10 Outdoor Ottoman Styles You’ll Fall in Love With

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Want to impress your house guests and blow their socks off? You’ll need a unique outdoor ottoman to do the trick. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one would best fit in your home? That’s why we’re here.

We’re going to help you select the best option for your home. You might want to grab a notepad and pen; we’re going to be explaining all the inside details you’ll need.

Are you considering a new ottoman? You are bound to fall in love with one of our top ten favourite outdoor ottoman styles!

1. Storage Unit’s With Hidden Secrets

Many outdoor ottomans come with a lift up top. This top unveils storage inside the ottoman itself. Depending on the shape and size, it could serve a huge purpose. You can use an outdoor storage ottoman for outside play materials.

Swimming equipment like floaties will fit perfectly inside. One of our favourite tips is beer coolers so you can bring drinks to you! You won’t have to get up every few minutes to get another drink.

Lift the top and rest your beer or wine cooler inside the storage space. For longer ottomans, you can even fit in pre-wrapped snacks; an excellent option for those that want to safeguard food from outdoor pests!

2. Fold Up

Fold up ottomans serve only a few purposes. They give great support as a footrest and look quite lovely in an outdoor patio design. They’re easy to move so you can feel free to rearrange anytime.

You won’t have to put in too much effort as they’re light. Since fold up ottomans close, you won’t need to worry about moving around bulky furniture either. The only drawback of these ottomans is there’s not much else you can do with them.

They have no hidden storage but can store away quickly after a party making them an excellent choice for apartment patios or small backyards.

3. Blow Up

These ottomans are another quick-and-easy solution. Are you look for an easy put-up and tear-down? Then this is for you!

Blow up ottomans are plastic which is perfect for swimming areas. If you have a pool, then this will work great as a comfortable, safe chair to have around a wet area.

You can even use them in the pool! But here’s the best part; you can choose from a series of different ottoman covers to cover up your inflatable ottoman. You’ll never have to commit to one design!

4. Bench

Bench-like ottomans can withstand different weather and weights. They’re great for extra seating and outdoor elements. It’s important to know that many of these benches are either wood or hard plastic.

Wood outdoor furniture and ottomans need high maintenance. When the wood dries, it’ll need touching up. If you have harsh winters with snow, you’ll want to store away your wooden ottomans.

Touch-ups and maintenance need sanding down and re-staining the wood. Sometimes, a coat of baby oil can give back the vibrancy of the timber. For a more extended, safer solution, you’ll need to bring out the sander.

5. Extra Seats

Cushioned ottomans make for great, makeshift places to sit. If you have more guests show up than what you anticipated, these are perfect solutions! Outdoor pouf ottomans are cute, as well as comfy.

Many of these sit-down ottomans come with storage inside. We already know about tips for storing a beer and wine cooler, but how about your guests? Give your guest an individual ottoman to place their pursue or belongings.

You can place in wallets, keys, or purse for safekeeping while you and your guests go for a swim. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting your smartphone wet at a party!

6. Cut Out

These cut-out ottomans are appealing to the eye, especially if they’re made of different material like metal, wood, or hard plastic. Cut-out ottomans come in intricate designs like flowers or vines.

They don’t have storage inside and are standalone items that don’t fold up. In other words, ‘what you see is what you get.’ But that doesn’t mean they’re not a great option.

These are the best option to make a fashion statement or as an accent piece and they work to make your outdoor patio area look picture-perfect.

7. Opt for a Bean Bag Instead

One step more adventurous than an outdoor ottoman is a bean bag. There are many reasons to trade up a sofa or for a bean bag. They’re machine washable, they’re easy to move, and they’re great for pregnant women.

Don’t worry anymore about outdoor furniture. Bean bags do the same and more! Believe it or not, we have outdoor sofa chair bean bags with ottomans! Our round outdoor ottomans are inexpensive and super popular.

8. Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!

Upholstery is vital when choosing an outdoor ottoman. Many materials can wear down, tear, deteriorate in humid or wet temperatures. You want to make sure that the fabric you use for your outdoor furniture can sustain heat, cold, rain, or snow.

If not, you may want to invest in a storage shed to protect your items. Then, when the party day rolls around, take them out and place them. Once the party is over, clean up is only a matter of returning them to the storage.

Wondering what the different fabric options are? Let’s delve into each one and see what’s best for you!

Durable Outdoor Fabric

The best outdoor furniture has a waterproof fabric. Its structure allows it to withstand varying temperatures, humidity, and weather. These items can stay out before and after your party.

Of course, they’ll need cleaning up every now and again to maintain their colour from any dust or debris that may cling on due to wind or rain. Also, you wouldn’t want your guests sitting on a dirty ottoman!

Research how to best clean dirty outdoor furniture. You’ll be ensuring proper cleaning routine that won’t ruin your furniture.


Many indoor ottomans sport a furry look. They’re comfortable on the feet and feel great between the toes. Though, it’s never a good idea to bring them outside. They usually have a cotton lining or stuffing to ensure their comfiness.

These are not waterproof and using them outside will destroy the original material, so keep them safe and happy-indoors!


Leather ottomans are another fabric you’ll see for indoor furniture. Like the furry material, they should also remain inside. They’re stylish, chic, and the perfect impression accent. They also give off a delicious scent!

While it’s tempting to bring them outside for a party, they’ll fall apart. They can’t be in humid temperatures for too long. It’s best to leave them indoors to preserve the leather.

Your best bet when buying outdoor ottomans is to look in the patio section. This furniture can withstand all outdoor elements.

9. What Shape?

Outdoor Ottomans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common are square, cylinders, or ovals. The real question here is: does the form make any difference? Our answer to you is: yes!

Shape and size influence the impression you give your party guests. If your oval ottoman is too large, it may seem out of place compared to your furniture. Your safest option is choosing matching furniture in both shape and size.

Matching shapes is best to give a uniform appearance, but feel free to switch it up! Play around with different designs to flesh out the appearance of your backyard. Don’t get furniture that’s too large as it can overtake the image of your patio area.

It’ll give off the appearance it’s too small. Don’t use furniture that’s too small to compensate. Instead, choose furniture that fits proportional to your square foot area. Then, think of accessories to add for a final presentation.

These little details pack the punch that’ll leave your guests jaws on the floor.

10. Different Outdoor Ottoman Angles

Here’s the best style in our books! Outdoor ottomans with an angular curve in the centre are the fanciest pick of the bunch. If you want to catch the eye and awe of your guests, then this is the ottoman for you.

It’s attractive, unique, and useful. The curve gives the perfect angle for lower back support when sitting in a chair or sofa. It has only two legs on one side, and the other drops to the ground.

That means that anyone, of any size or height, can use this ottoman and be comfortable.

How Our Services Can Help

We know that picking and choosing the right outdoor ottoman can seem overwhelming. But there’s nothing to worry when you invest in our products! We offer many modern and chic options for outdoor furniture.

We strive to make only the best quality products for our customers and we take pride in our ability to bring you the highest quality materials. We’re confident they’ll transform your backyard into the most relaxed party area.

Don’t hesitate any longer; reach out to us with any questions or comments. You can also check out our FAQ’s for quick answers to basic questions.

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