16 Awesome Pool Party Ideas

2 October 2019

pool party ideas

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it's time to get ready for some awesome backyard pool parties. With careful planning, some pool party ideas and the right ingredients, you can make your next party the event of the season. You know how much fun you can have at the big Vegas Pool Parties.  So here are a few tips to help you host the perfect pool party at your own home.

Set the Stage

A day or so before your pool party, clean up your yard. Trim your hedges, mow your lawn and remove any debris. Use a pressure washer to clean your deck or patio if needed. Sweep or blow away leaves and grass trimmings. Getting everything in order will do more than make your yard look great; it will improve safety. And it will help reduce the amount of dirt and organic debris that gets tracked into your house.

Choose a Theme

It's not necessary to have a themed party, but it can be a lot of fun. Consider decorating your entertainment area with colourful, tropical flowers for a Hawaiian theme. Or place decorative seashells on tables, play beach tunes and serve seafood for a beach theme.

Food and Drinks

Food is an essential element of any party, so make it enjoyable. Be sure that your drinks are cold, and you have plenty of extra ice on hand. All food should be fresh and stored in sealed containers so that flies, ants and other bugs can't get to it. Have plenty of napkins, cutlery, condiments and sauces available. In addition to your main attractions, provide nuts, chips or other bite-size food for guests who like to nibble. Before planning your menu, find out if any of your guests have special dietary needs. You wouldn't want your friends who have diabetes or have food allergies to be left out. If your guests will be eating around the pool, use plastic cups and plates. Having to stop and remove broken glass from your pool during a party is not fun.

Bring on the Tunes

Get a great sound system together. If possible, bring speakers outdoors. Create a collection of songs that are appropriate for your guests' tastes or age group. If you're running short on time and have a smartphone, download the Pandora radio app, and connect your phone to your sound system.  A decent sub-woofer will add some punch!

Provide the Essentials for Guests

Some of your guests will forget to bring sun protection and other essentials. Provide a generous assortment of sunscreens, clean towels and cheap sunglasses. Provide a small first aid kit in case a guest gets injured.

Address Pool Safety Issues

Be sure your pool is clean and properly sanitised. Use test strips to determine chemical balance, or take a water sample to your local pool store for evaluation. If your pool has multiple depths, mark the deep end with waterproof tape so swimmers will see it. Make sure your pool deck is free from any slippery areas where water may have created slime. Placing some outdoor bean bags on your pool deck will add colour and provide some soft seating for your friends.

Designate a Pool Party Manager

Choose a responsible person to manage garbage collection and oversee the operation of the sound system and other essential tasks throughout the party.

Show Some Courtesy

Let your neighbours know when you are planning to have a party, so they'll be prepared for the noise and other vehicles. Consider inviting them to avoid any issues with excessive noise or music.

Stop Those Biting Bugs

Mosquitoes can make a fun party miserable. Stock up on citronella candles, oil lamps or torches, and keep them lit. You should also provide plenty of mosquito repellant for guests to use.

Pool Party Ideas 101 - Keep Kids Occupied

If you're inviting many children, provide toys to keep them entertained while adults socialise and relax.  Remember the chargers and a few spare games for the Play Station, Nintendo, I-Pad or X-Box, or whatever your kids play. Consider hiring a bouncy castle or a magician.

Focus on Comfort and Connection

One of our favourite pool party ideas is to place plenty of our comfortable outdoor bean bag chairs around the pool area. Chairs for the poolside allow people to rest comfortably and socialise. You should also consider some floating bean bags for the pool. Check out these poolside decor ideas to create some added ambience around your pool.

Get the Pool Floats Ready

Offer pool floats in different types and sizes. For the ultimate in luxury, try the Portsea pool bean bag floats. These are available in a range of fresh colours. Or read our article to find the best pool floats.

Provide a Changing Area

Guests will need a place where they can change clothes without tracking excess water into your home. If you don't have a standalone changing room outdoors, consider hanging thick fabric with a clothesline to form a private changing area away from the pool.

Keep It Cool

Summer is hot, and you don't want guests to be miserable. Provide umbrellas to shade tables and loungers. Use pedestal fans to create a breeze or rent a misting system. Be sure that plenty of cold drinks are available at all times to prevent dehydration. Misting fans are fantastic, so consider hiring some if you have the budget.

Create a Chill Out Area

If guests need to get away from the noise and action, a chill-out lounge can help them feel refreshed and restored. Our luxurious large bean bag chairs are perfect for this relaxing space; guests can position their bodies any way they want to feel comfortable. Create your chill-out space in a quiet area away from the pool. Bean bags are perfect if you're looking for some cheap outdoor furniture. A garden fountain, soft music and miniature lights can lend a spa-like feel. You can even create a separate beverage station, so relaxed guests don't have to brave the noisy pool area to refresh their drinks. If you're inviting elderly or introverted guests, they will greatly appreciate your efforts.

A Good Party Is a Safe Party

Most importantly, keep your party safe. If you're serving alcoholic beverages, choose some designated drivers before the fun gets started. Always supervise children around the pool area and ensure that someone can act as a lifeguard in the event of an emergency. If you have pets, consider their safety too. It might be wise to isolate them in a quiet location, so the noisy crowd doesn't cause undue stress.

Seize the Summer With Our Pool Party Ideas!

Summer comes and goes faster than you realise, so don't procrastinate when it comes to having poolside fun. Planning parties does involve some work, but it's well worth the effort when you see what a great time everyone is having. We hope you enjoyed these pool party ideas. If you're looking to buy a bean bag pool chair, we have an impressive range available in our online store.

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