Nintendo Switch This: 2019’s Best Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

If you are serious about your gaming then you need to get serious about your posture. Whether you are going trophy and achievement hunting, streaming the hottest new games on Twitch, or practising your speedruns for the new Games Done Quick marathon, spending hours behind your favourite games can play havoc on your back. Keep reading for the definitive list of the best bean bag chairs for gaming in 2019.

According to research, right now about 16% of Australians suffer from back pain, with an astonishing 90% expected to experience back pain during their lives. Don’t become one of these people. Invest in a good quality bean bag gaming chair so that you can game in comfort today and walk straight and tall tomorrow.

Why a Bean Bag Chair Is a Good Investment

Aside from being a great way to sit and play video games, bean bag chairs are excellent for your physical well being, especially for your joints.

Unlike regular chairs which even when soft, remain solid and unforgiving at their core, a bean bag chair adjusts to fully support your body in whatever position you are sitting in. This takes away a lot of stress and pressure from joints that would otherwise end up compromised from long periods in a conventional chair.

The other side of things is that beanbag chairs are durable, and if you have children that also like to game, they can always borrow it themselves. It’s a one size fits all solution that everybody can enjoy.

Understand How to Sit in a Gaming Lounge Chair

Much like everything in life, there is a right and a wrong way to do things. Sitting in a gaming lounge chair is no exception. While they are great for your joints and those long into the night gaming sessions, incorrect use will see you suffering the deeper you get into your game.

Whenever you sit, you need to keep three core areas of your body in mind.

  • Spine
  • Shoulder
  • Hips

When sitting make sure you keep your chest out. This is a great way to ensure the rest of your spine sits in its natural alignment. This is to say when you sit well, your lower back will curve inwards, while you mid and upper back will curve back out again.

Having the correct posture in your spine will lend itself to better positioning for your shoulders and hips also, meaning you will be all set for a marathon gaming session.

Just because a bean bag gaming chair is comfortable, it doesn’t mean that you can avoid the common sitting pitfalls. Just keep the following in mind, and you will be all set.

  • Do not sit with knees, legs or arms crossed
  • Avoid sitting with your body slumped to one side
  • Do not sit with your feet dangling above the floor
  • Make sure you change your position frequently

With the knowledge on how you should sit, and why you should sit that way, the only thing left is to make a decision on what you are going to sit on.

Big Boppa

big boppa adult bean bag chairA bean bag chair made for adults. This large and comfortable gaming lounge chair is the perfect choice for those looking to spend a long evening lost in the worlds of Hyrule or hunting down sprits with Mario and the gang. The current line of Big Boppa bags comes with a removable liner that allows for easy washing. For those that like a bit a variety, different colours are available so you could even grab a couple of liners and change it up from time to time.

The huge size makes it the perfect chair for pretty much anybody from big to small.

The Hayman

meditation tips

An extra-large beanbag that is just perfect for those lazy sunny days chilling out with your favourite video games. Designed for outdoor usage why not grab a Hayman bean bag bed? Take your switch and enjoy some fresh air this summer.

It’s waterproof too, so while not gaming, you can use it to lounge by the pool without fear of getting it dirty or wet.

Available in a range of colours and measuring an astonishing 180x140x30 it really is a gaming lounge chair for the whole family.

Media Lounge

media bean bag lounger

For those that are looking for more than just chairs for gaming but for a bean bag chair that is perfect for relaxing in, then the Media Lounge is a perfect choice.

Double-stitched and with double lock zippers this is the perfect chair for families with kids, and those that love reclining in the outdoors. It is also a very affordable bag, which is again a great selling point for those with children, and who are familiar with the squabbles that go along with possession.

Coming in at 120x66x60 it is a good-sized bean bag gaming chair that offers a great mix of comfort and practicality.

Cayman Bean Bag Chair

cayman outdoor double bean bag chair

For those looking for a big bean bag chair, to offer the maximum comfort while gaming, then the Cayman is the one for you. Perfect for sitting back and getting in some serious gaming time, and big enough for two, so crack out those couch co-ops and make yourself comfortable.

A great choice for both inside and out, you can’t go wrong with this high-quality chair. Choose from ten vibrant colours and sink into this 110 x 110 x 60cm bean bag gaming chair.

Big Bob

big bob bean bag chair
If you are on the larger side and want a bit more formality in your chairs for gaming, then why not grab yourself a Big Bob?

This bad boy is the king of chairs. A regal investment worth of your posterior ahead of those long sessions on Fire Emblem or Astral Chain.

Designed not only to accommodate those of us with larger frames, it is built for comfort and durability. Perfect for inside and out, it can stand up to the abuses of children and the weather without a care in the world.

Holding over 500 litres of beans, this 100 x 80 x 80 chair is your next throne in waiting.

The Cloudthe cloud fur bean bag

Not all bean bag chairs for gaming are created equal. If you have a special lady gamer in your life, why not treat her to a joyous lounging experience.

The cloud isn’t just for saved games anymore, it’s also the most heavenly place to relax and enjoy an even of gaming fun.

An old school bean bag with a silky soft fur lining, it is available in sizes from 104 up to a 120cm diameter meaning you get maximum comfort along with full-body support.

The neutral colouring makes it a perfect fit for any decoration style, this is a bean bag that screams style and relaxation.

Freaky Cousin, a Perfect Kids Gaming Chair

freaky cousin kids bean bag chair
For the younger gamers in the house look no further than the number one kid’s bean bag chair. The Freaky Cousin is the premier gaming chair for your children. Hardwearing without sacrificing on comfort, this bean bag chair is well suited for any and all environments and settings. From outdoors with the switch, or maybe the new Switch Lite, to inside behind a retro console, the Freaky Cousin can do it all.

It can be easy to forget that good posture is just as vital for children as it is with adults. Good habits when it comes to sitting are important and forming them early is key. With 200 litres of filling and coming in at 77x95x65 is offers more than enough support for your kids and keep them healthy.

Treat Yourself to a Bean Bag Gaming Chair Today

You need to take care of your body. Investing in a bean bag gaming chair today will pay off long into the future.

Whether you want to lounge around in style or sit in a more formal, yet comfortable manner bean bags are the way to go. Ideal for any room in the house, it will be an investment that can serve multiple purposes for those times when the console is powered down. Check out our selection of bean bags today and see for yourself how a single purchase can change your life.

Many beanbags can even be used in pools as floatation devices, and with their rapid drying capabilities, they make the perfect addition to any home.

If you can’t decide which bag is the best choice for you, then you could do one of two things.

Buy yourself a couple of cheap gaming chairs, or let us help you whittle down to the best-suited bag for your needs.

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