The Benefits of Custom Bean Bags for an Outdoor Event

custom bean bags at general pants bowl a ramaThe event doesn’t start for another 10 minutes, but you’re already squirming in your hard, uncomfortable, metal seat. Half an hour later, you’re looking at your watch, wondering how much longer until you can finally stand again. And there’s still an hour to go. Don’t you wish you’d ordered some custom beanbags?

Sound familiar? Most likely, we’ve just described a typical outdoor event from your past. As you can see, when you force people into uncomfortable situations, all they want to do is leave.

Is that what you want for your next outdoor event? You want your audience squirming and distracted, wondering when it will finally end? If so, then go ahead and use traditional seating options and disregard this article.

Or would you rather have a happy audience with eyes on you instead of their watches? Do you want your event to stand out and be memorable? Then recycle those old, metal chairs and replace them with custom beanbags!

Below are the top 8 benefits of using personalised bean bags instead of traditional event seating. See what custom beanbags can do for your next outdoor event.

1. Custom BeanBags Are Comfortable

No one enjoys sitting in hard bleachers or cheap chairs. But everyone will enjoy relaxing in your custom made bean bags.

Also, consider that outdoor events are already less comfortable than indoor ones automatically. They’re usually too hot or too bright or too windy.

Though you can’t control the weather, you can at least give your audience one less thing to complain about. A comfortable bean bag chair will definitely help your guest’s situation. Then they’re more likely to pay attention to your event and more likely to remember you.

2. They’re Perfectly Customizable

Custom beanbags are literally made for your event. Whatever colours, logos or printed words best fit your event will be printed on every seat. Any message you wish to spread will be right in the faces of your audience members.

Branded Bean Bags areĀ perfect for advertising purposes. You can promote event causes such as breast cancer awareness.

Or you can promote brand awareness with your company name and phone number on each seat. Or partner with sponsors and put their messages on the chairs. The options are limitless!

3. They’re Extremely Versatile

There’s no seating option as versatile as custom bean bags. For instance, you can use bean bag seating anywhere.

If there are already bleachers or an amphitheatre at the event, you can put the bean bags onto them for added comfort. If all you have is a field, you can line up the bean bags in rows.

And it doesn’t have to be a level field. If the ground is uneven or full of holes, you couldn’t set up metal chairs. But this isn’t a problem with form-fitting bean bags.

You can even set them up on the side of a hill if it’s not too steep. A bean bag can be set up anyplace a person could typically sit.

4. They’re Incredibly Easy Setup and Takedown

As we just said, you can put them anywhere while setting up. You can line them up in rows or spread them out randomly.

You can even put them in a big pile for self-seating. Attendees can grab them as needed and sit wherever they like.

To take them down, pile them back up where they belong. There’s no need for careful stacking, as with chairs.

And they’re very lightweight and easy to grab from any angle. Event staff will easily carry several of them at a time.

5. You’ll Always Have Just Enough Seating

Since you can place them anywhere, your seating area is everywhere! The only limit to how many people you can seat is how much room you have on the event grounds.

And since they’re easy to set up and take down, you can do so as needed. If there are not enough bags for seating, put some more out. If there are too many, put some away.

You’ll always have the perfect amount of seating.

Do you realize what this means? You’ll never have to advertise an event as “limited seating” or “standing room only.” And you’ll rarely be sold out due to seating constraints.

6. They’re Easy To Clean

Depending on which cover material you opt for, water-resistant bean bags are easy to clean as needed with a damp cloth and gentle cleaners. You can even get them with a removable cover for machine washing.

7. They’re Fun!

Ok, we’ve seen the practical benefits of custom printed bean bag chairs. But they’re not just functional; they’re fun!

We know that’s not first on your list of seating option criteria. That’s why it wasn’t first on ours either. But it’s too important a point to overlook completely, especially for promotional purposes.

You probably can’t name the last five events you attended in bleachers or metal chairs. But you’d remember the cool event you went to with the comfy bean bag seating.

8. They’re Easy to Sell

One final benefit is saleability. All the benefits listed above make custom bean bags highly marketable. The best options for reselling your custom bean bags depend on the type of event.

One option is to offer free floor seating while providing a variety of customised bean bags for purchase. Extending them for sale is not only profitable; it allows you to get creative with the range and design them specifically for marketing.

Another way is to offer free bean bag seating with the option to purchase one as a souvenir. Both of these are good ways to reuse event-specific bean bags. And if your event is for a good cause, you can use the bean bags as a fundraiser by donating a portion of the proceeds to this cause.

Set Yourself Apart With Custom BeanBags

Overall, custom bean bags make attendees feel like they’re getting special treatment. They’ll say, “Hey, how come the last event we went to didn’t give us bean bag chairs?” And what will that say about you?

Will you be the cool event planner who gave them comfortable and stylish seating? Or will you be the other one?

Be the one they remember. Get custom beanbags for your next event.

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