Man Cave Decor: 11 Ideas for the Manliest (Yet Comfy) Cave

man cave decorAre you looking to create the ultimate man cave? You know, that one dedicated space in the house that’s all yours? The place where you can be rowdy, watch the gym on full-volume and avoid interrupting the rest of your household? In this sense, it’s safe to say that your partner is just as happy for you to have this man cave as you are.

But, whoever said that a man cave has to lack style and grace? In truth, the best man caves are those that act as a functional space but without sacrificing style and comfort.

So, can it be done? You betcha.

If you’re getting ready to put together the ultimate man cave, this one’s for you. Read on to discover eleven-man cave decor ideas that are just as masculine as they are stylish.

Trust us, this sometimes unlikely combination is genuinely possible.

1. Leather Furniture

Let’s start it out with a bang: Leather furniture.

First, let’s consider that we spent 90 per cent of our day indoors. When we wrap our heads around this number, it’s easy to see why creating a comfortable and eye-catching interior space is so important.

As for leather, there’s something about it that allows it to be perfectly masculine and perfectly luxurious. Whether it’s genuine leather or a faux-leather, the look is generally all the same.

Be it your couch and chairs or your stools and an ottoman, leather furniture is always going to be a timeless fashion. After all, leather goods are just as current in fashion today as they were even a decade ago. This means that you can avoid switching it our for something deemed more stylish down the road.

In particular, brown leather furniture is always going to suit a man cave. This aesthetic is especially eye-catching when paired with dark walls and matte black or bronze accents.

It’s safe to say that leather is a safe material and a wise choice for any man cave today.

2. A Wine Barrel Drink Cooler

Did you know that one-third of our life is generally spent at work?

When we consider this fact, it’s safe to say that we deserve a good, old-fashioned drink in our downtime. So, if you’re looking to host a few friends or family members for a beverage in your man cave, you’re best to ensure that you have all the best beverage-related knick-knacks.

To host your drinks, why not match the occasion with a wine barrel drink cooler? This can keep anything cold from beer and wine to liquor and waters. After all, it’s always important to stay hydrated on this type of occasion!

If you take to the internet, you’ll find a number of old, genuine wine barrels for sale. While these barrels are often repurposed for seating or even a table, a wine barrel drink cooler is all the more creative.

If you’re planning a party, you can cool a selection of drinks in this wine barrel and put it on display. All that you have to do is fill the wine barrel with ice and load it up!

3. Custom Billiards Table

If you’re looking to keep the energy levels of your man cave high, it’s time for a billiard table. This is going to get you up from the couch and encourage you to do something significantly more active.

After all, we tend to spend a lot of time in front of the big screen these days. In fact, the average person is said to spend nearly six hours per day watching some form of video.

To counteract this fact, let’s bring our attention to something a little more active and a lot more exciting. Let’s be serious, what man cave is complete without a custom billiards table?

Now, the reason we specified “custom” is so that you can create a billiards table that isn’t just functional but also one that looks styin’. After all, the traditional billard’s table isn’t exactly pleasant to look at. The good news is that creating a custom billard’s table isn’t all that much more expensive than going the traditional route.

Going custom will allow you to create a billiards table that is entirely compatible with your man cave. So, if your man cave follows a dark and masculine colour scheme, you can bet that you can design a billiard’s table that perfectly compliments this design.

Pro tip: Many custom billard’s table companies allow for tables that can be converted for another use. For example, with one simple transition, the billard’s table can easily be transformed into table tennis or even a sharp dining room table.

4. A Gallery Wall

If you’re looking to create a focal point in your man cave, look no further than a gallery wall.

This is a simple way to display art and photographs without having to stress about where you’re going to hang them. After all, the purpose of a gallery wall is to arrange artwork in a formation that is entirely randomized and not following any strict guidelines.

Remember, a gallery wall doesn’t have to be reserved for artwork. Instead, this gallery wall can be the host of photographs, sport’s memorabilia, old trophies and whatever suits your fancy.

5. Creative Seating

So, you’re looking to get a little more creative in your seating options?

Of course, it’s important to have formal seating in nearly all rooms in the house. This allows for functional seating across anything from a dining table and a sitting room to your home office.

But, let’s remember that we’re talking about a man cave here. This means that we can minimize that need for formality and opt for something a little more fun and comforting. This happens to be exactly where bean bag seating comes into play.

The good news?

Today, there’s such a wide selection of contemporary bean bag sitting available in the online world. This means that finding a bean bag that is both comfortable and eye-catching is incredibly simple. We’ve got the perfect man cave bean bag chair for every man.

