Finding The Right Bean Bag To Alleviate Backache

3 January 2023
bean bag for backache Backache is a problem faced by people of all ages and is a tricky one to navigate. There are several options out there to treat backache, but some can be costly and time-consuming. Depending on the severity of your back problems, purchasing a bean bag for backache might be the best-hidden solution you never thought of before. Even if you don’t currently struggle with backache, investing in a bean bag is an excellent way to relax and improve overall posture. Here are just a few of the benefits you could expect to reap from investing in one:
  • A natural curve that moulds to fit your back-shape and helps with pain
  • Trendy, stylish appearance to brighten up any room
  • Durable and affordable
Finding the best bean bag for backache all starts with a quick online search. Taking a browse at some bean bags online will help you begin in your quest to find the right one for treating your back problems. Before making the purchase, there are also a few things you need to consider when trying to find the best bean bag for your needs.

A Prevalent Issue

Back pain is a widespread issue, affecting people of all age groups. While it tends to be more severe in older adults, it is a problem that many adults face as a result of genetics, strenuous work and poor posture. Research finds that chronic back pain is the leading cause of work-loss days in the U.S with nearly 65 million Americans reporting recent back pain. Even for those whose jobs aren’t strenuous, travelling to and from work can be draining when suffering from extreme backache. Finding the time to book in time with a chiropractor isn’t always easy for those with busy schedules. However, backache, in some cases, is greatly enhanced with the simple solution of finding the right bean bag.

A Reflection of You.

The next step in easing your backache is locating that ideal fit in your bean bag search. One of the first things you might consider is finding one that fits your aesthetic vision. Bean bags are a stylish addition to any home, adding a splash of colour and vibrancy to the room. To spice up your interior decor, selecting a bean bag that fits in with a colour scheme will look eye-catching and classy. These soft furniture pieces are also timeless while upholding a retro feel to them. Bean bags can also look both formal and casual depending on the style you go for, whatever your interior design vision - bean bags can fit into this and make it even better.  A classic ottoman style bean bag might be a striking feature to complement your existing furniture, serving both as a bean bag or a footstool. When you think of bean bags, you likely imagine the standard spherical shape. However, there are many new funky styles of bean bags to select from. Some are flatter, some more round and some even have a leg-rest. Having one or two placed around creates the perfect relaxing space after a long day of work. It’s even possible to buy outdoor beanbag chairs, a great addition to have in the garden or by the pool. Because of how light they are, bean bags are easy to move around, meaning you can switch up the vibe in your home, adding and removing the extra seating when you see fit.

Comfort First.

Bean bags not only brighten up the room but give you the perfect place to relax. The only downside is - they might be too comfortable and challenging to get up from. Bean bags come in several different shapes and sizes, meaning you can select one that’s best for you and your needs. The most common materials used to make bean bags include faux suede, cotton and denim. The material which works best for you depends on personal taste as well as the style side of things. Either way, the flexibility and softness of the bean bags create an undeniably luxurious experience. Bean bags are made from microfibres, a synthetic material which is known for its softness.  Another great thing about microfibres is that they are easy to wash. Microfibres are a fabric split one denier or smaller, meaning cleaning products can easily get inside all the crevices. What makes beanbags so cosy and comfortable is the EPS beads inside. These durable polymers give the bean bag its flexible shape while still upholding a sense of firmness.  When selecting a bean bag for backache, you may decide to go for one that uses compressed memory foam. These bean bags work similarly to memory foam mattresses by moulding to your body shape but are a fraction of the cost. When selecting a bean bag for backache, you will also want to look at how much filling it has. If your back troubles are more severe, going for a bean bag with more EPS beads inside is the superior option as it will provide more support. A bean bag with less filling will be softer but more challenging to get up from.

How it Helps.

Bean bags are a comfortable and stylish addition to your home, but how do they actually help to relieve backache? Using a bean bag for backache helps the body to realign itself. Bean bags are malleable, meaning they mould to the shape of your back. When you sit down, you will feel almost like you’re melting into the chair. The beanbag’s flexible form helps you to relax your back muscles fully and stretch them out. There is no shame in having poor posture, and it is a widespread issue due to the demands of working life. Sitting in the same position all day is not only bad for posture but is conducive to backache. When sitting hunched over for many hours, we get into bad habits and find it can become difficult to readjust this. Sitting at a desk may not feel painful at the time, but gradually, not sitting correctly begins to cause damage to the back. Backache becomes significantly worse when left untreated, so one of the best things you can do is be proactive. Many adults sit in this type of slouched position for hours each day at work, not realising the negative repercussions. Poor posture not only makes backache worse but increases fatigue, breathing and headaches. Sitting back in a bean bag has the opposite effect, relieving pain and encouraging improved posture. While your boss may not let you swap out your desk chair for a bean bag, at least you can have one at home to relax on and alleviate your back pain. Using a bean bag for backache helps the body to sit in a more natural position and develop better habits for posture. Essentially, you sit back and, the bean bag does all of the hard work for you. We hold a lot of tension in our spines which then leads to back and neck pain. Realigning our backs by lying back in a bean bag helps to release some of this tension. What comes from this is improved ergonomics and lower stress levels.

Other Added Bonuses.

Bean bags are light and compact, making them easy to take with you anywhere. This means that prioritising your back pain doesn’t end at home. If you go away on a trip, you can easily pack it up with you and reserve some time to chill out. The comfortable and unique furniture pieces also come at an affordable price, typically between $40-150. The affordable price also gives you the option to buy multiple and have a designated chill-out zone in your home. As already touched on, bean bags are easy to maintain and clean. All you have to do is remove the covers and throw them in the washing machine or give them a hand-wash depending on which material you’ve chosen. For those with backache, an excessive amount of cleaning is never ideal, so a seating option that’s low maintenance is ideal. Bean bags cannot guarantee to alleviate back pain for everyone but are a great help if combined with other means. For those with less severe back pains which do not require medical assistance, a bean bag is an ultimate way to relax the muscles and improve overall posture. For younger adults, using a beanbag for backache is more about prevention than cure. Acquiring good posture habits at a younger age is key in preventing chronic backache later in life.  Many view bean bags are more of a fashion or novelty item and are unaware of the health benefits. The reality is, bean bags are a must-have purchase for people of all ages and budgets. With the versatility that comes with them and the range of unique options, there is truly one for everyone.
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