5 Reasons Why You Need a Bean Bag Bed

30 March 2023
bean bag bed

Ever since the 1960s, bean bags have been an important piece of furniture for communal spaces. But now the technology has advanced to the point where they are also a standard feature in the bedroom. The bean bag bed has come of age.

The idea of a bean bag bed sounds kind of crazy when you first encounter it. But manufacturers are getting much better at creating comfortable materials. And this means that beanbags are a viable alternative to regular mattresses.

Modern bean bags use extruded polyethylene beans on the interiors. These are soft, long-lasting, and moisture-resistant, allowing you to lie on your bean bag bed for hours and a time, without feeling the slightest bit of discomfort. Many people prefer the sensation of beans to springs and often find that modern bean bag beds provide them with better rest and relaxation than the regular variety.

In this post, we take a look at the five reasons you need a bean bag bed in your life. The advantages of this type of bed over the standard variety are considerable. See for yourself below.

Reason #1: You Can Use Bean Bag Beds Outdoors

If you thought that bean bag beds were for interiors only, you’re mistaken. These innovative pieces of furniture are also ideal for use outside, especially as comfortable replacements for loungers besides your pool.

Modern outdoor bean bag beds are made of a light, waterproof, and comfortable fabric that resists splashes from the pool and avoids getting damp in the rain. Many also come with UV protection to prevent light from the sun discolouring them and making them brittle.

In general, waterproof bean bag beds are made of a PU-coated material that makes them both impermeable to water from the outside, but permeable to water vapour on the inside, helping to keep them dry. Bean bag beds can also feature PVC-coated material which keeps water out but prevents moisture transfer.

Most waterproof bean bag beds feature special taped seams and zippers to prevent moisture from penetrating the interior. And some manufacturers also include added mould and mildew resistance, just in case the interiors become moist. Remember, waterproof bean bag beds are a great addition for your interiors and especially helpful in situations where the risk of spillage is highest.

Reason #2: A Bean Bag Bed Is Easy To Move

Moving a regular bed is a massive ordeal. First, you have to take off all the sheets and covers. Then you need to remove the mattress and then finally disassemble the frame. Transferring it from one room to another can take you the better part of an hour, and sometimes more depending on the design.

With bean bag beds, there are no such problems. Because these beds are a single unit, you can pick them up and move them in one fell swoop, without having to go through any of the rigmarole of disassembly and reassembly.

Most bean bag beds are extremely light and pliable. They’re easy to pick up and move from one room to another. And they will happily bend around corners and through door frames. Unlike regular beds, they move in multiple directions and squeeze into whatever space you want to put them in. Carrying them up a bendy flight of stairs is far easier than with a regular bed.

If you live in extra tight living accommodation, you can actually go further than this and remove the beans from the outer liner, store them in separate bags, and then restuff the bean bag bed in its new locations. This option is great for people who want to set up a bed in the attic but only have access by a single small hatch.

If you’re really attached to your bean bag bed, you can even take it with you to your friend's house down the street or in the car if you have space. The lightness and flexibility make it so much easier to transport than similarly-sized pieces of furniture. And because it has no hard or sharp edges, it won’t scratch or damage anyone's decor.

Reason #3: A Bean Bag Bed Is Long-Lasting

Mattresses famously last about eight years before requiring replacement. The construction of mattresses is complicated and involves the installation of multiple springs underneath layers of foam and material. The result is a comfortable sleeping surface, but customers pay for it. Mattresses can cost hundreds of dollars. And they’re just a single component of a bed - not the whole thing.

Bean bag beds, however, are exceptionally long-lasting and incredibly cheap to refurbish when they do eventually reach the end of their life.

Bean bag beds comprise two main parts - an outer material shell and the interior stuffing. If you buy a quality bean bag bed, the outer shell is usually made from a high-quality composite fabric capable of withstanding years of abrasion from people sitting on top of it. High denier fabrics maintain their structure and continue to perform over the decades.

The stuffing, however, does require replacement from time to time, but it costs very little to do so. Organic stuffing options, such as beans and rice, tend to degrade the fastest. If moisture gets into the interior of the bean bag, it can affect their material properties and cause them to fragment. Sometimes they can smell.

Memory foam beds are another popular option. These have the benefit of deforming to the exact shape and contours of your body. But eventually, the foam becomes fatigued and requires replacing with new.

The same applies to expanded polypropylene (EPP) and expanded polystyrene (EPS). While EPP offers a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent comfort characteristics, it will eventually become fatigued. The same applies to EPS. However, both materials are surprisingly inexpensive to replace.

Reason #4: No Need For Pillows

Bean bag beds are convenient because they include all the features you need to keep you comfortable in a single chassis. And that includes the pillow.

The form the “pillow” takes depends on the specific brand and model of bean bag bed you choose.

Many bean bag beds are essentially large flat bean bags that double up as seating. Most come with a valley in the middle into which your body sinks and your head rests on the taller surrounding material. Others come with specially-designed outer shells stitched in such a way to provide a raised bump to place your head, just like a traditional pillow.

Regular beds have pillows for two reasons. The first is that most people prefer to sleep with their heads in an elevated position. It helps with both neck comfort and lymph drainage from the face while they sleep. It is also convenient for people with back problems who don’t want to sleep flat.

The second is the fact that most mattresses are quite firm. They’re great for supporting the body but can feel harsh on the face.

Bean bag beds offer the same advantages - softness and head elevation - without the need for separate pillows if you don’t want them. The internal beads (especially those of the EPP, memory foam, and EPS variety) provide all the comfort that you need, all in a single convenient package.

Reason #5: A Bean Bag Bed Is Easy To Clean

Regular beds are a nightmare to clean. While putting sheets in the wash is easy enough, actually getting all the moisture, sweat, dirt, and grime out of the mattress is a nightmare.

Most people just put up with this as a fact of life and accept that their new mattress is going to turn brown and smell after a couple of years. Some attempt to fight back by using plastic wraps that completely wrap around their mattresses, keeping all the moisture and nasty bed beds out. Unfortunately, doing this changes the comfort properties of the bedding.

With bean bag beds, you don’t have these issues. Bean bag beds are incredibly easy to clean. You just remove the outer shell and follow the washing instructions. Many bean bags come with layers that make them resistant to water infiltration. And those that use synthetic fillers are inhospitable to mould, bacteria, bed bugs, and other nasty organics that you don’t want inside.

If your bean bag bed becomes soaked and you really can’t get rid of the smell through regular washing alone, then you can always remove the wet beans from the interior and replace them with new stuffing. The cover should remain in excellent condition for as long as you use the bean bag.

Importantly with bean bag beds, you don’t have to spend hours dabbing to remove accidental food or drink spills. Mostly, you can treat these pieces of furniture like regular clothing items. You don’t need any form of specialist equipment.

Wrapping Up

If you’re not already using bean bag beds in your house, you should be. They offer a host of advantages over regular beds that make your life easier and more hygienic. Try them today and feel the difference immediately.

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