Are Bean Bags Healthy?

7 June 2020

are bean bags healthyAs an item of furniture that is an affordable piece of luxury seating, a bean bag is a way to help you relax and unwind but it could also be a key to your health and wellbeing. When we think about health, especially in terms of ergonomics and relaxation, we need to ask the question “are bean bags healthy?”

Are bean bags healthy?

The answer is a resounding yes. They are a key to relaxation, but the most obvious reason that bean bags are healthy is that they help people suffer from back problems. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 1.8 million Australians have back problems caused by poor posture. As poor posture can cause rounded shoulders, headaches, and pain in other parts of the body, choosing the right seating is crucial for our posture.

How are bean bags healthy?

They work in so many different ways, physically and emotionally.

The benefits of bean bags on back pain

Ergonomically speaking, bean bags are particularly therapeutic for back pain. Many adults experience a significant amount of back pain due to bad posture habits. We all spend a significant amount of time sitting down, whether this is watching TV, playing video games, or working at our computer, and there is nothing we like to do more than sit down on a couch or sofa and relax. However, a hard couch can cause problems with your posture. Some doctors recommend bean bags for post surgical rehabilitation.

Bean bags work with your posture

If you have pressure in your lower spine or sciatic nerve, it doesn't matter how you choose to sit in a bean bag they contour to every part of your body. If you have problems sitting down in specific chairs, the malleable nature of a bean bag will work with your body shape.

They are ideal for every environment

We live in a world of increased stress. We can use bean bags to relax and unwind. When we work long hours in front of a computer sitting on a hardback chair, we can experience a decrease in productivity. The most important thing to help us unwind after a stressful day in the office and work on our posture is to have a bean bag chair. Bean bags are commonplace in many working environments that know the importance of employee downtime.

They ease joint and muscle pain

If you have suffered an injury to your muscles or joints or have had surgery, bean bags can help to ease your aches. One of the major problems after any form of surgery is sitting on a surface that is too hard for your posture. After any form of surgery, we can feel delicate which is why we need a piece of furniture that helps to support our posture but also soothe aches and pains.

They reduce tension headaches

So many of us might not realise the furniture we sit in every day could cause a significant amount of tension. When we sit in a chair that isn't ergonomically suited to our posture, over time we develop bad postural habits. This could mean that we end up tensing our shoulders too much which can cause terrible headaches. Many people don't realise that a problem in your head is likely connected to your neck and your shoulders. When we have tension headaches we've got to take the opportunity to reduce the stress where we can. Sitting in bean bag chairs can give you that ideal support to minimise your tension. Simply having the opportunity to relax into a bean bag chair means your tension can melt away.

They actively promote relaxation

Who can't but help melt into a beanbag? After a difficult day sat upright on a commuter train or feeling the tension in your lower back during rush hour traffic, coming home to relax into a bean bag can give you that opportunity to let all your stress disappear. The beans in the bean bag provide the support that your body needs while conforming to your specific body shape. When you are sat in a bean bag that moulds itself to your needs, this gives you the opportunity to relax.

Everybody is sat in chairs that don't help us to relax and we can all feel the tension building up. Having a malleable piece of furniture that supports you is crucial to unwinding. Everybody has stress in their life and the main places where stress collects is in the small of our back and our head. When we tense up due to stress we gradually feel it all over the body. This is why we need the right piece of furniture to actively promote relaxation after any stressful day. Are bean bags healthy? They are certainly beneficial to our mind!

The soothing nature of a bean bag

Bean bags don't just help us to relax but they also provide a calming sensation. They can be incredibly soothing in an emotional sense. When we have children who have testing behaviours or disabilities such as autism, bean bags can provide an even sense of pressure on a child's body. This means that a child is comfortable and supported. This means that if a child is more relaxed they will feel more secure.

Most furniture is only designed to keep you supported in one way and if this means that over time you start to get tense, you won't ever feel the benefits of that piece of furniture. A bean bag provides an even amount of pressure supporting your body which means that you have the opportunity to calm down. When we have children that are restless in nature, a bean bag provides an informality. This is why we see bean bags in children's hospitals and daycare centres.

Adding a layer of relaxation to your life

It's not just about calming down but when you ask the crucial question “are bean bags healthy?” this very simple piece of furniture can add a lot of meaning to someone's life. Whether you are tense or you are looking for another way to relax, a bean bag provides a significant amount of physical and emotional support for the everyday needs in your life.

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