What are the Benefits of Raised Dog Beds?

21 September 2020

raised dog beds benefitsYou may think raised dog beds are just for older dogs, or those that are injured or sick. However, the elevated design of raised dog beds makes them an ideal choice for a variety of dogs. Regardless if they're big or small, young or old, or their breed.

One of the most obvious benefits is that you get to get your dog off the floor. This can be helpful in terms of cleanliness and allergens. But also something that can be more comfortable for the dog. Dogs have been used to sleeping on the ground since the beginning of time. But for those that are older or have some special needs, hard flooring can inflame sore joints. Having to get down to the ground, and back up again, can put pressure on their joints. It may be something that causes pain for them. Having an elevated bed helps eliminate this struggle that some older dogs experience. They just have to step up into a raised dog bed or step out.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

Raised dog beds can also be used outdoors. they are ideal to keep your dog off wet grass or out of the mud and puddles. That's OK if you spend a lot of time outdoors. But you don’t want your dog to sit or lay down in the moist grass or a wet patio. So having a raised dog bed is a simple solution that can make a difference. And it can keep the wet dog smell at bay!

A relaxed and well-exercised dog can spend up to 80% of its life chilling out on their bed depending on their age. So why make them sleep on the floor? Why compromise on a comfortable bed for your pet dog? This could mean you are compromising on their long-term health too.

Raised dog beds also tend to be more durable than a softer option. They tend to be tougher, more wipe-clean, and made of materials that can stand up to a dog that loves to chew. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing a raised dog bed for your canine pal.

Raised dog beds help to maintain a comfortable temperature

As the name describes, a raised dog bed elevates your dog off the floor. This can be a good thing in a number of ways. But particularly because it means that air can circulate underneath the bed. This helps your dog to maintain a more steady and more comfortable temperature. Imagine if your dog’s bed was on the floor. Like your cold tiled kitchen floor for example. In the winter months, this could not only be uncomfortable but also mean the temperature surrounding the dog was quite low. Using a crate can leave the dog with an uncomfortable temperature because of the cold, hard, and plastic floor. This isn’t what you want for your pet.

In summer this is something that can still be important because the air can be quite stuffy and hot. There is more ventilation with a raised dog bed because air can flow all around it. Meaning your dog is more likely to keep cool, than if it was just on the solid warm floor.

Raised dog beds provide firm and even support

If you think about where you like to sleep, you don’t tend to get a good night’s sleep on things like aeroplane seats. Or equally, things that are too soft. You can wake up feeling pretty stiff after sleeping on one of these things. Even if you are someone who is normally perfectly healthy and well. This is the same for your dog! They want to have the right kind of support when they sleep. Just as you get from your mattress every night. The best night’s sleep is when you have the right kind of lumbar and neck support. The correct level of firmness is also critical for you and your dog.

Older dogs could have something like arthritis, hip dysplasia, or some other joint problems. So lying on the floor can put some pressure on their hips, as well as their soldiers, and other joints like elbows. When using a raised bed, and one that is padded, comfortable, and firm, it can help to reduce that pressure. Meaning a much more comfortable night’s sleep for your pet.

A raised dog bed is portable

Believe it or not, choosing large and fluffy dogs can often be quite bulky and quite heavy. This can be a pain if you want to move it to another room. Or if you want to take it with you on travels. A raised dog bed does tend to be lightweight, making it a good choice for moving around when needed, or for taking with you on a trip. You could even move it outside so your dog can rest while you’re in the garden. The good news is that they also won’t take up as much room in the car as a heftier option would. So if you are travelling, or taking them to kennels while you are away, it helps them to have a little reminder of home and a familiar environment.

Limited stuffing for your dog to chew

Dogs are real explorers and love to be able to solve problems. One of their favourite problems is working out how to shred their bed, right? How many times have you gone out for the day, and returned home, only to find that there is stuffing from their bed all over the house? It is a pretty common occurrence. And in more extreme circumstances, you might find you have to take your dog to get some emergency veterinary care. This happens after they have tried to chew and ingest quite a bit of the fluff. When you choose a raised dog bed, it does tend to have very little stuffing inside, if any at all. So if your dog is prone to digging, exploring, and chewing on anything and everything, raised dog beds could be a solution for them.

