1 March 2020

are bean bags good for your back

Everybody likes to sit in the most comfortable way possible. Very often, our posture will differ depending on where we sit and what we are doing. We instinctively move our bodies into the position that is right for us. Often, we do this without giving too much thought. But the question that we should always be asking is whether the posture that we are sitting in is best for our back health? Bean bags are undoubtedly very comfortable. The versatility of the bean bag means that it is possible to change your posture with ease. Unlike sofas and chairs, you can shape your bean bag into any position to get comfortable. It is effortless to get into a very natural sitting position on any bean bag. This ease of use makes indoor bean bags fantastic for relaxation. However, with a back problem being something that will develop over a long period, it can be hard to tell whether our posture when sitting now is not going to cause us problems later on in life. So, while you are sitting comfortably on your bean bag, you may be asking, are bean bags good for your back?

Back Pain Affects Many People

Back pain is something that affects many people. Approximately four million Australians suffer from back pain. That’s a staggering sixteen per cent of the population. Back pain can range from being mildly irritating to being severely debilitating. It can prevent a person from being able to work. Back pain can stop a sufferer from getting sleep, and it can affect a person’s quality of life. There are many causes of back pain too. Common causes of back pain include; a slipped or prolapsed disc, sciatica, swelling of the joints in the spine, a bone in the spine moving out of position. While these are medical causes, there are plenty of non-specific ways of developing back pain, and in these cases, it is often due to poor lifting techniques, a sprain, or prolonged issues with posture.

Getting Great Back And Shoulder Posture

Posture is critical to the health of our backs. It is also something that allows us to appear more confident. Being able to stand upright reduces the amount of pressure on your spine. When you have a lot of pressure pushing down on your spine, then damage to your back is likely to happen over time. Good posture starts from the top of your head. Looking forward at eye-level will pull your neck into a naturally good position. Your shoulders should not slump forward as this will pull your spine into a curved position. Instead, your shoulders should be held straight. Maintaining a good posture is not just essential for preventing back problems, far from it. Ensuring you keep your head upright, and your neck, shoulders and back straight will allow your lungs to open up. Doing this will, in turn, help you breathe better. Improved oxygen flow will help the blood going to your brain, which, in turn, enables you to concentrate better. The improved blood flow is also vital for your muscles too.

How Sitting Affects Posture

Whether you are seated or standing, your posture is just as important. You are always putting pressure on your spine when you slouch or lean. This is why people often look for chairs that have a strong, upright back. Many people look to the back of the chair as being something that can support their back and help them obtain this better posture. However, sitting on a chair with a back may not necessarily imply that your back is straight. Your posture may not be perfect on any chair. This is regardless of whether it has a back, or not. The sitter can slouch. This is especially true of chairs that have hard seats and backs. A more ergonomic design will allow you to get the support that you need in any position. Having a chair that matches the contours of your body will be helpful. If the chair is made of a material that naturally adjusts to your body, then this is even better. Regulating your posture is important in any chair. When choosing the right seating for your home, it is vital to consider the implications that your choice has on your back. Although you may not have back problems right now, that is not to say that you will not have in the future.

How A Bean Bag May Help Your Back

A good indoor bean bag will be filled with EPS polystyrene bean bag filling. Sometimes, memory foam is used as a filler. This is useful as it will fit around your body, providing perfect contoured support. You are maintaining the correct posture to prevent damage to your spine. A bean bag will allow you to take control of your posture. In a relaxed position, you will be able to determine the angle at which you are sitting. You can fully support your back, shoulders, neck, and head at any angle. Bean bags allow you to lie down. With the contoured support of the bean bag and the ability to alter the angle at which you are lying, you will be able to position yourself in a way that is comfortable and supportive to your back.

Can A Bean Bag Help When You Have Back Pain?

