Personalised Bean Bags

Personalised Bean Bags

Personalise with Our Corporate Branded Bean Bags

Let’s Put Some ‘Cool’ into Marketing!

Advertising is essential for promoting your brand, and in a world full of noise, making a lasting impression can be very hard. Marketing managers are always looking for a way to stand out and create unique branding opportunities. Here at Bean Bags R Us, we design novel and fun-filled branding solutions for special events all over the world. Our bean bags are colourful, trendy, comfortable, and perfect for promoting your brand.

Capture People’s Attention – Quickly!

What do you want people to associate you with when they see your business logo? Friendliness? Comfort? Luxury? Fun? Then forget keyrings, pens, notepads, balloons, branded snacks, hats or water bottles - people will appreciate them, but they’re not going to be blown away by them. What people aren’t familiar with, though, are designer bean bags. Most people have never seen them before.

Toyota Australia Personalised Bean BagsCut through the clutter, and stand head and shoulders above the crowd by having your brand dominate the coolest place at any event – where the beanbags are!

We’ve seen the evidence at so many events - heads whip around and focus on your bean bags. They’re drawn in by them, want to sit on them and snap photos as soon as they spot them.

Personalised Bean Bags: Far More Than a Soft Seating Solution

Branded Bean BagsWhether they’re providing extra seating at indoor conferences or outdoor cinemas, our durable, blissfully comfortable bean bag chairs and lounges are always a hit with potential customers and patrons. After all, it’s impossible to ignore something that is so soft and enjoyable.

At Bean Bags R Us, we pride ourselves in being corporate Australia’s number one resource for top-quality branded beanbags.

While they’re admiring our craftsmanship and wondering how they can get a bean bag for their own home, your future customers will also be noticing the logos and slogans that are prominently printed on the fabric.

Our personalised bean bags are a great business investment because they’re a luxurious treat for your prospective clients, and they provide free advertising for years.

B2B or B2C – we keep the best company!

From creators of fine champagne to esteemed educational facilities, we’ve helped many businesses and organisations get their names into the spotlight. Successful clients who have recently benefited from our custom printed bean bags include the following:

RACQ | Foxtel | DoDo | JBL | Outrigger Hotels & Resorts | Optus | BUPA | Toyota | UBER | Peugeot | Cadbury | Griffith University | Marriott | Channel 7 | Channel 9 | Channel 10 | Moet & Chandon | TigerAir | NAB | NSW Government | Victoria State Government | QUT | Citroen | Harley Davidson | Queensland Government | Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Why Our Personalised Bean Bags are Better

At BeanBagsRUs, we are proud to produce the best quality bean bags on the market. Our brand can help you promote yours. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you order from our wide selection of bean bag chairs, loungers, pool floats and other premium designs.

  • Branded Bean Bag ChairsHeavy-duty construction delivers reliable, consistent durability both indoors and outdoors
  • Water-resistant, fade-resistant performance endures harsh environments
  • UV 50+ sun protection
  • Antimicrobial treated
  • Comfortable woven fabric covers won’t sweat and never feel sticky
  • Inner liners allow easy refilling
  • Bean bags clean easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Most styles are easy to manipulate into a desired shape for even greater comfort
  • Choose from highly visible, bright and unique colour options or relaxing pastels
  • Cloud-like comfort for people of any age or size
  • Affordable, cost-effective alternative to expensive wood patio furniture and indoor specialty seating      
  • Variety of seating styles available to suit any environment


Branded Outdoor Bean BagsWhy Your Business Needs Personalised Bean Bags

Bean bags aren’t just comfy; they’re attractive, affordable and practical. They offer weightless support and ample sitting space that works for people of all sizes, shapes and ages. Available in a variety of trendy colours, they look great in any environment. Bean bags are also incredibly lightweight, which makes them a convenient option when you need to relocate your seating quickly or often.

Our premium materials and durable construction methods ensure that they’ll provide many years of reliable service.

Where to Use Your Branded Beanbags

Introducing the world to your brand through a printed bean bag is easier than you might think. In fact, there are a multitude of ways to do it. Here are a few examples:

Event Sponsorship
If you’re willing to invest a small amount, another way to get your name out into your community is to seek out and sponsor local events. Keep an eye on event calendars, and focus on events that are likely to bring your target audience together. For example, if you own a day spa, look for health-related events. If you run a building or contracting company, events related to real estate or home improvement could be a great opportunity.

Foxtel Corporate Bean BagsOnce you find an event that looks promising, contact the organizers, and offer to provide additional bean bag seating. If applicable, you could also bring along fliers or product samples.

Outdoor Events
If you’re making a presence at outdoor expos, markets, fairs, carnivals or trade shows, an airy bean bag may transform an exhausted patron into a new customer.

Sporting Events and Race or Field Days
Outdoor sporting events never seem to have enough seating, and whatever seating is available is often uncomfortable. It’s one environment where a fluffy bean bag is certain to stand out.

Product Launches and In-Store Promotions
To keep potential customers in the vicinity of your promotion or demonstration, offer them an amazing place to rest and enjoy your presentation.

Holiday and Corporate Gifts
A bean bag is a fantastic cost-effective corporate gift for any occasion, and with your logo close at hand, your brand will stay on the recipient’s mind.

Giveaways and Competitions
Place a branded bean bag or two at your event, and announce that a new one will be awarded as a prize. Your participation will soar, and your prize winner will own a great product that bears your name.

Seminars and Conventions
Large conventions and seminars always need extra seating, especially if they’re family friendly events. Most attendees are already alert and interested in the topic at hand, so it’s a perfect opportunity to present your brand and associate it with comfort and luxury.

7 Corporate Branded Bean BagsOrder Your Printed Bean Bags Today

Our skilled designers at Bean Bags R Us will work with you to create the perfect seating and advertising solution. Individual new bean bags arrive flat-packed so that they’re convenient and easily gift-wrapped.

Don’t let a great branding opportunity pass you by - our bean bags will be the most pleasurable and universally appealing form of advertising that your company and your future customers could ever imagine.

For commercial orders and large quantities, we offer a filling service that includes individually wrapping each bean bag to ensure that it arrives at your event looking brand new. You can choose from our wide range of popular colours, or we can customise your bean bags to match your corporate colours or specifications.

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