6 Essential Teen Bedroom Furniture Pieces

19 December 2022

teen bedroom furniture

Go to your room! It used to be a punishment but past the age of twelve or thirteen, it's hard to get teens to come out of their rooms. Whether it's raging hormones, piles of homework, or the corners of Netflix that beckon, it's normal for teens to spend most of their home time in their room, alone. So how can you show them you support their more introverted moods, even though you kinda miss them? Help them pick out some cool teen bedroom furniture. Here are 6 must-have items for inspiration, below.

1. A Loft Bed

Gone are the days of bunk beds. If you have a teen who still successfully shares a room with their sibling, please tell us your secrets. Loft beds are like bunk beds for grown-ups, or at least for teenagers. They're a huge space saver in small rooms and their added height gives them a cool factor. There are endless options for loft bed configurations. That's why almost all college dorm provided beds are on some loft system. You can use a loft bed for storage or create a living space underneath your teens sleeping space. You can use a bean bag bed in your loft, they're more flexible than traditional mattresses. Here are a few examples of how to use the space under a loft bed.

The Desk/Bed Loft

If your child likes to do homework in their room, away from the noise and chaos of the common spaces in your home - make them their own little "office" space under the loft. You must find a desk that fits in the space, make sure there's a jack for an ethernet or a router nearby, and outlets for things like lights and laptop chargers. If your child uses a desktop, you must set that up on top of their desk. Once you have the desk in place, find some low-pile rug that makes their space feel comfier. You can't make kids want to do their homework, but you can make their little office space cool enough that they want to hang out in there. Next, you'll need a chair. Rolling chairs are the most traditional, but they're not always aesthetically pleasing. If you don't want a swivel chair, look for a chair with a solid back, but no armrests so that your child can sit criss-cross if they want to. Using stools or backless chairs at a desk is a recipe for bad sitting posture. Find a good desk lamp and some motivational posters or decorations to put up on the wall above their desk. If there's still room under the loft, like opposite their desk or to the side of it, throw a bean bag in that space. That way, they will have options for sitting and doing their homework on the beanbag or using their office space as a place to sit with friends. If you will use the space as a social setting, make sure there's another source of lighting, like twinkle lights or a push-on wall lamp. You can always run cords down the side of the bed frame, with tape in the same (general) color as the frame itself.

A Chill Hangout Spot

Let's say there's a good common space for your child to do their homework in, or they already have a good desk space set up. Then you can set up the underside of their loft as a little lounge for them and their friends. And when it comes to lounging, there's nothing comfier and more relaxing than beanbag chairs. They come in all sizes, and pretty much any color or pattern you can think of. If you can find a futon you like, or a small couch, put it up against the back wall of their loft-lounge. That way, friends can pull it out or have something to sleep on when they stay over. As for decorations, look for some plush carpet - shag carpets are back in. String some hanging lights or set up a small side table with its lamp. Let your teen be as involved as they want to be with this project. It is their room, after all. If they want to make their space private, you can even get a tension curtain rod and hang it on the open edge of their loft-lounge. It's also a good way to hide the mess if you're using the loft-space for storage. We recommend semi-sheer curtains, so you can check on your teen and their friends when you need to.

2. Tapestries

Fabric wall hangings are back in - not that they've ever technically been out. As far as historical decor goes, they're a pretty solid trend. We've seen decorative tapestries as far back as the middle ages in Europe, or way before that in Eastern cultures. Tapestries are no longer ways to represent historic happenings, as the Europeans used them hundreds of years ago. Now they're mostly for aesthetics. You can find tapestries in about any pattern, from ones that are classic and colorful mandalas to ones with a map of the world. Since they're so easy to hang (all you need are some push pins) they're an easy and quick way to amp up the cool factor of your teen's room. You could even use one on the back wall of a loft-space if you're opting for bean bags instead of a couch/futon. You can get these tapestries about anywhere you find any other kind of home decor - online and in stores.

3. Bean Bags

No one should grow up without a bean bag to sink into after a hard day at school, or curl up and cry on when their crush doesn't text them back. Those are like teenage rights of passage - and not having a bean bag in their room is denying them of those pleasures. Furry bean bags are much more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing than you remember from your youth, 20 (or more) years ago. They even come in different shapes and sizes - even different fabrics to stand up to the elements outdoors! If your teen has a furry best friend, they like to spend time within their room, there's even a bean bag option for their dog! Learn more about teen bean bags.

4. A Makeup Mirror

If you have a teen girl who likes to dress up, put on makeup, or even film tutorials for YouTube, they'll need a space to primp in. Make them feel like the star you think they are with a classic bulbs-around-the-mirror vanity set up. You can find these mirrors at most home decor stores or online, which you can prop up on an existing vanity or buy as a set. White is the classic color, but if you choose to go white, make sure you seal whatever finish the vanity has. Those makeup powders and liquids have a way of staining wood/unfinished furniture like you wouldn't believe. And if you do have a budding little YouTube tutorial star, as we mentioned, they'll need a ring light. Find one that will hold their phone for them in the middle, while they record.

5. Fake Plants

If your teen can't take care of house plants or there isn't a lot of natural light in their room - that doesn't mean you can't add some greenery. Fake plants have made strides in their appearance in the past five years. Some people can't even tell if the plant is real or fake until they touch them! Succulents are having a moment, and they're easy to take care of if you're looking for a live-plant option. Otherwise look for plants with big and interesting leaves, like swiss cheese hanging plants or any sort of indoor palm. If you want to add some greenery but don't want to place plants around the room - get a printed comforter or blanket with a botanical print. The crisp white and green plant combination is in stores everywhere right now.

6. A Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard paint had a really big moment in 2013 and 2014. It's still in-style and super cool, but the hype has cooled down enough that prices for the specialized paint are a little more reasonable. If you're going to paint a wall or a dresser or anything with chalk paint, make sure the surface is smooth, first. If you have texture on your walls (and you own your home) see if you can sand it down a little bit. Writing on a chalkboard with texture is much more difficult. Worried that chalk is too dusty and messy? No problem. You can get chalk markers at any craft store or online. They work like paint pens, where you press the tip down to dispense more liquid. You can draw with them like normal markers, but when it's time to erase them, all it takes is a wet cloth and a little bit of rubbing. If you're having trouble getting the marker off (some brands can be tricky) try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser wrapped in a washcloth.

Teen Bedroom Furniture: Let Them Choose

The best way to make your teen fall in love with their room and be proud of their space is to let them pick out their teen bedroom furniture. If you're worried about what they'll pick, you can set certain price or design parameters for them. And while your teen can sometimes seem hard to please, they'll be happy if they get so much as a new beanbag or wall tapestry. Every teen wants to have a cool room to impress their friends - it doesn't matter if you're channeling your inner interior designer or not. Ready to start decorating? Shop bean bag seating options, here.

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