When you have been on your feet all day long, you will need to relax your back. Sitting down on a sofa that does not meet the contours of your back will do nothing at all to help your back. You might find that you end up naturally slouching. A sofa may cause you to sit in a very unnatural or uncomfortable pose. Sitting on a couch might not help you manage your back pain as you might not be able to get comfortable. An indoor bean bag, on the other hand, will provide you with plenty of comfort and relaxation while supporting your back, shoulders, neck, and head. You can prop the bean bag in a more upright posture, or you can recline. Whatever position you are in, you will have the support that your back needs.

What Should You Look For In A Bean Bag?

If you are concerned about your posture and preventing back pain, you should consider your bean bag purchase wisely. The right bean bag will help your back. Look for a bean bag that has shredded memory foam inside it. Having memory foam will allow the bean back to shape itself to your body comfortably. The amount of filling you put inside your beanbag cover will determine the level of support. While a baggier bean back may well be very comfortable, you will be looking for a bean bag that can give you the support that you are looking for. A full indoor bean bag will be able to provide you with that support. This ergonomic support will help to reduce the tension on your spine as you relax. You will be able to maintain a very comfortable sitting or lying position, without putting any undue stress on your spine.

Tips For Looking After Your Back When Using A Bean Bag

You may worry about how you will get onto your bean bag when you have a bad back. With the lower seating position, you will need to lower yourself down safely. You mustn’t just drop back onto it as you might with a chair or a sofa. You may be in a position that is more akin to being laid down while you are on your bean bag. Getting up from a laid down position may take some getting used to. Instead of just dropping straight down into the bean bag, kneel next to the bean bag. You should do this slowly, ensuring your back is kept straight and upright. Once in a kneeling position, you can start to lower yourself onto the bean bag, turning as you do so. Make sure that you use your arms to support you as you do this. When it comes time to get up from the bean bag, again, you will want to exercise caution to prevent doing any damage to your spine. This time, you will want to turn yourself over and get into a kneeling position slowly. From your kneeling position, keeping your back straight wherever possible, you should start to stand up.

What Are The Additional Benefits Of Bean Bags?

In addition to the support that it will provide for your back, shoulders, neck, and head; an indoor bean bag has lots of other benefits too. Bean bags are easy to move around the home. That means that you can use in your living room, and then take it on up to your bedroom. Bean bags can be used indoors and outdoors too so that you can enjoy lounging in comfort on your patio. You can match a bean bag quite easily to any aesthetic in your home, and they look great wherever you place them. Even though they have been around since the 1970s, they have rarely been out of style. That means that an indoor bean bag will be a timeless addition to your home.

Easy to Clean & Affordable

Affordability ranks high in many people’s motivations for buying a bean bag. A good bean bag will cost a fraction of the price of a chair, and with double-sized options available, they can make a very cheap alternative to a sofa within your home. Bean bags are pretty easy to look after and can be cleaned in no time at all. Often, you can unzip the outer layer of your bean bag and throw it straight into the washing machine. The effortless maintenance saves on the need to buy expensive upholstery treatments as you may need on a chair or sofa. Sofas and chairs can get quite distorted over time. Cushions go flat, and the foam inside loses its ability to support you. After a few years of sitting on a sofa, the base may start to dig into you as you sit, leading to discomfort. A bean bag, on the other hand, will last for a long time. Due to the nature of the design, a bean bag will easily mould itself into different shapes according to who is sitting on it. You won’t have to worry about misshapen cushions or the seat of the bean bag ever being unable able to hold you comfortably.

Are Bean Bags Good For Your Back?

In conclusion, no one seating solution can guarantee to eradicate problems with your back. Whatever you choose to sit on, you should still do your best to maintain your physical posture yourself. While many people may look at a bean bag as a novelty seating item, it has some substantial benefits in terms of the health of your back. Bean bags provide exceptional comfort. They can contour to your body when you are in a relaxed position. And, assuming you have your neck, shoulders, and back in a comfortable posture, then it is possible to enjoy your bean bag without any cause for concern to your back. If you are concerned about back pain in any way, you should consider getting a fuller bean bag that contains memory foam as this will provide more significant ergonomic support. An indoor bean bag may be the way forward when it comes to finding something to sit on that supports your back while allowing you to relax in comfort.

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