Poolside Decor Ideas That'll Turn Your Backyard into a Paradise

19 November 2019
poolside decorIf you own a pool, you already know it's the heart of your home during the warm months of spring and summer. You can easily upgrade your pool area with a few unique decorating ideas. From colourful umbrellas to other fun and functional pieces of poolside decor, adding a few simple upgrades like poolside bean bags can make the pool area of your yard a place where everyone will want to gather. Read on to discover some unique poolside decor ideas that will inspire you to create your very own individual space to sit back and relax or take a dip.

Create a Theme with Fun Accessories

Make your pool more appealing by transforming this outdoor space into a backyard living area. You can do this by crafting a unique theme that reflects your style. For example, if you love the nautical concept, add a fun outdoor area rug adorned with anchors or starfish. Grab some toss pillows featured in a marine design to complete the look. When you choose a theme for your poolside space, make sure you purchase accessories in complementary colours. Match shades of green and blue together, or stick with neutrals like golden tan and brown for a cohesive look. Place a lantern on your poolside table and add a citronella candle. These handy lighting pieces are inexpensive and will add a bright, vibrant touch to the pool area. Lanterns are also extremely handy to have so you can enjoy your pool area at night. Another fabulous accessory to add to the mix is a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. While these accessories are typically at a higher price range, they're well worth the investment. Your friends and neighbours will love to cosy up by the fire near your pool whether it's day or night. The fire creates a sense of warmth and makes the entire area inviting.

Elevate Your Poolside Decor with Plant Life

You don't have to be a green thumb to appreciate the beauty that plants can bring. Craft an outdoor poolside garden with some plants featured in an array of unique pots. To make your garden, look for plants that will work in your specific growing region. Then, choose a few unusual pots to put them in, so it makes your pool area pop. Tropical plants like palm trees are a fun accent for any pool, and they're relatively easy to care for and maintain. Consider purchasing a rolling plant cart or platform for your plants. These handy accessories make it easier for you to move the plant and keep it in or out of the sun as needed. You can also use plants for privacy and shade. If your poolside area doesn't have any landscaping, consider adding plant life to make it more colourful and to give this area some coverage. Tall plants are a perfect choice to help block out the sun and add a touch of privacy if you don't have a tall fence. You can also choose colourful flowers to plan around the border of your pool for a pop of cheer. Select some unique pots that will add to the overall look or theme of your poolside space. The pots can be made of heavy ceramic or something in lightweight construction, so they're easy to move, depending on your needs. Hedges also make a high border to surround your pool. If you're not sure which plants to use, consider hiring a landscaper or talk to a gardening professional for some advice.

Don't Forget the Outdoor Furniture

If you want to make your poolside area a comfortable place to hang out, furniture is a must. Choose pieces that are specially made for outdoor use, so they hold up well to the weather. Sturdy outdoor dining or bar tables create the perfect space to gather, enjoy a meal, or entertain with some drinks. Pick out matching chairs or barstools, so everyone has a place to sit and chill out. If you're looking for lounge furniture, try a comfy beanbag chair covered in colourful Olefin fabric. This special fabric can handle all kinds of weather and won't fade in the sun, so it stays vibrant all summer long. That's why olefin is the best fabric for marine bean bags. Beanbag chairs are a fabulous choice for kids, too since they're super comfy and fun to sit on. For the true entertainer, consider purchasing an entire outdoor conversation set. These furniture sets include things like sofas, a coffee table, loveseat, and chairs. An outdoor storage ottoman is a truly versatile choice for any poolside area. Ottomans serve as a place to prop up your feet, but they also double as comfortable seating. Storage ottomans have a hidden compartment where you can stash some outdoor accessories to keep the pool area organised. A storage bench is another excellent choice for any poolside space. These roomy benches use the underside of the seat to give you a roomy spot for storing anything you need. The purpose of outdoor furniture is to create a defined space, provide comfort, and give your poolside decor some personality. Choose pieces that are both durable and stylish, so they're worth the investment. You can add an entire dining set if you love to cook on the grill and eat outside. Or, choose an outdoor living set for a comfortable place to conversate after a fun swimming session.