Raised dog beds are easy to clean

Choosing a raised dog bed can be a good choice for your home. They are a good option when it comes to keeping clean. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, then this is something that will be a real benefit. If you have allergies, then you know that wooden floors are much better than carpet. This is because they are easier to clean. They can just be swept, mopped, and wiped, and nothing is absorbed, like with a carpet.

Raised dog beds are going to be a good option as they work in a similar way to wooden floors in this example. They can be much more easily cleaned as they just need to be wiped down and are much more waterproof. There isn’t a lot of puffy foam or superabsorbent materials with a raised dog bed. Of course, when it comes to cleaning a more puffy dog bed, there are usually removable covers that can be washed in the washing machine. This can help if you have allergy-sufferers in the home.

Then it is important to note that the stuffing in that kind of bed can still be home to a lot of allergens like pollen, dust, and dust mites. You won’t be able to truly get that kind of dog bed clean, which is why raised dog beds should be a consideration. They can also be hosed-off, in many cases. Making them a good choice for getting a lot of use outdoors. And if you have a dog that loves to get dirty!

Raised beds mean a reduced chance of flea infestations

We all know how flea and dust mites are common. They are responsible for a range of allergies on the skin in both dogs and humans. Which is why a raised dog bed has a health advantage too. The mattress on a raised dog bed tends to get more air than one that is on the floor. So there isn’t the chance for dust and fleas to build-up in their bedding. Any dog hair and other particles will fall straight to the floor when using a raised dog bed. Which means they can be cleaned away easily by being swept or vacuumed. Plus, insects and fleas won’t be able to find a warm and moist setting between the bedding and the carpet. It is here they would grow and thrive.

Having a dog using a raised bed means that something like a flea infestation is much less likely. However, you should make sure that you use an effective flea treatment too. As the height of the bed won’t make a difference if the dog brings them onto the bed by themselves. Another small thing to note is that you should ensure that there is no vegetation near to the bed. Especially when being used outdoors. So there isn’t a launchpad for pests and fleas to get to your pet or their bed.

Health benefits for your dog

Raising your dog’s bed off the floor can help them to be much more comfortable and get a good night’s sleep. They will be away from draughts and any dampness. Which means there are a number of health benefits from having a raised dog bed. Getting a good night’s sleep helps our health, both physical and mental health, immeasurably. So why should our dogs be treated any differently? When they get a good night’s sleep, they can have improved physical health, as well as improved mental health.

Everyone sleeps more comfortably

If you have a dog that likes to jump into your bed, and you want to get them out of the habit, then you should think about getting your dog a raised bed. Your dog will be more comfortable, but so will you, when you get your own bed to yourself and don’t have to share it with your pet. So it is a win-win all round!

Not only that, but you can keep your bed and your furniture free from dog hair. This might be a nuisance for cleaning, as well as for allergies, so it can be a good thing to consider. They’re more likely to choose to sit on their own little spot in their own raised bed, if they have one, rather than on yours. So another win-win situation.

Get yours off the Floor!

No matter what kind of dog you have, they can benefit from a raised dog bed. They don’t need to be older or a dog with specific needs in order to get the most out of them. If you go to places where there are a large number of dogs, you’re unlikely to find any other kinds of beds. Raised dog beds are ideal for shelters, dog groomers, and boarding kennels.

The only time to not consider a raised dog bed is if your female dog is heavily pregnant or nursing her little ones. A mother who is about to give birth to puppies needs to have a comfortable space where she and the puppies will be safe and secure. And you don’t want to run the risk of some of them falling off a raised bed when they’re tiny!

An exposed surface isn’t going to help her to relax and give birth. And won’t work when the puppies arrive in the early days. Other than that, they can be a great choice, ensuring a clean space, as well as a more rested and a more comfortable pup.

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