What is the Best Material for Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs?

18 August 2014

costa outdoor bean bag chairs

Nothing beats lounging by the pool in the comfy softness of premium bean bag furniture. If you're the proud owner of Bean Bags R Us outdoor bean bag chairs or lounges you already know our outdoor products are the best on the market, but do you know why? It's because unlike most bean bag products made for the mass market; ours start with the best materials. To fully appreciate the difference in quality, it helps to understand why some cover materials are better suited for outdoor use than others. When it comes to withstanding the elements, fabric type, denier, waterproof coatings and other treatments are all important factors. The following guide will help you understand the most common materials used for making bean bags.

What Is Denier?

Numbers and letters you see in the names of polyester and nylon materials aren't just random. The "D" in 1680D polyester stands for denier; it's a unit of measurement that denotes the linear mass density or thickness of the fibres that make up the fabric. Denier can be used to measure strength or durability in like materials. For example, a 600D nylon bag is stronger than a 400D nylon bag. If you're comparing two different materials, the denier measure will not be equal because of the individual attributes of the fibres. Because nylon is stronger than polyester, 400D nylon is more durable than a 600D polyester. However, in a general sense, higher deniers point to stronger, denser and more resilient fabrics

Understanding PU and PVC Coatings

To make materials intended for outdoor use resistant to water, and improve their overall durability, coatings made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU) are applied to their surfaces. Although PVC and PU coatings are similar, there are a few notable differences. PVC coatings tend to disintegrate faster in higher temperatures or after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. PU is a flexible, rubber-like substance that withstands high temperatures better. In general, PVC-coated materials are waterproof but are not breathable fabrics. PU-coated materials can be both waterproof and breathable. When PVC breaks down, it may become harmful to your health, so think carefully about buying outdoor bean bags coated with a PVC Coating.

Antimicrobial Treatments to Prevent Mold

Also, to PVC or PU coatings, other treatments to increase the longevity of outdoor materials may be present. Some fabrics contain components that deter the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. One such additive is a silver ion that bonds with substances that are essential for bacterial growth survival. Antimicrobial fabrics are suitable for hospitals and medical offices. They may be useful for deterring bacteria and mould growth on outdoor products in the absence of adequate moisture control.

Colourfast Treatments and UV Protection

Your skin isn't the sun's only victim. Any material that faces daily sun exposure is subject to fading, bleaching and general damage from heat and ultraviolet rays. Fabric treatments that protect against UV rays or deterioration of textile dyes help can keep your beautiful outdoor bean bag chair looking bright and new.

Common Material Types for Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

  • The cheapest mass-produced bean bags sold at discount department stores usually comprise 400D polyester. The fabric may or may not be coated to improve its quality and enable outdoor use. At the bottom of the quality ladder, 400D polyester isn't very comfortable. It's paper thin and lightweight, difficult to clean and has an overall cheap appearance and feel.
  • Another common choice is 420D nylon with an added PVC coating. As mentioned before, nylon is naturally stronger than polyester, so this material is more robust than the numbers might imply. It's an acceptable choice, but it lacks the flexibility and comfort of higher density polyester.
  • Some products utilise 600D nylon or polyester, which is higher on the quality scale and provides more comfort.
  • Products made with higher-quality 1200D, and 1280D covers are rare.
  • Close to the top of the range is 1680D polyester with a PU coating. The majority of the outdoor bean bag chairs we create use this top-rated material. It delivers the highest durability, the most comfort, and the easiest care.
  • You may see a variety of bean bags made using canvas, but they are heavier and more expensive. Cotton canvas, being a natural fibre, is more difficult to care for in the outdoors.
  • Olefin is a relatively new fabric manufactured from synthetic fibre. Yarn-dyed olefin is ideal for outdoor furnishings. Olefin has several advantages over other fabric. These include superior strength, colourfastness and comfort. It also has a high resistance to staining, mould, mildew, abrasion and sunlight.
  • Solution Dyed Acrylic is similar to Olefin. Both are yarn dyed which provides superior colour fastness to chlorinated water and saltwater. Solution-dyed acrylic was made famous by Sunbrella which uses it for the majority of its fabrics. Solution-dyed acrylic and olefin are the two most expensive fabrics for outdoor furniture. Olefin vs Sunbrella: Which is better?

Our Outdoor Products: We Choose the Best

The material used to create our outstanding quality outdoor bean bag chairs delivers everything we need to ensure our products outlive, outrank and outshine their peers. Here's how.

  • Our 1680D polyester covers are four times as thick as the 420D alternative used for indoor bean bags. They resist tearing and stand up to the elements as well as rowdy kids and pets.
  • The colourfast fabric is four times as dense and holds four times as much dye to keep its brilliant colour longer.
  • The PU coating provides the best possible protection against deterioration in direct sunlight.
  • Cleaning our water-resistant covers is a breeze. All you need is a mild detergent, a soft-bristled brush, and a clean, dry cloth.
  • With minimal care and maintenance, you can expect our bean bags to provide blissful comfort and exceptional performance for many years.
  • Our premium range of commercial quality outdoor bean bag chairs and pool bean bags now utilise the finest olefin fabrics available.

Bring Your Patio to Life with the Best Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs on the Market

Were you wondering why are bean bags so expensive? Now that you understand what goes into making our bean bags, you'll never waste another dime on cheap imposters made from inferior materials that tear, fade and fall apart after only a few weeks. The ultimate in outdoor comfort can be yours when you choose outdoor bean bag chairs and lounges from Bean Bags R Us. Our range includes something for every age and lifestyle. Check out the Big Boppa, the Cayman and the Bermuda Triangle for casual adult seating. Our Billy the Kid chair is perfect for your little ones. To relax in complete comfort, try the Cayman, Costa or the Malibu outdoor day beds. We even have pool floats so you can cool off in total luxury. With their tough and reliable exterior, all of the 1680D polyester products are suitable for virtually any outdoor setting.

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