Keep the Poolside Comfortable with Shade

When the hot summer hits, you need to be sure your poolside area stays comfortable after a day of lounging in the sun. You can add a fun touch and a helpful bit of shade with a few decorative options. First, you can never go wrong with a colourful outdoor umbrella. Make sure that the umbrella you choose has a large enough canopy to cover the area. Umbrellas come in a ton of different patterns and colours and include a variety of bases. You can find outdoor umbrellas with an arched arm, so they extend outward and over your table. Some poolside umbrellas are small and portable, while others have a heavy base that's designed to stay in place once you choose a location. Sunshades are another great alternative if you're looking for some shade outside. These large canopies are made of canvas and also come in a range of stylish colours. Choose a sunshade in a colour that will match your home or complement your other outdoor decor. You can add one sunshade or several to create an entire canopy over the poolside area. And finally, a pergola is a beautiful option that brings shade to the outdoors. These wooden structures give tons of character to the home and can be constructed in a range of sizes. Place your pergola directly behind the home and over your patio area whenever possible. This will help it to serve as an extension of your house and to create a defined space outside. No matter which form of shade you choose to add, it's not just a beautiful accent, it's also a highly functional way to make the poolside more comfortable. Experiment with different options until you find the form of shade that works best for you.

Enhance the Outdoors with Lighting

You're not just confined to swimming and spending time outside during the daylight hours. Make this space more fun to hang out during the night with some creative lighting ideas. Solar lights are the perfect companion for a poolside space, and they recharge with the light from the sun. You can add them as a walkway or pathway lighting option, or choose solar string lights to make this area festive and fun. An outdoor lantern or two will also make this area feel cosy and bright. Choose citronella candles to keep the bugs away, or try a lantern that includes a battery-powered candle for safety. Hang string lights under your pergola, canopy, or sunshade for a fun accent. These lights come in a huge range of styles and really make this area a festive and warm space. You can even add an outdoor pendant light or chandelier if you choose. Install it over your outdoor dining table to create a fun place to enjoy a meal outside when the sun goes down. Brainstorm some lighting ideas and think about how you can incorporate more of it in your poolside area. Tiki torches, spotlights, and rope lighting are just a few more fun and functional ideas you can try.

Extra Poolside Features

Once you have the perfect poolside space set up the way you want it, you can choose a few extra accent pieces to make it more fun. Here are some helpful ideas to boost your poolside decor:
  • Garden statues add character to this space and make it a unique place to hang out.
  • Try a copper fire bowl for a sleek and modern place to gather and tell ghost stories.
  • Choose outdoor area rugs in a colourful pattern that will add definition to the space and a pop of character.
  • Look for weatherproof outdoor speakers so you can enjoy music while you're swimming or hanging out outside.
  • Hang some wispy, floor-length curtains outdoors to create a chill vibe and give your poolside some added colour and style.
  • Bring a bird feeder or two to this area so you can watch the wildlife feast as you swim.
  • A bar cart on wheels is the perfect poolside accessory. These carts are easy to wheel around so you can sip, serve, and mingle by the pool.
  • Install a water feature like a unique fountain to make the poolside more relaxing and to add visual interest.
  • Don't forget to purchase some unique and colourful outdoor toss pillows for your chairs and sofas.
You can use some or all of these ideas to bring life to your poolside space. See how many new ideas you can come up with to make this space your own. Remember to choose products that can handle the sun, rain, and other weather. Durability is just as important as style when it comes to outdoor furniture and accessories.

Add Pavers and Stones for a Defined Walkway

To finish your poolside paradise, consider installing a unique walkway around the perimeter of the pool. You can do something as simple as stamped concrete that will add definition and a unique look. Pavers create a defined walkway so your guests can easily get from the house to the pool. They come in a huge range of designs and colours, so look for the perfect pavers to complement your particular space. When you create a nice walkway, it adds visual definition to your pool and patio. The walkway can be made of stone, concrete, or even wood to give this area a nice, welcoming vibe. Fill in areas around the base of trees with some decorative stones or pebbles. The addition of rocks and stone gives the poolside some texture and a nice, natural look. Start slowly with your walkway project and determine which designs will suit your needs best. You can easily change out pavers, so it may be best to try those first before deciding if the concrete option is the way to go.

Transform Your Poolside

Whether you've had a pool for years or it's brand new, these poolside decor ideas will make this area more appealing. Get creative and come up with some new colour choices and designs that give your home personality. You can add comfortable outdoor furniture, bring in a container garden, and accent the poolside with a bright umbrella for shade. Fire bowls and lighting will make this space a whole lot cosier, too. Whether you need comfy seating or lounging accessories, be sure to browse our selection and contact us today for all your creative beanbag needs.
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