Paying Homage to the Iconic Bean Bag Chair

8 July 2019

bean bags australia Bean bag chairs are practically everywhere. You see them in living rooms and bedrooms. You also find them in offices in different shapes and sizes. In Australia, they are not as prevalent, compared to other countries. The local market still pales in comparison to the North American market. Nevertheless, the Australian market is developing. With the numerous benefits of bean bag chairs, we can expect to see more people investing in them. But where did the bean bag chair start? What is the story behind this iconic chair? Continue reading below as we discover the history and the benefits of the bean chair.

A Comforting History: Bean Bags in Australia and Beyond

Believe it or not, some experts say that we can trace the roots of the bean bag chair back to ancient times. Though some people are still debating about this, the bean bag carries elements that go back to the olden days. So let’s go back in time as we look into the evolution of the bean bag chair.

The Ancient Times

Some historians claim that the ancient Egyptians created the first bean bags. This took place way back 2,000 B.C. But unlike today’s version of the bean bags, the ancient ones were smaller. They were also round and made of leather. As for the materials inside the bean bags, the Egyptians used pebbles or dried beans. The people also used them for their games and other recreational activities. Across the other side of the globe, the Native Americans also came up with their own version. Instead of leather, the different tribes used pig bladders as the main component. They filled up the bladders with dried beans. Much like the Egyptians, the Native Americans also used bean bags for play and recreation. Moving over to the Eastern portion of the globe, the people of ancient China also used bean bags. But instead of using them for play and recreation, they used them in Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient form of martial arts. It involves slow and graceful movements that aim to develop inner strength. The Chinese used small pouches that they fill with beans or sand. They hang these pouches in the air, which the students strike in turn.

Birth of the Bean Bag Chair

If you are wondering when the bean bag chair was born, it was in the year 1969. The product initially bared the name “Sacco.” Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro designed the product. Zanotta Design, a company from Italy, commissioned the three to produce a different kind of chair. The company requested that the trio come up with something unique. Zanotta wanted a design that is aesthetically appealing and comfortable at the same time. The three designed the Sacco as a shapeless chair. But when they fill it up, it takes the form of a pear.

The 70s: The Pinnacle

During the 1970s, the bean bag chair will reach the pinnacle of its popularity. Different manufacturers started producing their own bean bags left and right. They introduced new materials that gave consumers more options aside from traditional leather. Some manufacturers used polyester. Others opted to go for nylon. Moreover, they also used different kinds of fillings. The more popular fillings included PVC pellets and expanded polystyrene. The latter is more durable between the two. When it comes to the shape, the bean bags of the 70s were mostly spherical. The manufacturers didn’t shy away from using louder colours. They also infused busy designs to keep things interesting. In addition, some manufacturers decided to use cheaper materials. This move made bean bags more affordable to many.

The 80s and 90s: Bean Bag Slowdown

When the 1980s came, the hype for bean bag chairs started to decline. Nevertheless, a good number of manufacturers continued to produce them. The problem, however, is that most of the bean bags available were the cheap ones. This meant that the bean bags were not of passable quality. Controversies hounded the bean bag industry. Reports of children suffocating inside the bags resulted because of the poor quality of the bags. Because of the infant deaths, the Australian, European, and American authorities implemented new safety standards. Since then, bean bag manufacturers incorporate safety mechanisms. These safety features aim to prevent children from opening and entering the bags.

The Modern-Day Bean Bag

The bean bags have no doubt come a long way. The modern-day bean bag chairs now come in hundreds of different shapes, styles, and sizes. They are able to recreate the forms of traditional chairs, as well as sofas and loungers. People can now use them indoors and outdoors. They have the same level of safety that other types of furniture offer. Today’s bean bags come with childproof zippers.

The Different Uses of Bean Bag Chairs

Learning about the colourful history bean bags is one half of the story. The other half is all about the different uses and benefits they offer. Let’s take a look at some of the many ways you can use your expensive or cheap bean bags.

For the Kids

Throw a bean bag in a room full of children and watch the latter jump into it in excitement. Kids love to use bean bags as landing spots. Compared to other types of furniture, bean bag chairs are safer because of their softer construction. Furthermore, older kids prefer bean bag chairs over traditional chairs when playing video games. Children want to sit on a chair that offers comfort to the back, as well as the entire body. In fact, there are certain styles of bean bags that work best for gaming.

For Pregnant Women

Is your wife pregnant? Then you better consider getting her a bean bag chair. As the baby grows inside the tummy, the shape of the woman’s body changes. But the shape and form of your furniture do not. Thus, you need to invest in a bean bag that is capable of adjusting to the changes in a pregnant woman’s body. Bean bags will also keep you from sitting in uncomfortable positions.

During a Movie Marathon

Do you love watching movies or binge-watching TV series? Then all the more reason why you need to get a couple of bean bag chairs. Bean bag chairs have the ability to embrace and snuggle you in a comfortable position. Since they adapt to the shape of your body, you don’t need to worry about straining your back or legs. And if you are the frequent host for movie marathons, you can go for the giant bean bag sofas. These can accommodate several people at the same time.

In the Office

Every office needs space where employees can relax and take a break. In such spaces, bean bag chairs are a must. Having a bean bag area in the office helps employees relax and regenerate. In turn, it helps make the office a more productive one.

In the Dorm

Are you managing a dorm for students? Then you better invest in some bean bag chairs. Current trends show that the number of college students buying bean bags is increasing. One of the main reasons students purchase bean bag chairs is the latter’s flexibility. Students love to study in the most comfortable positions possible. Hence, they find bean bags as the perfect chair while studying. Furthermore, bean bags are resilient. It means students can throw them around without having to worry about damaging the bags.

Beside the Pool

Lastly, bean bag chairs are perfect additions to your poolside furniture. Not only can they serve as loungers, but you can also throw them right into the pool. Compared to an inflatable pool chair, the bean bags are far more comfortable. Best of all, bean bag chairs dry very quickly under the sun.

Choosing the Right Bean Bag Chair

Before buying your first ever bean bag chair, there are key factors that you need to consider. Here are some of them:

The Materials

You need to consider the stuffing of the bags. Find the ones that give you the most comfort. If you are looking to put the bean bag chair inside an eco-friendly room, then go for the 100% recycled polystyrene variant.

The Size

You also need to consider the size of the bags. Now, this depends on who will use the bags. How many are you in the house? Do you often have guests coming over? Then a bigger bag is your best bet.

The Style

Lastly, you need to consider the style of the bean bag chairs. Keep in mind that they will be part of your home`s furniture. They can even serve as an accent piece.

Get the Finest Bean Bags, Today!

Finding the right bean bag chair requires patience. You need to try them out and see which ones match your needs and requirements. Let us guide you as you make your choices. Simply contact us and let us know what you`re looking for. We offer an extensive selection of quality bean bag chairs in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Let’s get the bean bags that you and your family deserve!

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