Apartment Decorating 101

6 April 2023

apartment decorating

Did you know that 53% of young families in the United States don't feel at home in their house? One of the biggest factors that make people feel like they aren't at home is that their house is undecorated and not personalized to their wants and needs. If you don't feel a warm and comforting feeling when coming home from work, you may want to consider redecorating your apartment. Continue reading to discover some of the best apartment decorating tips and what not to do when you make the move.

Top Apartment Decorating Tips

It's one thing to get an apartment to live in, but making your new place feel like home and have a comforting feel may be more difficult. When it comes to apartment decorating, if done properly, you can have an organized, clean, unique, and comforting home. Without decor, it may not feel like home because there is no personal touch that makes the place yours.

1. Add Some Color

Builders paint is often dull and boring in color; adding fun pops of color can make your home feel more comfortable and inviting. If you aren't able to paint in your apartment, there are many other ways that you can add color to a room without painting. Adding in small accents and decorating the room with vibrant pieces can change the entire feel of the place and make it feel like a complete remodel. Putting bright colored pieces of furniture can also make a large statement. Don't be afraid to test out different colors and put them together in close spaces.

2. Be Smart and Save Money

Asking friends and family for passed down items can be a great way to get your apartment feeling like home without spending a whole lot of cash. If your family doesn't have an abundance of unused pieces, you can always check out resale shops or online to find personalized decor for your apartment. It is best to save as much money as you can for the important things in your home. The average rent cost in the United States is around $1,000 each month, so having that extra money and choosing DIY projects or used items can go a long way when living on your own.

3. Look for Outdated Pieces

One of the best apartment decor ideas to use in your home is to go with a vintage theme. Finding unique pieces that you can add to your home can bring new emotions and change up the scenery. If you aren't wanting to fill your home with fragile and possibly expensive antiques, you could look into decor influenced by the '70s. The 1970's retro decor for homes is fun and playful. Earthy tones, patterns, and bean bags could be found in practically every home during this groovy period. Many people also like to integrate outdated pieces into their more modern design, making it more unique and eye-catching.

4. Change Outdated Fabrics

If you have recently received new furniture that is comfortable but not personalized to you, you can simply swap the fabric for one of your favorites. Many couches and chairs can easily be reupholstered making the furniture look and feel brand new. It is important to get accurate measures of the fabric that you will require so that you can complete the change and not run out. Even changing pillow covers and lampshades could also make a large difference in making your house feel like home. Choosing warm and comforting colors can help you make the biggest statement and make guests even feel at home.

5. Display Your Interests

Do you have an interesting hobby or collection? Many people who have accumulated items in their collections enjoy decorating their homes with them. Book collections can be displayed on shelves that can make your office feel like a personal reading room. If you enjoy collecting rocks, crystals, wine corks, ticket stubs, or even seashells, you can easily add them into your home decor making your home feel like yours. Not only will your home be more personalized, but seeing your collections every day may help motivate you to keep growing your collection and it may even inspire others to join your hobby!

6. Add Shelves to the Walls

Adding shelves into your apartment can not only help you decorate but also keep things organized and clean. Hanging up unique shelves can add a lot of room to your, likely small, apartment. Utilizing wall space will help keep the floor from looking cluttered and you can add decor on the shelves to make it more impressive. Shelves are both functional and decorative, which is the best thing that you can ask for when moving into an apartment that probably only has one or two bedrooms.

7. Mirrors Give the Appearance of More Room

If you are trying to decorate your apartment, but still make it look large and clutter-free, adding mirrors can help. Mirrors can open up a room making it appear as if the room is larger than it truly is. One of the best ways you can use mirrors for decorating is by purchasing interesting shapes and sizes of mirrors. Placing them in front of a window can also help open up a room and make it seem bigger. It will also bring in more sunlight and help lighten up a room without having to turn the lights on.

8. Get Functional Pieces

Buying multi-use and functional pieces of furniture and decor are one of the best ways to make an apartment feel like home. Getting hollowed-out books, shelves, ottomans, chests, and tables can help reduce clutter and serve multiple purposes in the home. Getting these items can help you fully utilize the space that you have and add a special look to your place. Try looking for uniquely shaped furniture and shelving units as well that can fit into odd shape corners of the house.

9. Add Some Green

Did you know that plants can help reduce symptoms of fatigue, cough, dry skin, and headaches? Adding plants and flowers into your home is not only beneficial to you, but it is also a great way to fill in space and decorate! Besides getting an annual Christmas tree, you can try out growing herbs and plants in your new home. Tropical plants tend to do well within the home along with a variety of flowers and trees that don't require much sunlight.

10. Change Up the Hardware

If you don't want to fully redo your cabinets, getting new hardware can redecorate a shelf. There are many different handles and knobs that you can add to your fixtures and the best part is that you can easily find options that are your favorite style. Don't be afraid to try oddly shaped handles, if they make you feel more at home and that everything is personalized to your liking, they are doing their job. Many thrift shops, craft stores, and overstock warehouses have an abundance of hardware just waiting to be included in your new home.

What to Avoid in Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment, and especially your first teaches you a lot of life lessons. There are many things to do to make your apartment feel like home but you should also be aware of things to avoid. When you are working on apartment decorating, it is extremely important that you don't splurge on unnecessary items for your home, instead, that money should be kept in a savings account for emergencies. You should also avoid purchasing large, bulky, and heavy furniture that may be difficult to get up the stairs and into your apartment. Opting for lighter options may make moving easier and much quicker. Don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance when decorating your new apartment. Other opinions may come in handy and having an extra hand can be helpful when hanging up the decor.

Home Sweet Home

There are many ways that you can go about apartment decorating to make your place feel more like a home that you want to go to each day. Without decorating your home may feel empty and unwelcoming. Utilizing the tips from above can help get you on the track to designing a welcoming and comforting home that you will enjoy being in. It is recommended not to spend money on random things, you should instead be saving up your cash. Living on your own makes having a savings account even more important and could come in handy if you are short on rent money one month. Be sure to register for an account today on our site for the latest home decor updates, news, and free stuff!

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