Your Guide to the Best Teen Bean Bags

25 March 2023

teen bean bags

According to the most recent census results, there are about 42 million teenagers in the US. Despite the large number, each kid that falls under this statistic is growing into a unique, interesting, and productive individual that can achieve things no one else can. Read on to learn more about the best teen bean bags on the market. So you can choose the perfect one for your child! Because of this, teenagers need to be given all the right resources in order to meet their fullest potential. Staying comfortable when working or relaxing allows their minds to be free to expand, learn, and understand new ideas without being distracted. One of the greatest ways to ensure that your teen is comfortable is by getting them a beanbag chair. Sitting in these chairs is a great way to study, read, or hang out with friends. If you're looking to get your son or daughter a bean bag chair, you're in luck: not only are you making a great choice, but there are tons of options to choose from. That might sound overwhelming, but the sheer number of possibilities means that there's something for everyone.


If there's one thing that every teenager has, it's a sense of style. Kids in this age group like to express themselves and pave the way to be seen as independent individuals. It's important to consider when shopping that the style of their beanbag throne will need to be representative of their personality. Read on to learn more!

Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures are perhaps the most important way that teenagers can express themselves. There are some teen bean bags that look like giant knit sweaters- these are really cool textures both for comfort and to provide a homelike atmosphere that your teen will love to show off. Also, consider patterns and styles that express something your child loves. An animal lover may like tiger stripes or fabric that boasts little frogs. The possibilities are endless!

Marshmallows and Clouds

Some beanbags make their owners feel more like royalty than others, and the ones that top the list of making a teen feel like a queen (or king) are those in a shag style. The Marshmallow beanbag is fuzzy and pink in a luxurious style. If your kid isn't into pink, there's also one called the Cloud which is pretty much the same but in grey. These beanbags are sure to make your son or daughter feel like they're large and in charge... and what teenager doesn't want that?


The Cayman comes in a variety of bright colors, which means that your teenager will have options insofar as they can express their favorite hues. The real appeal of this beanbag, though, is that it's the biggest outdoor-style beanbag lounger in our shop and gives teens a huge space to sprawl out. This chair is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities, meaning that you'll only need to buy one that can be used in every situation!

DIY Decorations

No matter what beanbag you choose to get, there are ways that you and your teen can spice up their chair to make it their own. Unless they choose the Marshmallow or Cloud, it's easy to paste images of whatever they like- TV show references, memes, anything- onto the chair with removable glue or tape. This is an awesome (and free) way to make any beanbag unique and let your son or daughter show off what they love most, so consider this as a possibility!


Once you've decided on a style of beanbag, it's time to look into what materials are best for your kid's purposes. In this section, we've compiled a list of common beanbag materials and will talk about the pros and cons of each. Read on to learn more about polyester, cotton, and foam, as well as what makes each great.


Polyester is a fabric that is, above all, awesome for the environment. It's 100% plant-based and biodegradable, so you and your teen can know that you're being eco-friendly while basking in comfort. This material is awesome for people, too. It's comfortable and sleek, meaning that it's easy to get into and out of. Not only that, but it's incredibly resilient to basically any damage. This means that if a spill happens or your home floods, the beanbag is probably still going to be fine Also, if your teen does choose to do some DIY decorating, this is also an easy material to paste their pictures or words to!


Another common fabric for beanbag chairs is cotton. This makes sense- it's easy to get a hold of, soft, comfortable, and healthy for the joints of those who sit in it. The main advantage of cotton is that it's breathable. In fact, it's long been hailed as one of the most breathable materials out there, which means that it's awesome for beanbags since it won't trap moisture and grow mold. Cotton also is extremely durable and is hypoallergenic if your teen has issues with allergies!


Foam is one of the best materials out there for mattresses, and it's been gaining traction in the beanbag market recently, too. It's really comfortable, but more importantly, it's really good for the spine of anyone who sits in it. Since it molds around the shape of a person, it provides back support in a way that other materials may not be able to. Foam promotes the health of those who sit in it in other ways, too- it relaxes and relieves muscle tension by supporting joints. It stops inflammation of these joints and ensures that the neuromuscular system of your teen is in tip-top shape.


Teenagers are busybodies. Between studying, relaxing alone, and being social, there's a lot that they do every day. Here, we're going to help you determine which beanbag will best fit into your son or daughter's lifestyle based on their favorite daily activities.


As a parent, making sure that your teenager gets good grades and sees academic success is likely one of your top priorities - which means that a good beanbag for studying is crucial. Setting up a home study room is a simple task, and there are a variety of beanbags that can be inserted into this space to make sure that your teen is comfortable and undistracted. Consider beanbags that offer back support or those that are shaped like chairs.


For relaxing situations like browsing the web or reading a good book, softer more luxurious teen bean bags might be in order. This means that it can be made of soft cotton that lets your teen sink in and feel like the king or queen they are. Having separate beanbags for studying and relaxing may also be a good idea since it's a scientific fact that human beings associate certain spaces with specific activities. You want your teenager focused on the study beanbag and stress-free in a relaxing one.

Social Activities

While the same beanbag can be used for relaxing alone and doing so with friends, the kind of chair this is should differ based on how your child spends the bulk of their free time. For introverts, a beanbag they can sink into and get lost in is a great idea. But what about more extroverted teens that love to hang out with friends, order a pizza, and play some video games? There are awesome beanbag chairs out there that are shaped like sofas. These chairs hold multiple people and are perfect for hanging out with friends! Plus, once the company goes home, they'll give your teen an awesome place to sprawl out.

Get Teen Bean Bags

While choosing a bean bag for your teenager sounds like a daunting task, it's easy to figure out what they'll like if you consider their personality and what makes them comfortable. Consider the styles and materials your child likes as well as what they'll primarily be using the beanbag for. In the end, you can't go wrong as long as you do your research appropriately. Remember that even if you're unsure, you can always ask them, too! Your child is the authority of their own likes, dislikes, and comfort, and they're always accessible to you. Now that you know the best teen bean bags to help your child grow, it's time to get buying some! Register for an account with us to begin shopping online for these styles and more. Stay comfy and check out these cool teen birthday gifts!

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