Video Gaming 101: Ditch the Couch for a Bean Bag Chair

1 July 2019

video gaming bean bag chairs

72% of the American population plays video games. Surprisingly, 42% of the gaming audience is female. With women 18 and older making more of the gaming audience than boys 17 and younger. So, it goes without saying that the gaming industry is gigantic right now! There is no doubt that hardcore gamers and part-time recreationists invest most of their time and resources in the gaming experience. Find the best video gaming bean bag chairs. While this is the case, the chairs for gaming can have a significant impact on their experience and overall health. Gamers need to invest in chairs that are comfortable, flexible, and durable that can handle long hours of use. Also, it should be used in different areas of their home and provide the right support to ensure their posture is right while gaming. Whether for adult, kid, or a gamer in your life who can't peel themselves away from the screen, comfort is key.

Features To Look For In the Best Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Your gaming experience will most likely be interrupted by a frequent tender neck, sore muscles, and backaches if you settle for the wrong chair. Here are some of the features of a gaming chair that will enhance your gaming experience.

Design and Support

While most gaming chairs have a classic round shape, there are plenty of options you can consider (pear-shaped or elongated). However, your decision should be based on the level of support you’re aiming for as well as your own unique needs. One of the features that differentiate bean bags from other chairs is their support and design, and this is enhanced by the filling used in the chairs. Most bean bag chairs use polystyrene balls, Styrofoam, or Polypropylene pellets, as they create a softer and more comfortable experience for gamers.


The problem with poor gaming chairs is that they cause backaches and muscle soreness due to poor posture. When in search of the best bean bag gaming chair, comfort should be a top concern. The sensitive nerve endings on your neck and back muscles need a comfortable chair that prevents you from feeling numb in your feet and hands. The good thing about bean bags is that they easily conform to your body shape. This feature combined with cushioning in bean-like fillings provides reliable support. This way, you will always remain alert and get the best result from your gaming experience.


Quality is one of the top features in any gaming chair. This is because it defines how long it will last, the materials used and how the chair is made. This is also important as gamers tend to spend a lot of hours behind the screen. You’re guaranteed of exceptional quality from bean bag chairs as they’re designed and marketed for children and families. You can always expect excellent stitching with high-quality fabrics, as well as dense cushiony fillings.

Why Bean Bags are Excellent Gaming Chairs

If you’ve never considered using a bean chair as a gaming chair then you are most likely missing out on the benefits that it has to offer. Here’s why bean bags are excellent gaming chairs.


Bean bag chairs are light, easy to handle, and can be conveniently set-up in different rooms around your home. Whether you’re in the basement, a dedicated game room, or in the living room, this chair will easily move around your home and you’ll always enjoy an ultimate gaming experience.


As a gamer, your health is of great concern. You’ll be spending a lot of hours behind the screen and this can pose serious health concerns with posture being one of them. A chair that causes straining may leave you feeling tired after gaming! The good thing about bean bag chairs is that they’re comfortable making them a healthy gaming option. The liner of the bean bag is filled with memory foam which adapts to your sitting position and adjusts your posture. This is great as it relieves the pressure on your muscles so you will hardly strain your neck and back even on long hours of gaming. This also means that the bean bag has little to no risk of rupturing during intense gaming.


Bean bag chairs are a great option for your gaming needs since they provide a great balance between quality and affordability. While they may be fairly priced, they don’t compromise your sitting position.

The Top 7 Gaming Bean Bag Chairs You Should Consider

Bean bag chairs come in different shapes and designs. Here are some of the few chairs you should consider.

1. The Sumo Lounge Omi

This bean bag is unique since it’s extremely versatile and offers both comfort and relaxation. It also comes in an assortment of different styles and colours that can fit into your home or gaming room. You can manipulate the beads into a position that supports your back. Or position it to look like a chair making it suitable for gaming. The bean bag chair can hold up against any kind of wear or tear, so it’s an excellent choice for gamers who enjoy extended gameplay. The chair weighs 15 pounds and measures 4 feet by 5 feet making it easy to move from room to room. They also feature rip-proof nylon which means that you can position it like a small couch, and lay on it like a bed.

2. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag gaming chair comes in only two colours. But its oversized design provides players with enough space that adapts to the curvature of their spine. This is perfect as it allows for longer gaming sessions. It’s also filled with shredded memory foam which not only provides a soft, supporting surface but it possesses enough durability to maintain your body shape. The chair is made from the soft micro-suede cover which makes it easy to remove and clean.

3. Fatboy the Original

Fatboy the original gaming bean bag chair measures 5’10” x 4’7” and comes in 19 different colours to fit your colour scheme and room décor. The chair is wrapped in durable nylon encasement and filled with virgin polystyrene, making it both water and stain-resistant. The bag weighs 20 pounds and is multi-function just like the sumo lounge but with more space to lay on.

4. Big Joe Soccer Bean Bag

This bean bag comes in a unique and stylish design meant for football, basketball, and soccer lovers. It comes in three unique colours and has 20% denser UltimaX bean which makes it durable and tougher. This bean chair is designed to be refilled, and the Ultima X beans are sold separately making it convenient for users.

5. Comfy Sacks 6 ft Lounger

This bean bag chair is designed from durable memory foam for long-lasting comfort. It’s made from soft material and has the ability to resist permanent compression. This means that it doesn’t just leave an imprint when sitting for long, but it will remain comfortable and squishy for years. The Comfy Sacks bean bag can be manipulated into a chair or couch for your convenience and comfort. It also features durable, double-stitched seams that provide you with the highest level of quality. It comes in different colours and the size is suitable for a living room or a larger gaming room.

6. Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag Chair

This sofa-like bean bag chair is 6 foot long and is perfect for relaxing and kicking back for hours. The chair not only comes in numerous colours but also it features premium foam fillings and microsuede cover which guarantees comfort even when gaming for a long time. It comes with a washable inner and outer cover for versatility and convenience. Also, the proprietary foam blends conform to your body.

7. Sofa Sack Bean-Bag Chair

The Sofa sack bean bag comes in a compact design which can be integrated into any room. The chair is filled with pressure-resistant grade memory foam and this makes it comfortable for anyone who’s interested in playing video games for a long time. Thanks to its compact design, 24" H x 36" W x 36" D, this chair is a great option for a traveller pack. You’ll always enjoy playing games no matter where you are!

Settle For The Best Video Gaming Bean Bag Chairs!

Investing in the right bean bag chair has a lot of benefit to your health. Most of the video gaming bean bag chairs are filled with memory foam which adapts to your sitting position and adjusts your posture. This means that you will hardly experience any frequent tender neck, sore muscles and backaches. When looking for the best bean bag chair it’s important to check on the quality. A good chair will always have excellent stitching, dense cushiony fillings, and made out of high-quality fabric. Also, quality chairs use polystyrene balls, Styrofoam, or Polypropylene pellets, as they create a softer and more comfortable experience for gamers. There are plenty of reasons why bean bag chairs are highly recommended by most gamers. But their affordability, convenience, and impact on the gamer’s health make them the perfect solution for an exceptional gaming experience. Are you looking for an exceptional experience with bean bags? Check out our blog and learn how a bean bag couch can make a difference.

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