6 Surprising Reasons Why More Students Are Starting to Buy Bean Bags

21 May 2019

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The beanbag was the result of Italian design. In 1968 the design company Zanotta backed this triumph of ergonomic design. The beanbag was a brave departure from traditional furniture design and has become a modern classic. Sales of beanbags to college students have skyrocketed. Why do college students buy bean bags? Read on to learn six surprising reasons why more students are starting to buy bean bags.

1. Green Credentials

The majority of Australians believe climate change is causing more extreme and frequent droughts. The number of Australians who believe that this climate change is caused by human activity has steadily increased in recent years. Now 46% are convinced humans cause climate change. When making decisions about their daily lives, people want to reduce their impact on the environment. That often means considering the environmental impact of buying decisions. Environmental impact is one of the factors that go into decisions about how to equip a student dorm. Bean bags are environmentally friendly furniture. They have a lower environmental impact than traditional furniture made from wood or metal. Anybody concerned about their environmental impact would find a bean bag to be a sound choice. Bean bags are made from several materials. The most common filling is polystyrene beads, but there are bean bags that are filled with shredded foam or wood shavings.

Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded polystyrene or EPS is produced from crude oil. This wouldn't be a great recommendation if the environmental impact were a consideration, but you may be surprised that EPS has good environmental credentials. Expanded polystyrene is 98% air. The manufacturing process does not damage the environment and uses very little energy. It does not create much in the way of waste either. EPS is mostly used as a building material where it is used for insulation, reducing energy consumption. Elsewhere it is used for packaging where it's lightweight reduces fuel costs in transport. As food packaging, it helps reduce waste. At the end of its life expanded polystyrene is recyclable. As the filler for bean bags, it's a safe, effective and environmentally responsible choice.

Go Green

The options for indoor bean bags include cotton, faux suede, faux fur and more. These materials are similar to those used in conventional furniture but without the need for a wooden or metal frame. Less wood and metal mean less environmental damage. Students wanting to make good environmental choices find bean bags a good green option.

2. Outdoor Fun

There are very few pieces of furniture that are as happy outdoors as they are indoors. A pool bean bag can be a cool poolside lounger as well as a comfortable indoor seat. Would you believe a pool bean bag can even serve as an effective floating lounger?  Toss it in the pool and your pool bean bag will float. They're so much more comfortable than an inflatable or mesh pool chair. After you've used it in the pool, take it out of the water and let it dry out. It dries quickly, and you can use it as a poolside lounger. More flexible than traditional poolside loungers or floating chairs. If the student dorm has the luxury of a pool, then a pool bean bag is a great asset. Float away exam pressures. Alternatively, study like mad by the pool in a comfortable, supportive seat.

3. Flexibility

A bean bag has an extraordinary range of styles, materials, and even uses. It's an incredibly flexible piece of furniture. Whatever the size and shape they are adaptable. The versatility of the bean bag includes being able to move it around. It can be a useful additional seat at a party when watching a movie with friends or even as a makeshift bed. You can sit up, lie down and lounge about too. A bean bag is perfect for gaming. It can be a comfortable seat for long gaming sessions, and it can make an additional flexible chair for two-player gaming. Because the bean bag can give lower back support, it helps avoid strains and back discomfort. When not needed, a bean bag can stow away easily. Put it under a bed, in a cupboard or the corner of the room out of the way. Flexible storage is even more important if you need to have multiple seats on some occasions and clear floor space on other occasions. Great for an academic discussion group. Just perfect when you need to clear the floor so the dancing can start.

4. A Modern Style Icon

Since the invention of the bean bag, it has been more than a practical seat. It has style too. It's quirky and fun. The sixties vibe is all about colour and modernity. A lava lamp, brightly coloured decor and a bean bag creates the look and feel of the age of flower power perfectly. The sixties lack of formality is also very at home, slouching in a bean bag. Orange, yellow, green, and purple is strongly represented in sixties pop culture. These colours can appear on ornaments, painted walls, and lighting. Adding a rug and curtains in a coordinating colour or pattern is cheap and easy to do. Bean bags come in so many colours it's easy to find one to match the theme. Several bean bags in the same or even different colours can make a strong statement. Add some small pillows, and you have a practical and stylish room any student would feel comfortable in. Strange to think that many a modern student's interests in sixties styles evoke a time before their parents were teenagers. It's more likely to be more in keeping with their grandparent's era. A modern hipster has a lot in common with a sixties hippy.

5. Tough Love

A student’s dorm has to be robust. This is their first time away from home. There is a tendency to be a little less houseproud than their parents would want them to be. Overcrowded parties, spills, and general untidiness are to be expected; therefore furniture has to be able to take some rough treatment. Students and their understanding parents love bean bags because they are so tough. If a bean bag is in the way, it can be grabbed and moved with no ill effects; it can be even thrown across a room, bounced off a wall or even piled on other bean bags in a corner. They are so resilient that it's almost impossible to break them. Tough fabric and construction help maintain their attractive appearance despite lots of bad treatment. Covers are often machine washable so spills of food or drinks can easily be cleaned up. Many bean bag covers are made of wipe-clean materials making them even more resilient. The biggest bean bag disaster is if the material splits. The more resilient bean bags have an inner bag. This retains the beads of expanded polystyrene in case of a split of the outer bag. If the beads do escape the result can be dramatic. The lightweight white beads create drifts of snow-like filling around the room. Collecting them up can be done using a vacuum cleaner. Once your bean bag filler has reached the end of its life, it can be easily replaced. Refilling your bean bag with new beads will give it a whole new life.

6. More Choice

The options for indoor bean bags include large and small bean bags. A large bean bag can double up as an emergency bed or a couch. A small bean bag needs only the addition of a tray on top, and you have a serviceable coffee table. Chair shaped bean bags come with or without arms. These comfortable chairs provide more comfort than a conventional chair because they flex with your body shape and movements. You can sit up to read or lie back and relax. The range of materials includes soft cotton or denim, fake fur or soft lambswool. Leather-look material is also an option. Every personal taste can be catered for when you buy bean bags. The colour options are fantastic. Some of the more outlandish colours include fluorescent pink, purple and bright yellow. Boring isn't in the bean bag vocabulary, just right for students wanting to create a fun-filled dorm. Student furniture may not be a long-term purchase. Students and their parents are on tight budgets. For these reasons, it has to be inexpensive. A bean bag is a low-cost form of furniture because the materials and simple construction keep the cost down. A simple cotton bean bag is easily affordable on the tightest student budget.

Buy Bean Bags Today!

A small collection of bean bags can transform a bare room into a sociable and comfortable lounge. Buy bean bags for a flexible and funky look that is flexible and functional. They'll take the stresses and strains of student life and keep delivering great service and value for money. Talk about bean bags to the bean bag experts here.

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