Comfy Sack Certified: 13 of the Best Bean Bag Covers

29 July 2019

giant bean bag cover

Architecture Art Design once said that bean bags were “iconic furnishings.”  Of course, they are What’s not to love about these diverse pieces of furniture? They look great in pretty much any room of a home, whether it’s a kid’s playroom or a stylish, leather-filled library. Looking for the right kind of giant bean bag cover for your bean bag? Here are 13 of the most stylish and comfortable covers we can think of.

1. Cotton Bean Bag Covers for a Classic Look

Cotton has been the go-to fabric for centuries. When it comes to choosing your bean bag chair fabric, it’s not a bad idea to start with cotton. It’s easy to see why so many people around the world love this fabric. Cotton is stretchable, breathable, and you can easily clean it. This makes it an especially great fabric for an empty bean bag chair for a child. If you know that your bean bag chair is likely to get pretty dirty, then definitely opt for cotton beanbag covers. It’s likely to be the easiest kind of fabric to clean. Simply remove the cover and throw it into the washer and voila!

2. Waterproof Covers for Beach Lounging

Outdoor bean bags and patio ottomans are becoming pretty popular. If you don’t believe us, then just take a look at some of the most popular outdoor cinemas in Australia. You’ll notice a trend shifting away from the traditional lounge chairs and more towards bean bag lounges and full-on bean bag beds. It makes sense, as they’re a lot more comfortable. However, for any outdoor bean bag, you’ll want to go with waterproof fabric for the cover. As an added plus, this kind of fabric is easy to clean. That means that you can get it as wet and dirty as you want with sunblock and sea salt and you’ll easily be able to wipe it off.

3. Denim Bean Bags for a 90s Throwback

Casual, cool, and a bit of a nod to the 1990s, denim is making its way back into the homes and hearts of people all over the country. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a denim bean bag chair cover is the fact that it goes well with pretty much anything. The colour, first of all, mixes well with pretty much any colour scheme. Mix and match denim with furniture and wall paint colours such as grey, white, off-white, green, purple, lighter blues, and yellows. Secondly, the pattern design of denim is great for homes that already have patterned walls or crazy furniture. In this case, a denim bean bag cover will help calm things down a bit.

4. Lambswool Bean Bag for Luxury Lounging

If your home’s interior design leans a bit more towards the elegant and chic and less towards the college dorm room style, then you’re probably looking for luxury fabric. In this case, a bean bag might seem like a bit of a risk. However, if you get the right giant bean bag cover, you’ll see that they can be elegant, too. For luxury lounging, try a lambswool cover. Imagine sitting on a cloud. This is exactly what a lambswool bean bag cover feels like. To make matters more interesting, it actually looks like a piece of expensive furniture and less of a bean bag. This means that you can enjoy comfort without sacrificing style.

5. Velvet Covers for Cosy Relaxing

Can’t decide what to add to your game room or home cinema in order to give it that extra classic look? Try a shimmering velvet bean bag. This fabric shines and sparkles while still making sure you’re able to relax in a cosy way. Velvet is so soft that you’ll forget you’re sitting on a bunch of fluffy beans. And, it combines great with game rooms and home cinemas due to the fact that it’s a fabric that cinemas use to dress their theatres with. Try incorporating a black velvet bean bag into a home music studio for a classic rock feel.

6. Faux Fur is Fabulously Fun

For a super cosy look that doesn’t come with the price tag of some other soft fabrics, opt for faux fur. A bean bag that’s covered in faux fur looks especially warm in colder spaces. This means that if you need to warm up your home during the cold Australian summers then you’ll definitely want to look into a faux fur bean bag. Due to the fluffy nature, we often find that these are great for decorating a little girl’s room or for game rooms that are home to a gaggle of girls. Hosting a tea party or a fantasy-themed birthday bash? Have guests sit on a faux fur bean bag instead of traditional chairs.

7. Floral Print is So In

It’s 2019 and floral print is still in. But, when did it ever really go out of style, right? Few things exude girl power than a floral print bean bag cover. And, there are so many styles to choose from that you won’t be at a loss for looks. These include covers with:

  • Bright pink flowers and a black background
  • Palm tree leaves
  • Paisley pattern ornamental designs
  • Vibrant 70s-themed flowers

There are so many more floral print designs to choose from, and they’re all great for a girl’s bedroom, a dorm room, or even a summer patio look.

8. Distressed Canvas for an Industrial Look

Distressed canvas is a great design for a giant bean bag cover that’s going in an office or any working space. The seriousness of the design scheme lends itself well to industrial office spaces, very minimalist home offices, or even a living room with a modern, chic design. Canvas itself is a great fabric for a bean bag cover as it’s easy to clean and it’s pretty comfortable to sit on. Haven’t thought about adding bean bags to your office space? You should! They’re surprisingly ergonomic.

9. Personalised, Custom-Printed Bean Bags

If you don’t find that you’re particularly keen on any of the trending designs, then design your own bean bag! Custom-printed bean bags are a great way to show off your personal style and create your own branded image. This is an especially great choice for businesses who are going to use bean bags in their office space. You can add your company logo or a fun catchphrase to make office life a little more interesting. Make a statement while adding comfort to whatever space you’re decorating. It’s a win-win for you and the people sitting in the bean bags!

10. Striped Covers for Ocean Vibes

Do you live in one of Australia’s many coastal towns? Are you trying to decorate a beach house with comfy furniture? Take a look at striped bean bag covers. This design naturally lends itself to sailor-like vibes and mixes well with any beachside home’s decor. Imagine a beachfront deck with navy-coloured striped bean bags. Think of all of the endless nights you could spend on the deck sitting around the fire after a long day of surfing. Navy stripes, light blue stripes, pink stripes, and pretty much any other colour are all great for this kind of aesthetic.

11. Plain Black Covers for Cosy Chic

Nothing says chic more than plain old black. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of bean bag cover fabric and colour choices. We totally get that. If you feel this way, then you should go for an all-black cover. With an all-black bean bag, you can take it literally anywhere and it’s going to look great. This means that it’s going to look great in an office, in a playroom, outside or your patio, and even in your living room. It’s hard to go wrong with that kind of versatility.

12. Suede Covers for Soft Style

There’s more to suede than Elvis’s blue suede shoes. That’s right, you can use suede for a delectably soft bean bag cover, too! Suede covers are so soft that you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on air, which makes them great for oversized bean bags or bean bag lounges. Better yet, try a faux suede fabric for your furry best friend’s bean bag bed. They’ll appreciate the gesture and you’ll love the way it looks in your home. Opting for faux suede is usually a good idea in general, as it’s much easier to clean than the real thing.

13. Faux Leather for a Gentleman’s Cave

Are you trying to outfit a man cave but can’t quite find the right fabric that doesn’t make it look like you’re trying to relive your 20s? Try a faux leather bean bag cover. It looks classic and feels smooth. Better yet, it’ll make you feel like you’re sitting in a classic James Bond car as you’re sipping martinis and watching Game of Thrones. Faux leather combines with pretty much any decor, and with a wide range of colours available, you’ll be able to find something that mixes well with your gentleman’s cave.

In Need of a Giant Bean Bag Cover?

Do you need a giant bean bag cover but don’t see a fabric or design on this list that you like? Here at Bean Bags R Us, we specialise in all kinds of bean bags, fabrics, covers, and more. If you’re looking for something special, feel free to contact us. We’ll see how we can help you and get you the bean bag you’ve always dreamed of relaxing in!

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