How to Create a Zen Meditation Room

29 March 2023
meditation room Have you been dreaming of creating your own zen meditation room? In today's day and age, meditating has become one of the most popular means of achieving balance and self-awareness. Some have turned to meditation as a means of focusing on the self and achieving a sense of calm. Others have turned to meditation to help manage both mental and physical health pain and conditions. And so, if it seems that everyone you know is now talking about meditation, your brain isn't playing tricks on you. In fact, over 14 percent of American adults report meditating regularly. If you belong to this category of meditators, you're going to want to read this. We're outlining the best ways to create your own zen meditation room. From embracing natural light and adding greenery to eliminating clutter and technology, we know what it takes to create the meditation room of your dreams. To qualify, all you need to a quiet space within the confines of your own home.

1. Find a Quiet Space

First and foremost, you're going to want to begin setting up your meditation room by finding the right space. Whether this is a corner of your office of you're lucky enough to be able to dedicate an entire room, this is the most important step. In locating this spot, you're going to want to consider the sound as well as the foot traffic in the area. Ideally, this is an ultra-quiet space that has the option to shut doors and windows. The goal is to find somewhere that is private and that you will not easily be distracted or interrupted by others. For most, this is a low-traffic area within the home where your family or guests don't typically gather.

2. Paint the Walls a Calming Hue

If you have the ability to paint your meditation room, it will certainly help to set your desired tone. White walls help to keep you feeling calm, motivated and achieve a sense of serenity. With white walls, there's nothing to distract the mind or channel your focus to something else. A white wall is also the best means of allowing natural light to illuminate the room. For your meditation room, it's always best to skip over any patterns or prints. These prints are often too heavy and, as a result, tend to dominate the overall room. When you opt for white walls, it's only natural to long for some added warmth. The good news is that you can add warmth to a white room by simply adding rugs, pillows, and textures such as wool, velvet and natural wood. If your goal is to achieve a sense of calmness, certain colors should be avoided. For example, color psychology has found that the color red is often associated with intensity, threat, and anger.

3. Eliminate Clutter

Do you ever come across clutter and instantly feel stressed? When it comes to your meditation room, it's essential to eliminate all aspects of stress. In terms of the home, clutter is one of the most significant sources of stress for residents. Do yourself a favor and remove all aspects of clutter from your meditation room. When you're left with a clean, fresh slate, your mind will automatically feel a greater sense of calm.

4. Remove All Technology

This next step is incredibly important. You're going to want to be sure to eliminate all technology that is present in the room. This could be anything from a home phone and computer screen to your cell phone and iPads. After all you don't want to be watching game of thrones. The last thing that you want to experience during your meditation is being disrupted by emails, phone calls or text message alerts. Remember, this is your time to step away from technology and to channel your mind to a state of Zen and inner peace. The only real exception that should be considered is a sound system for channeling music or calming hues into your meditation room. Of course, calming musical instruments are also welcome in your meditation room. The goal of this space is to make it as stress-free and peaceful as possible. The above items are known for notoriously causing stress and interrupting calmness of the mind.

5. Create Your Throne

When it comes to channeling your best focus, what's your go-to meditating position? Do you prefer to meditate crossed-legged on a yoga mat? Or do you tend to opt for something softer and cushioning like a bean-bag chair? In order to embrace your meditation, you must ensure that you remain in a position that is the most comfortable for you. Either way, the choice is yours. After all, the best part of creating your own meditation room is that you're in charge!

6. Add a Touch of Greenery

Did you know that greenery can actually make you better at meditating? While there's no denying that houseplants help to set a zen tone and look desirable, the advantages of greenery don't stop there. Sure, it may sound too good to be true. But, when science tells us what's good for us, we tend to believe it. As it turns out, having plants spread throughout our home is actually beneficial to human health. In fact, one study found that indoor plants help to improve concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent. Houseplants have also proven to be incredibly effective in removing pesky air toxins. When we consider the meditation is centered upon concentration, it's simple to see why the connection between greenery and meditation is so strong.

7. Embrace Natural Light

There's nothing better than when the sun shines through your windows and illuminates your home. Not only does it make us feel good, but it also triggers our body's production of vitamin D. This is a crucial vitamin for overall health and helps to improve brain function. As it turns out, the combination of meditation and an abundance of vitamin D is certainly a good one. So, don't be afraid to pull back those curtains and let that sun shine through to your meditation room! If your meditation room is lacking in natural sunlight, don't fret. These days there are plenty of alternate natural light sources that help to mimic the benefits of the sun.

8. Welcome Your Spirituality

One of the most wonderful aspects of meditation is that it can encompass all people and all religions. Practicing meditation is a simple way to get in touch with your spirituality and practice it on a daily basis. This is why it's so important to welcome your spirituality in your meditation room. Take time to decide which spiritual images and items fit best with the purpose of your space. For some, this may be anything from a cross to a Buddha. Whatever your religion is, allow yourself to express it in your meditation room.

9. Open the Windows

When the weather allows, don't be shy to open your windows and let the air flow through into your home. While there's nothing quite like a summer breeze, it's also beneficial to our audio sense to have an open window. If you live in a rural setting, opening the windows will allow you to witness the many sounds of nature. If you live in an urban locale, opening your windows may not be as idealistic. Instead, you can always opt for sound devices that recreate the soothing sounds of nature.

10. Finish with Your Own Personal Touches

Last but certainly not least, it's time to add the final touches to your meditation room. This is where you can allow yourself to have some fun and create a room that is personal to you. This could be anything from mirrors and house plants to wall art and personal photos. Either way, it's time to make this your own space and to create a room that is as calming and peaceful as possible. If you happen to love scents, go ahead and add some candles and incents. Be sure to carefully consider which scents are going to set your desired tone. You're going to want to opt for a scent that is relaxing and automatically allows you to feel a greater sense of calm. Remember, this isn't a commercial studio that has to appeal to an array of clients. Instead, this is your own personal space that pays tribute to your love for meditation. Do yourself a favor and make it your absolute favorite room in the house.

Perfecting Your Meditation Room

Do you eat, sleep and breath meditation? If you're a self-professed meditation junkie, why not go the extra mile and create your own meditation room? With these tips and tricks, you can look forward to designing a room that brings your meditation to the next level. When it comes to the ultimate zen meditation room, don't forgo comfort! Instead, visit our website to see how you can make your meditation room the most comfortable room in your home. Are you planning to do some serious meditating outdoors? Check out our exclusive range of large outdoor bean bag chairs.
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