one with a customized design. Another fantastic accent piece is a bean bag chair with arm support. That way, your guest will be able to lounge in an upright position with excellent back support. Just remember to buy one in a special color that suits your style.

8. Turquoise Takeover

Turquoise is still the reigning champion of interior design. That's why this bright color is commonly used to decorate walls as well as bean bag chairs. Still not convinced that turquoise bean bag chairs are right for you? Then you should know that they come in a ton of interesting fabrics like:

  • Microsuede
  • Fake fur
  • Canvas

If it's your first time adding turquoise cushions to your home, then we highly recommend that you start small. That way, you don't overwhelm your sitting area with one particular color. Another great idea is to buy a bean bag chair with a cool geometric shape that's mostly white with hints of turquoise on it. You could even try out a turquoise ottoman with white polka dots to get used to the color palette. Curious about how to match your turquoise ottoman with your room's color scheme? Just paint your walls white and hang up an ocean-themed painting. Your guests will definitely be impressed by your decor skills!

9. Playroom Paradise

Have you ever wanted to turn your sitting area into a playroom paradise? While it may not be practical to turn your entireliving room into a children's room, it is always nice to add a few bean bags chairs in a corner for them to play on. That's why bean bag chairs are the ultimate choice for families who want to have a playful feel in their sitting area. Plus, they're super safe for kids to play on. And it's easy to move them around to make a larger play space. Just make sure that you buy a bean bag chair with a:

  • Washable fabric
  • Round shape
  • Primary color

Why not choose a bean bag chair that features a kid-friendly emoji like a smiley face with heart eyes? This is a wonderful way to incorporate a child-like element to a small section of your living room. Or if you're hosting a movie night at home. Planning a family movie night? Stick your little one in a bean bag chair of their own so that they can enjoy a flick with their loved ones too. If you're a child at heart, have no fear. As long as you weigh less than 200 pounds, you can still sit in a playroom bean bag chair too!

Best Bean Bag Sitting Area Ideas

If you're wondering what the best bean bag sitting area ideas are, then we've got you covered. For those who have never added a bean bag chair to their home before, it can be intimidating to choose the perfect bean bag chair for your living space. However, buying the right bean bag for you shouldn't make you rip your hair out. In fact, selecting the perfect ottoman should be trouble-free with our handy guide. From different shapes, styles, and colors, there are so many exciting bean bag chairs to choose from. So, there you have it. Now that you have the best bean bag decorating hacks, it's time to get started decorating. Need help finding the right bean bag chairs for your living area? Contact us today!

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