What to Consider When Buying a Bean Bag Chair

20 June 2018

buying a bean bag chair

Do you remember how much fun you had with your old bean bag chair as a kid? Now that your older, you might want to think about buying a new bean bag chair. You can bring back memories by adding a bean bag chair to your home to use for yourself, or to let your kids make some new great memories. Whether you're using your chair to add some colour to your home, make it more comfortable, or even to use in a game room, you want to make sure you're looking at the best bean bag brands.

What to Know Before Buying a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags are making a comeback, and they're not just old, overused pieces you might remember from what you had in your room when you were young. There are some high-quality bean bags out there for you to choose from now that will fit into any home.

Consider the Fabric

When you think bean bags, you might think vinyl. Vinyl is a common and durable fabric often used in beanbags, but it can also get sticky and hot if you live in a warmer climate. It is also considered to be carcinogenic, and in the State of California, vinyl beanbags are required to carry Proposition 65 Warning Labels. For an alternative to vinyl, you can get a cotton bean bag that's super breathable and comfortable. However, the material isn't particularly stain resistant, so if you have little ones around or are prone to spills yourself, think twice about selecting this material. Polyester and Nylon fabrics are the most popular fabrics in today's beanbags because they are easy to clean and often treated with special coatings to make them fade and mould resistant and water repellant. A leather bean bag makes a statement and is extremely durable compared to most any fabric. If you can afford to splurge on a leather bean bag, it will add a nice touch to a study or a bedroom and will last through the years. You can add texture to any room by choosing a microsuede beanbag. The material is soft and comfortable and wears well. However, like cotton, it's more prone to stains than the other fabric alternatives.

Get in Shape

Bean bags aren't just round anymore. They come in virtually any shape and size your space requires. If your room has limited space, you can get a rectangular bean bag to fit into the corner of the room or between sofa sections. You can also choose a bean bag that's shaped like a sofa to add both fun and comfort to your room. There are numerous different sofa bean bag chairs available - maybe you'll want to grab more than one and make an entire bean bag room for your house. You can also opt for an oversized bean bag chair if you have more space available. Once you sprawl out in a huge bean bag, you might never want to go back to traditional chairs again.

Where Will You Use It?

If you're using your bean bag chair as an accent piece for your bedroom, chances are it won't get as much wear and tear as if it may in another section of the house. You can match your beanbag to the colour and theme of the room. Be sure to choose a comfortable fabric that complements the rest of the area. If you're using the bean bag in a kid's room, consider opting for polyester or more durable material. Go for a fun pop of colour or a humorous patter that your kids will always remember. Be sure to use a bean bag that's suitable for children, as discussed below. Maybe you're using your bean bag in a gaming room. You'll want a sturdy bag with lots of filling so you can sit more upright in it while using a console. Add more than one bean bag to a gaming room to turn it into a fun lounging area with a relaxed, cozy vibe.

Is it Safe?

If you have pets or kids around, consider the fill of the bean bag that you choose. If your bean bag ever tears and the stuffing comes loose, bead beans or polystyrene beads may be a safety hazard. You can opt to fill your bag with wood shavings or recyclable, pet-friendly materials. Don't worry - these are still comfortable. Think of soft pine shavings, but maybe these are better as mulch in the garden. It's also important to pay attention to the construction of your bag. Make sure the stitching is tight so it won't easily come undone and spill the filling. If your bag has a zipper, keep it away from small children. If you're going for a vinyl bag, make sure you choose one that's lead-free.

They're Not Just for Your House

Speaking of where you'll use your bean bag - you can use this bean bag to float around in your swimming pool. Hang out in your pool surrounded by cloud-like comfort, and you won't have to worry about getting wet. Our Pool Bean Bags repel water, so you don't have to worry about doing any damage. Once you've finished in the pool, you can also transition it into the house after hanging it up to dry. If you're looking to decorate your backyard, add in a bean bag or two to the outdoor decor. Bean bags lend themselves to a laid-back atmosphere. Imagine reading a book in your bean bag chair in the great outdoors! That's why outdoor bean bags are becoming so popular. You can even get a bean bag for your fur baby to enjoy. A bean bag dog bed is a perfect, comfortable option for your dog. And they can enjoy all the fun of having a bean bag, too.

Time to Buy Your Bag

Now you've got an idea of what type of bean bag you're looking for, it's time to make a selection. There's no better place to buy a bean bag than Bean Bags R Us. They've got every shape and size available for you. And you'll find a broad range of colours and patterns to choose from. Add that level of comfort to your home that it's been missing. Buying a double bean bag chair is one of the best decorating decisions that you can make.

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