You can even customize the bean bags with anything from your favourite sporting team to your nickname or initials.

6. A Projection Screen

Are you the movie buff of your friend group? Or, what about a dedicated sports fan not looking to miss a single game?

Either way, it’s essential to have a solid screen to watch anything from movies and television to sporting games and video games.

Sure, you can opt for a big-screen television just like every other man cave. Or, you can switch up the game to something a little more exciting and a lot more design forward.

This is where the projection screen comes into play.

Not only does this produce high-quality imaging, but it also looks great. When in use, you can unleash the screen and enjoy the show. After the game, you can easily roll up the screen and make room for other activities.

This is the perfect television option for any man cave that’s design-forward and verging on the smaller size.

7. Create a Textured Wall

A textured wall is a simple and effective means of creating a design-forward space.

This is great for adding character to any space and is a relatively cost-effect way to decorate your man cave. If you’re looking to add a “pop” to your space, this might be just what you’re looking for.

So, what exactly can you use to create such texture?

You can opt for anything from faux-brick and wood panelling to carved stone and even wallpaper. This is best done with one dedicated wall without the room and is typically the wall opposite from the main entrance.

8. A Bar

So, you really want to win the hearts of friends and family from afar? If so, it’s time to opt for the in-house bar.

Even if it’s not in the budget, there are simple ways to create a functioning bar for less. After all, you know and we know that this aspect of the man cave is likely to get the most usage.

A traditional bar will include storage for glassware, storage for a number of different sized bottles and cocktail accessories. It will also include and mini-sized fridge and freezer as well as a sink and running water.

If you don’t the means necessary for an entire bar, you can simply opt for a built-in bar. This will include a designed area to host a number of alcoholic beverages as well as a dedicated pouring space. With this, there’s no need for a sink, running water or any plumbing at all.

Your space and your budget are going to dictate which sort of bar your man cave is going to be working with. Either way, you can look forward to enjoying that luxurious bar experience in the comfort of your own home.

9. Hang a Vintage Map

If you’re struggling to find artwork, why not opt for a vintage map?

This could be a map of the entire world or a map of certain countries or continents. The vintage element helps to add a design-forward flair to any space and is perfect for that of a man cave.

If you’re really looking to get creative, you can personalize the map by adding pins to the countries you have travelled. You can also colour coat these pins to target which of the 197 countries in the world you plan to visit in the future. Or, better yet, to pinpoint the countries that mark a special place in your heart or in history.

10. A Rolling Bar Cart

If you’re pressed for money or for space, you can omit the bar idea and opt for something a little more cost-effective.

A rolling bar cart is perfect for both hosting and showcasing your prized beverage collection. Whether it’s your go-to collection of liqueur or even a few bottles of wine, a tray mobile is a simple and stylish way to display your collection.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that a bar cart is also incredibly design forward. In fact, you can nearly guarantee that all the most stylish hotel bars and residences have a bar cart hidden somewhere. Fortunately, bar carts have never been more stylish and readily available than they are today.

So -it’s time to pick your poison! Are you opting for a circular cart or perhaps a more rectangular and traditional cart? When you move onto colour, are you going for a contemporary matte black or that all-natural wooden bar cart?

11. Open Shelving

Do you have a collection that you’re looking to display?

Remember that old sport’s memorabilia and trophy collection that your grandfather gifted you? Or, what about that model car collection you began building from as early as you can remember?

This is a prime opportunity to display this collection and get back in touch with these collectibles that once meant so much to you. This is also a great way to ensure that they’re no longer collecting dust under your basement stairwell!

Man Cave Decor Ideas

Let’s be honest, the traditional man cave isn’t exactly noted to be the most design-forward room in the house.

Be it in movies or sitcoms, man cave decor is traditionally limited to taxidermy and old’s sports paraphernalia to Sunshine Girl posters and old, half-full beer kegs.

Let’s just say this aesthetic isn’t exactly winning any awards on the design front.

But, what if the man cave didn’t have to be defined as the official do-not-enter corner of the house? As it turns out, the man cave as we know it doesn’t have to be such an unforgiving eyesore. Like any other room in the house, the man cave has the ability to be a space that is both practical and appealing to the eye.

If you’re looking to create a man cave that is just as functional as it is stylish, be sure to use the above guide for inspiration. Even simple things such as adding texture to a wall and creating a bar are sure to make a significant difference to the overall aesthetic of your man cave.

Are you looking for more man cave design inspiration? If so, be sure to read this article outlining how to create a man cave with bean bags.

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