Eight Reasons to Choose Our Custom Printed Bean Bag Chairs

Toyota custom printed bean bag chairs

Do you want to promote your business and get more people interested in it? You could try to put your business name and logo on to a bunch of pens and pencils and hand them out to people. That might do the trick, but it’s the same approach that so many other businesses are taking these days. You could also try to put your business name and logo on T-shirts, hats, and other articles of clothing. That might work, too, but again, it won’t exactly be an original approach. Or you could create custom printed bean bag chairs and make a statement when people sit down in them. We can pretty much guarantee that you won’t see many other businesses with their bean bags at any events.

Check out a few of the reasons why you should use custom-made designer bean bags to give your business a boost below.

Use Custom Printed Bean Bag Chairs to Promote Your Business

When you create designer bean bags, you’ll be able to put whatever you want on them. It’s easy enough to find available space on a bean bag to promote your business.

Whether you want to put your business name, your business logo, or some combination of both, you can have almost anything printed on a bean bag these days. You can even add a slogan if you want.

No matter what you choose to put on the bean bags you order, they’ll be displayed prominently for all to see. There won’t be any mistaking which company went out of their way to create bean bags that stand out in the crowd.

They Come in a Variety of Colors

Some people are under the impression that bean bags only come in colours like black and red; this couldn’t be further from the truth!

While you can get bean bags that are black or red, you can also choose from more than a dozen other options. Those who order designer bean bags in larger quantities can also have custom colours added to their bean bags.

If your company has unique colours that make it different and instantly recognisable, you can use those colours when you go to create your custom bean bags.

They Won’t Require Any Setup

One of the things businesses love most about custom printed bean bag chairs is that there is no setup required with them.

Bring them to an event, put them out, let people sit on them for a few hours, and then pack them up and be on your way. You won’t find a promotional product that’s any simpler to use than bean bags.

They’ll Capture People’s Attention as Soon as They See Them

If you attend some event and hand out promotional items like pens, T-shirts, or hats, people will appreciate them. But they’re not going to be blown away by them and amazed at how you made them.

People are pretty familiar with these kinds of promotional items.

What people aren’t familiar with, though, is custom printed bean bag chairs. Most people have never seen them before.

As a result, their heads will whip around and focus on your bean bags when you show up at an event. They’ll be drawn in by them and want to sit on them and snap photos with them as soon as they spot them.

They Can Be Used Both Inside and Outside

You might think bean bags are for inside use only. But in reality, some bean bags can be used both inside and outside.

As long as bean bags have a protective polyurethane coating on them, they’ll hold up well outside. You won’t have to worry about the bean bags fading or mould growing on them.

It’s why more and more companies are showing up at concerts and other outdoor events with branded bean bags. They’re seizing the chance to give their brands more name recognition by putting products like bean bags on display. Our Media Lounges were a great hit at the Courier Mail Home Show in Brisbane.

Use them in Many Different Environments.

While the idea of using designer bean bags to promote a business or brand is still relatively new, they’re already starting to show up everywhere.

You can use these bean bags at:

  • Schools
  • Childcare centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Universities
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • And more!

There is no limit to all the places you can put bean bags out and get a high return on your investment. They’ll attract people to your business like never before.

They’ll Associate Your Business With Luxury and Comfort

What do you want people to associate you with when they see your business logo?

More than likely, you want things like “luxury” and “comfort” to come to their minds. They’ll associate those kinds of words with your business when you have bean bags to show them.

They’ll appreciate that you took steps to make your business stand apart from all the rest.

They Aren’t as Expensive as You Might Think

After reading all the benefits of using custom made bean bag chairs, you might think they would cost a fortune. But that’s not the case at all.

You can add your logo or branding to our high-quality bean bags for just $38.50. Better yet, you can buy up bean bags in bulk and get them for an even better price!

You won’t have to risk much money to take a chance on bean bags for your business. And once you do, you’ll be sure glad you decided to do it.

Buy Custom Printed Bean Bag Chairs for Your Brand Today

Everyone loves bean bags. They love looking at them, sitting on them, and feeling how comfortable they can be.

Why not take advantage of that by creating custom printed bean bag chairs of your own for your brand? After you see the reaction they get, you’ll wonder why you didn’t latch on to this trend much sooner.

Learn more about bean bags and the benefits that come along with buying them to promote your business by reading our blog.

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